15 Best Leather Embossing Services For Personalizing Your Leather Goods In 2023

Best Leather Embossing Services For Personalizing Your Leather Goods

As a leather crafter, you know that the best way to make your products one of a kind is through customizing them. The problem is, many people don't have the time or skill to do this themselves. So we’ve researched for you and narrowed down some of the best leather embossing services out there. 

These companies offer everything from unique fonts and colors to textures and patterns - so whatever your needs are, they're sure to have something perfect!

1. Royce

the Royce website banner showing an artisan arranging leathers on a hot foil embossing slot

Services offered: Embossing and debossing services, customized designs for logos or messages.

Royce is one of the leaders in custom imprinting and bespoke monograms with over 100 years of experience under their belt. Aside from embossing, they also do branding and engraving services on many other materials such as metal or glass. However, it is also among the most expensive services on this list because of its exclusive services.

To have your work, select a product from their extensive catalog and upload your design. With Royce’s best-in-class software, they will turn the image into a high-quality custom embossing for use on leather or other materials. Royce offers discounts on bulk orders, but they don't have a minimum quantity to customize your chosen product. Once you paid up the order, expect to have your item in 3-7 days.

You can find Royce boutiques at Bloomingdales, New York, and Saks at Fifth Avenue locations in New York, Beverly Hills, Greenwich, Long Island, and Philadelphia.

2. Inkwell Designers

the Inkwell Designers website banner showing their services

Services offered: Engraving, monogramming, hand painting, debossing, and embossing

Inkwell Designers is a family business that specializes in embossing, monogramming, and various other services for leather, metals, and glass. 

Inkwell Designers do small and large item blind embossing and hot foil embossing using standard gold, silver, or rose gold foil on leather. Small items include flat products smaller than A5 paper. Large items include handbags (no matter how small), luggage, briefcases, and other large items. Pricing starts at $55 for small items and $85 for large items, and an additional $10 per extra line. 

For customized corporate logos and artwork, you need to pay up a one-time fee of $125 for die setup and creation. If you need to rush your bulk orders within 7 days, inform Inkwell Designers in advance and pay the rush fees. 

Find Inkwell Leathers at Woodstock, Georgia, or book your appointments thru Calendly.

3. Global Leathers

the Global Leathers’ website banner showing leather scraps hanging on display racks

Services offered: Embossing, hand-painted finishes for industry, and craft-size leather

Global Leathers is your go-to location if you're in the design industry or simply want to emboss your leather for any project you want to do. Choose from the extensive line of finely-tanned cowhide, European lambskin, and pig suede.

For embossing services, choose from the reptile, floral, ostrich, peacock, and other patterns. Global Leathers also offers customized logos, branding, and hot foil stamping using gold and silver metallic foils.

Stores location: Storefront, New York, and Secaucus, New Jersey.

4. Ambro Marketing

 the Ambro Marketing website banner showing a silkscreen and squeegee 

Services offered: Embossing, printing in various colors

Ambro Marketing provides best-in-class services for leather products. They provide a range of finishes as well as vinyl lettering to personalize your goods. They are known in the clothing industry to provide high-quality garment decorations, making them a leader in operating state-of-the-art solar-powered facilities in their 3 locations. 

They revamped the company over the years and now produce even wearable electronics on top of their other specialties. Send your design through email to create the custom die for machine embossing. 

Store location: New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia

5. Leatherology

the Leatherology website banner showing a woman holding a passport holder and luggage tag

Services offered: Personalization (embossing, debossing, hand painting, and Trapunto) on their leather products

Leatherology offers an endless array of bags, coin purses, luggage, laptop bags, and phone cases for men and women. They also provide bulk orders for custom corporate gifts and gift boxes to emboss with your logo at an affordable fee. Contact them through email or a toll-free number for inquiries.

Store location: Dallas, Texas

6. McKinley American Leathercrafters

 the McKinley website banner showing different customized journals

Services offered: Embossing and custom stamping on their products

McKinley Leather offers full-grain leather binders and organizers. They provide personalized embossing and custom stamping on leather ring binders, padfolios, binders, photo albums, accessories, and scan card system binders.

McKinley Leather also offers free personalization of one line for up to 25 characters for each purchase. In addition, you can choose from silver and gold foil stamping and blind embossing, though they only use Arial (font size 30). Just enter the name or number you want on your product when you add it to the cart.

For custom stamping for corporate orders, send your design in solid black and white in .pdf, .eps, and .ai format, then pay a one-time $45 charge for the stamping die. Then, wait for 7-10 days before your orders get shipped.

Store location: Marion, Ohio

7. Northwind

the Northwind website banner showing some customizable products for men

Services offered: Embossing on handmade products

Northwind products include keychains, organization items, wallets, drinkware accessories, and travel accessories that you can use as corporate giveaways, wedding gifts, and housewarming gifts. Aside from their online shop, you can also find Northwind on Amazon.

Incorporated in 2017 by enterprising women who found large scraps of leather from their previous company, Northwind's vision is to create high-quality, customized products for every customer from upcycled leather. Their products speak of this commitment, and they maximize the use for every scrap they have.

Store location: Minneapolis

8. Haigler & Wallace Company

 Haigler & Wallace Company website showing their various services and a hot pink dog collar

Services offered: Personalized dog collars and belts for kids and adults.

Haigler & Wallace Company started as a home craft business of the current owner's parents in the '80s until their retirement 25 years later. In 2009, the new owners decided to open an online shop to widen their scope.

While they specialize in leather collars and belts, they also do 3D engraving for wooden signs. You may contact them through email or phone for inquiries and order information. Their products are also available on Amazon.

Store location: North Carolina

9. Ox & Pine

 the Ox & Pine website banner showing a woman holding a personalized journal

Services offered: Embossing on journals, purses, coin purses, and more

Ox & Pine Leather Company is a small family-run business by a mom of four who wanted to share her passion for genuine leather goods with the world. Her team offers quality handmade products, and they pride themselves on selling memories, not merely items.

The company sells an extensive array of journals and notebook refills, tags, totes, Dopp kits, caps, keyholders, bracelets, and custom patches for your products.

For corporate gifts, you can choose from their products to personalize. Then, contact them through email for details on bulk orders and payment. Some of the large companies they have served are Toyota, CompTrain, Target Media from Singapore, and BMC from Switzerland.

Store location: McKinney, Texas

10. Iron & Grain Leather Co.

 Iron & Grain Leather Co website banner showing their products for customizing

Services offered: Embossing on their handmade products

Iron & Grain Leather Co. is an online retailer that offers a wide range of products for your home or office needs, as well as customized gifts and logo design services. They specialize in clients' company logos to create unique items that clients will proudly give out.

Browse through their website and place an order to experience their high-quality products ranging from keychains, journals, Dopp kits, belts, mousepads, catchalls, bracelets, passport holders, and tags.

They ship out orders in 3 days and accept payment through credit card or Paypal. Unfortunately, they don't offer refunds, though they promise to replace your defective items without extra charge.

Store location: Pensacola, Florida

11. Left Coast Original

 the Left Coast Original website banner showing a small cover

Services offered: Embossing on the company’s genuine leather products

Left Coast Original is a company that designs and embosses goods with customers' logos. Their products range from keychains, journals, Dopp kits, wallets, belts to mousepads, catchalls, bracelets, and more!

Aside from leather products, Left Coast Original also makes and personalizes wooden accessories, handwritten cards, Apple watch bands and docks, and iPhone cases.

Contact them through email and send your design in high-definition black & white images to place your orders. Left Coast Original does not accept refunds for personalized items, but they assure customers that defective items will be replaced without additional charges. 

Refunds for non-personalized items have a 10% restocking fee, and the client must shoulder the shipping expenses.

Store location: Largo, Florida

12. Roden Leather Company

the website banner of Roden Leather Company showing the various products and applications of their leathers 

Services offered: Embossing, dyeing

Founded in the '20s by Michael Roden and his brothers as rawhide dealers, they eventually started selling leather to orthopedic brace shops in Michigan to rehabilitate wounded soldiers during World War 2.

Over the years, Alan Lappin, the current president and owner and grandson of Michael, expanded Roden Leather Company’s services into embossing for industries and crafters. The smallest piece you can get is 25 square feet on selected lines.

You can choose from the extensive series of cowhide designs or the premium line of hair-on cowhide, embossed crocodile, reptile, and ostrich designs.

Store location: Michigan

13. Barbarossa Leather

the website banner of Barbarossa Leather showing embossed leathers of different designs

Services offered: Embossing and custom embossing for upholstery

Barbarossa Leather is the best embossing service for those looking for custom embossing for raw using steel engraved plates.

The team at Barbarossa works in close collaboration with customers on every step of the process, including developing designs and selecting materials based on individual specifications such as weight, type of finish desired, color, and texture preference. Their expert craftsmen use only top-quality tools and machines when creating pieces which are then subjected to rigorous inspections.

Email or call them to get a quotation since their price is dependent on the size and the intricacy of the design. They also sell embossed leather by piece and ship them in 48 hours.

Store location: Royal Palm Beach, Florida

14. Pegai

the website banner of Pegai showing a leather padfolio given to the customer by a leather crafter

Services offered: Embossing on authentic leather goods

Pegai is an online shop that sells customizable phone cases, bags, belts, passport holders, luggage tags, Dopp kits, totes, camera straps, padfolios, and checkbook covers.

You can add up to 6 characters (including spaces) of uppercase letters and numbers in Times New Romans font before adding your product to the cart. Pegai products are also available on Amazon. They have two delivery schemes: free for a 7-14 day period, or fast delivery in 4-7 days.

Store location: Dallas, Texas

15. Rainbow Leather

the website banner of Rainbow leather welcoming fashion designers and showing some of the services they offer

Services offered: Customized embossing and hot foil embossing on leather and monogramming on finished leather products

Rainbow Leather, established in the 70s by Samuel Lipson, who learned his trade from his Polish immigrant father. With the leadership of Lipson's son, Rick, the company introduced innovative ways of improving leather value and quality through embossing, foiling, perforation, and other techniques.

These changes made Rainbow Leathers one of the most sought-after suppliers for makers of high fashion accessories and apparel, professional crafters, and design industries. They work closely with clients to develop the perfect design and customized embossing plates to get the best results on your leather.

Rainbow Leathers even provide samples to experience their motto "Feeling is Believing" before deciding on the designs and leather to use. With all that extras, your orders get done in two weeks.

Store location: College Point, New York

Best Leather Embossing Services FAQ

1. Do you need heat to emboss leather?

No, you do not need to use heat to emboss leather. However, for manual embossing to be durable, you need to add moisture to the leather and press with the most force tolerable by the leather.

2. How do you emboss a leather journal?

The embossing process for leather is very straightforward. First, you need to have an image or design of the text that is to be engraved. You will then need to purchase custom stamps and inks for this project. The best way to do it would be to use paper patterns as stencils on your desired location to make no mistakes when creating the final script.

3. Is letterpress the same as embossed?

No, letterpress is not the same as embossing. Letterpress uses relief printing to form text on a piece of paper or card stock. Embossing applies pressure and heat to create an impression with depth and dimension in leather goods such as portfolios and books.

4. What are the advantages of embossing?

One of the best things about embossing is that it can be done with different materials, including leather. This adds a whole new level to your creations and makes them more unique while giving them a professional look. Embossed items are also made for durability, so they will last much longer than other printed pieces in addition to not fading or smudging. 

5. Can you foil stamp leather?

Yes. However, foil stamping on leather needs a special heat-activated foil and heating machine. Most foil stamping on leather uses a digital embossing machine where you can adjust the temperature setting, depending on the type and thickness of leather. Some crafters use a blowtorch to heat the stamp, then stamp it over the foil.  


How do you make your friends and employees feel special? Giving them practical personalized gifts is one. For corporate giveaways, what better way to advertise your company than to give out customized leather keychains, ball caps with embossed leather labels, and even leather bookmarks! 

We hope this list helps you find an exceptional company to get your custom logos imprinted onto beautiful, high-quality leather products that everyone will love.

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