9 Best Places To Buy Leather Embossing Dies In 2023

Best Places To Buy Leather Embossing Dies

Buying leather embossing dies can be a difficult task, especially when many websites offer them. This post will discuss where to find the best place to buy leather embossing dies and provide you with tips on finding the perfect ones for your needs.

1. Weaver Leather Supply

Weaver Leather Supplies website banner showing various leather finishing supplies

Weaver Leather Supplies is an online retailer that specializes in a variety of leather accessories. They offer the most comprehensive selection when it comes to leather embossing dies and stamps. In addition, they have excellent customer service and fast shipping, so you will likely receive your order within days after purchase.

Their collection of leather embossing die includes geometric shapes, key fobs, latigo carriers, girth holders, jewelry, bifold wallets, etc. Aside from these, they also sell other leather tools, hardware, leather, and products for leather care.

Their die-manufacturing center is in the Mount Hope facility in Millersburg, Ohio. Still, they are also available online and on trade shows in Wichita Falls and Sheridan, Wyoming, Prescott, Arizona, and Denver, Colorado.

2. Tandy Leather

Tandy Leather website banner showing several rolls of leather

Tandy Leather offers a wide selection of leather embossing dies and stamps, with excellent customer service. Aside from clicker dies, they also sell hand press tools, hardware, accessories, leather, and kits. 

The kits consist of pre-cut leather pieces, an instruction guide, and the necessary supplies needed to assemble them. You can have the luxury of making large leather or vintage bags for a very reasonable price and even leather decors or organizers. 

Tandy Leather also collaborates with other brands, so it’s almost a one-stop shop for leather crafters. The price of their products is also reasonable, given their professional quality. Whether you’re looking for a smaller die or a larger one, they have something on hand for you. They don't sell custom leather stamps, though.

You can find Tandy Leather in more than 30 states, including Colorado, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Washington, and New York. You can also create your account on their website for faster processing of your orders. 

3. LW Leathers

LW Leather website banner showing the services it offers

LW Custom Works is your go-to shop for custom leather stamps, leather embossing dies, and wood branding iron & die-cutting products within 2-3 working days after placing your orders. They also make custom leather stamps for hot foiling and offer free logo designs to their customers.

Many users love the custom leather stamps they had done for arbor press, hot foiling, and even steel rule die cuts which you can use in your leather embossing machines.  The price depends on the size and intricacy of the custom leather embossing die. The company also offers a lifetime guarantee for their stamps for assurance.

4. Illinois Engraving & Manufacturing Co

Illinois Engraving & Manufacturing Co website banner showing the primary value of the company

Illinois Engraving & Manufacturing Co prides itself on its 90-year experience in manufacturing high-detail leather embossing dies using CNC and EDM technology. You can also have them create a logo insert for your leather labels. These labels help in customer satisfaction, and they are effortless to make at a very reasonable price. 

Just send your stamp insert specifications, especially if you’re using a desk embosser. You may also use these stamp inserts when stamping with an arbor press since they can withstand up to 2 tons of pressure.  

To have your custom leather embossing tools, upload your digital art file on their website. Acceptable image must be in .gif, .png, .jpg, .dwg, .dxf, .gs, .ai, .psd, and .step formats. At an affordable price, you’ll get leather stamping tools without a hassle. 

Visit their shop in the Metro Chicago area.

5. Buckeye Engraving

Buckeye Engraving website showing a stack of metal stamps for leather stamping

Buckeye Engraving is a proud scion of Raschke Engraving, an industrial-level custom engraving company. However, they can't cater to small businesses needing custom-made logos and embossing stamps. As a result, Buckeye Engraving came to be a sought-after maker of custom leather embossing dies. With their industrial-level experience, they can make large or small dies with great detail.

You can use the brass leather embossing dies for hand stamping or using a press for years because they don't rust. However, if you want custom leather stamps using a different metal, they can do that for you, as well.

You can find their shop in Kent, Ohio, or send them a free custom quote request through their website. To get a quote, send photos or a graphic design of the logo or stamp you want to be done, including size specifications and description. All these top-notch services at a very affordable price, no wonder that clients keep coming back to Buckeye Engraving for their stamping jobs.   

6. Infinity Stamps

Infinity Stamps website banner showing the landing page for leather stamps

Jack Eglick's interest in metalwork began when he learned machining and metallurgy while attending trade school. Jack served as a gun technician during his time with the military, repairing small firearms for soldiers overseas.

After leaving the military, he took a position as an engraver in southern California, then started Infinity Stamps with his wife in 1999. Since then, they have served professionals and custom leathercrafters with their highly skilled team to turn your artwork into custom leather dies following the client's specifications.

They can make handheld leather stamps, steel or brass leather embossing die, roller dies, and even hot stamps. In any case that you have issues with your stamp, like receiving the wrong stamp or a defective one, simply return it to the company for a replacement. Customer reviews on finished projects are reassuring, so there is no need to worry. 

Infinity Stamps operates from its head office in Canoga Park, California.

7. Lotus Creations

Lotus Creations website banner showing metal relief embossing

Lotus Creations, Inc. had served hundreds of industries and crafters to produce their custom stamps for bookbinding, leathercrafters. One of their most popular leather stamping dies is brass roll dies. These dies work best on vegetable-tanned leather belts.

They can replicate the design from your favorite leather belt, redraw a sketch, or customize it for an additional fee. However, for faster processing, send a digital artwork in the specified format. To order, determine the outer and inner diameter of your die and its width, but it should not be more than 1//2 inch. 

You can choose from a catalog of preset designs or email your own to the company for hand stamps. Don't go for stamps over 2 inches, though, since it won't stamp perfectly even on the vegetable-tanned leather. Visit Lotus Creations at Helotes, Texas, or send them an email to get a quote.

8. Manor Tools

Manor Tools website banner showing its services and fabricated metal products

Manor Tools has over 60 years of experience in its name in making leather embossing dies for tanned leather. It follows six separate processes to making your embossing stamps and dies. They create each die using their MasterCam software for CNC machining, so you get the best details for your custom leather dies.

Customer satisfaction is their biggest mission. Login to your account on their website to send your design through email to get the best experience. Always state the specifications of your order and send a graphic design in the format required for a more straightforward transaction. 

Get your custom leather embossing dies from Manor Tool & Manufacturing at Schiller Park, Illinois.

9. Engraving Connections

Engraving Connection website banner showing embossers and some of the logo inserts 

Engraving connections specializes in logo and seal embossers and their inserts. Your logo measures 1 ⅝ to 2 inches in diameter with a slight price difference, depending on the size and style. You can order inserts with no extra cost and choose from three types - logo and text, logo only, or text only.

These desk embossers work best on paper, but they also work on properly cased leather not more than 1.5mm thick. This thickness is best for clothing labels. Customer reviews also showed delighted clients from various industries.

Best Place to Buy Leather Embossing Dies FAQ

1. Can you use metal stamps on leather?

Yes, you can use metal stamps on tanned leather. Metal stamps work best with tanned leather, no thinner than 2mm. 

Metal stamps work better on leather because they leave a more profound impression, and you can use a metal die multiple times without any issues with its quality. Stamping is also an excellent idea to make custom leather goods. 

2. What type of leather can you stamp?

Vegetable-tanned leather is the best leather to stamp with a leather embossing die because it is more pliable and can hold moisture longer. 

3. Is leather embossing permanent?

While embossing on leather is less drastic than engraving, you'll still have trouble removing it because the stamping process pushes the leather fibers in to make the imprint. However, depending on the depth of the impression and especially if you finish the leather, the embossing is very durable, making it permanent. 

For the most part, hot foil embossing does not change the makeup of the leather, making it less invasive on your leather. There are several methods you can try to remove hot foil embossing on leather. For more information regarding this, check out our article on that topic.   

4. How do I make my leather labels?

To make leather labels for clothing pieces, you need to decide on the design of the logo first. Usually, it ranges from ½ to 1 inch wide and 1 to 2 inches in length for handmade items. 

You can make them by cutting long leather strips to the desired size, then emboss them with a custom leather logo embosser or letter punch. You can then punch a hole on both ends of the label to sew it on your project.

If you want to make a logo for your bags and other leather products, get a custom leather embosser for more efficiency. You can have the logo at 1 x ½ inches but cut your leather label to ½ inch larger on all sides, depending on your leatherwork. 

5. How do I make leather imprints?

Imprinting leather is an ancient technique used for crafting saddles, motorcycle gear, and fine furniture. This process requires the use of specialty tools like mallets and stamps to create a finished product that's durable enough to last years in all sorts of conditions. 

Imprinted items are best left unfinished, so they don't lose their original texture or shape over time. However, it may be tempting because many brands offer pre-finished designs on pieces such as couches, bags, etc.


The success of your leather projects depends mainly on your tools, the moisture content on your leather, and the leather itself. Knowing where to source your custom leather embossing die is an achievement for a leather crafter. 

But before you go, check out customer reviews. Better details on your leather stamps mean a more durable stamping effect. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with embossing your leather or simply looking for ready-to-use embossed leather, find more information in this article.

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