10 Best Epoxy Tumbler Kits For Beginners In 2023

various epoxy tumbler kits

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People are always on the lookout for a new hobby to try. And with epoxy tumblers taking the internet by storm, many got interested but didn't know where to start. So, we rounded up the best epoxy tumbler kits on the market to make things easier for you.

We also understand the safety issues surrounding the use of epoxy resin. Is epoxy food-safe, or does it leach into food? Check out the FAQ section for the answers.

Our Top Picks

Alter Epoxy Tumbler & Metal Cup Turner Kit
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Most Complete - Alter Epoxy Tumbler & Metal Cup Turner Kit

• Includes cup turner, tumbler, and accessories
• Low VOC and less odorous epoxy
• 40-minute working time

Magicfly Epoxy Tumbler Kit
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Best for Easy Pouring - Magicfly Epoxy Tumbler Kit

• Easier pouring with the dripping nozzles
• Long working time
• Reusable silicone tools

Best for Colored Mix - NicPro Clear Epoxy Resin Starter Kit 115 Pack

• Pro-quality, food-safe
• Pearlescent mica powder for mixing
• Comes with a silicone mat, cups, and mixing sticks

1. FanAut Clear Epoxy Tumbler Kit FatAut Clear Epoxy Resin kit with mixing sticks, pipette, and rubber gloves check price button

 Pros Cons
  • Non-toxic, low VOCs
  • Fast curing
  • UV resistant
  • Crystal-clear finish
  • 40 minutes work time
  • No other sizes available

What Customers Have To Say 

Crafters love this epoxy kit because it does not have strong odors like other brands. Many also claimed it has the best value and is easy enough for kids to use on their projects. A few crafters even posted photos of their unique crafts. The best part is that the finished art is rock-hard within 24 hours and fully cured in another 47 hours.FanAut Clear Epoxy Tumbler Kit  review

Why We Think It’s Great

For beginners who haven’t mastered torching their epoxy tumblers and other epoxy crafts, the self-degassing feature of this epoxy resin is beneficial. You can use a toothpick to remove the air bubbles or use very little torching to remove stubborn air bubbles. This feature is also helpful when making casting projects because the air bubbles rise to the surface for easier removal. 

It is also UV-resistant, so it resists yellowing. The crafts made from this epoxy tumbler kit are also very durable and crystal clear compared to some opaque and brittle finish brands. The long work time of 40 minutes also helps beginners with perfecting their epoxy skills.

Who Should Buy It

This kit is the best epoxy tumbler kit for beginners trying their hand at epoxy crafts. Check out this article on how to epoxy a tumbler without a spinner and give your cup a makeover.

2. JDiction Clear Epoxy Tumbler KitJDiction Epoxy Resin kit with mixing sticks, pipette, nozzles, measuring cup, and rubber gloves check price button

 Pros Cons
  • Suitable for different media
  • Low odor and VOC-free
  • Longer work time 
  • High-gloss finish
  • Clear and viscous for easy mixing
  • Does not cure properly

What Customers Have To Say 

The JDiction Clear Epoxy Resin Kit pours beautifully and finishes like glass but practically indestructible. It is also effortless to work with because it has a low viscosity and easy to mix. While some customers reported uneven drying, the overwhelming positive rating for this product tells a different story.JDiction Clear Epoxy Tumbler Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

We prefer the versatile use of this epoxy tumbler kit. Its viscous quality makes it great for casting, coating, and pouring crafts. Some crafters use weight when measuring the epoxy, but the resin and the hardener do not weigh the same, defeating the purpose. Instead, use volume when measuring the components, sticking to the 1:1 manufacturer’s recommendation. 

Adding more components than necessary could be one of the reasons why some users report improper curing. This epoxy resin also doesn’t smell much, making it a lovely medium for epoxy tumbler crafting. Remember always to use protective gear when working with it, even if it does not emit strong odors.

Who Should Buy It

We recommend this best epoxy tumbler kit for those who want to try a small sample before committing to buying a more considerable amount of epoxy resin. It helps that it has undergone rigorous testing for safety, so you don’t have to worry.

3. Alter Epoxy Tumbler & Metal Cut Turner Kit - Most CompleteAlter Epoxy, Tumbler & Cut Turner Kit (Metal) kit with glitters, tumbler, drying stand, and tools

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 Pros Cons
  • Includes tumbler, glitters, tools, and accessories
  • Fire-retardant cup turner motor
  • Low VOC and less odorous epoxy
  • Extended work time (40 minutes)
  • Poor quality foam roller

What Customers Have To Say 

The tumblers that the crafters made with this epoxy kit turned out very well. The epoxy has a long working time and cures in 2-3 days. However, some accessories came broken because of insufficient packaging. Alter Epoxy Tumbler & Metal Cut Turner Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

The cup turner is easy to assemble and comes with tumbler supplies and accessories for the perfect epoxy tumbler project. This kit is the perfect practice piece for beginners.

The epoxy is non-toxic, UV-resistant, and has a low odor and VOCs. It also has a 40-minute working time and self-leveling, so you can work on your designs even if you are a newbie without worrying too much about the finish.

Who Should Buy It

This kit is the best epoxy tumbler kit for beginners in epoxy tumbler crafting because it comes with everything needed to finish the project. 

4. Alter Epoxy and Wooden Cup Turner KitAlter Epoxy and Wooden Cup Turner Kit

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 Pros Cons
  • Includes wooden cup turner with removable wand
  • Comes with a double-insulated wine tumbler
  • Low VOC and less odorous epoxy
  • Extended work time (40 minutes)
  • Affordable
  • Motor gets warm after some time
  • No other sizes available for the epoxy

What Customers Have To Say 

Newbie crafters loved their experience with this epoxy tumbler kit because the customer support was amicable and responsive. The cup turner came with an extra wooden wand, although users complained of the extra care they took so the rod wouldn’t crack when removing it. 

The UV-resistant epoxy cures well, leaving an even and crystal-clear finish. Most users also use it for making small casting crafts and resin jewelry. The other accessories included are also excellent, so you don’t need to buy more supplies to get started with your epoxy tumbler. 

Alter Epoxy and Wooden Cup Turner Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

We appreciate the improvements on this epoxy tumbler kit, including the anti-slip pads on the cup turner and UL-certified motor base. It is a well-thought-of product with patented drying racks, 12 glitter powders, and epoxy resin. 

The epoxy resin in this kit resists discoloration from prolonged UV exposure, is non-flammable, and has a 40-minute work time. The low VOCs and low odors make it tolerable to work with even indoors during cold weather.

The included double-insulated wine tumbler is high-quality and made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel with a BPA-free and leak-free lid. It can keep your drinks cold for 9 hours and hot drinks for 3 hours. However, we don’t recommend using this for hot drinks after adding the epoxy.

Who Should Buy It

If you’re not a fan of metal cup turners, the included cup turner on this package features a wooden base and stand. This best epoxy tumbler kit is perfect for those who love to work on personalized wine tumblers.

5. Qing Epoxy Tumbler KitQing Epoxy Tumbler Kit

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 Pros Cons
  • Includes cup turner, wand, and two holders
  • Self-leveling and UV-resistant epoxy
  • 12 glitters in shaker bottles
  • Cup turner has rubber feet
  • Comes with craft tools and supplies
  • Small resin bottles

What Customers Have To Say 

Many customers were delighted with the cup turner because it works silently and can run continuously for 72 hours without overheating. 

The epoxy is excellent. The 30-minute work time is enough for newbie epoxy tumbler crafters, and it cures in 72 hours. You can also make ombre and other combination designs using the 12 colors of glitters in shaker bottles for easier dispensing.

The other accessories, such as silicone brush, mixing sticks, silicone pad, rubber gloves, plastic cups, measuring cups, and tape, help make epoxy tumblers fun.Qing Epoxy Tumbler Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

While the epoxy comes in a small bottle (3.45 oz each), the other supplies and accessories are very generous, considering this epoxy tumbler kit’s price. 

The cup turner comes with two wands and two different holders, perfect for making cup tumblers of various sizes. Unlike other foam rollers that are too soft and flakes easily, this cup turner uses high-density foam for better form and hold.

Who Should Buy It

We suggest this best epoxy tumbler kit for newbie crafters, so free up a weekend and give your tumbler a makeover. This kit has everything you need to get started.

6. Magicfly Epoxy Tumbler Kit - Best for Easy PouringMagicfly Epoxy Tumbler Kit with measuring cup, silicone mat, and spreaders

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 Pros Cons
  • Long working time
  • Dripping nozzles
  • Versatile application
  • Reusable silicone tools
  • FDA-certified when fully cured
  • Poor packaging 

What Customers Have To Say 

Customers are pleased with the lovely casting projects they did with this brand. One crafter even went as far as saying that this is the best epoxy tumbler kit for newbies like her. Just be careful and follow the 1:1 ratio, and you won’t have any issues with it. However, some shoppers complained about the insufficient packaging.Magicfly Epoxy Tumbler Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

The pair of tweezers on this epoxy tumbler kit makes it easier to make a 3D geode design. The included reusable silicone tools, such as the spreaders, measuring cups, and stir sticks, are what we love about this kit.

The 32 oz epoxy bottle’s work time is long (45 minutes), but it cures like most epoxy resin brands in 2-3 days, depending on the thickness. It is also very versatile as you can use it for finishing, casting, and filling projects.

All these items come with a giftable box, so just stick a ribbon on it for a surprise present to your crafter friends.

Who Should Buy It

This epoxy tumbler kit is perfect for those who want to top up on their supplies without spending too much. Whether you have a cup turner or not, you can still make epoxy tumblers.

7. Gras Art Epoxy Tumbler Kit - Best for Glitter TumblersGras Art Epoxy Tumbler Kit with tumblers, glitters, silicone brush, and Mod Podge

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Pros  Cons
  • High-quality clear cast epoxy
  • Includes 12 tumbler glitters
  • Double-insulated, BPA-free stainless steel cup
  • Versatile use
  • Mod Podge and silicone brushes included
  • Small epoxy bottles
  • Expensive

What Customers Have To Say 

One newbie crafter started an epoxy tumbler project for her date night, and they enjoyed doing it. Aside from tumblers, you can also use this kit to apply epoxy on various projects, including casting resin jewelry. However, some users prefer using dust glitters rather than the included glitters in this pack. The seller is also very responsive to issues.

Why We Think It’s Great

If you already have a cup turner (or even if you don’t have one), you can make an epoxy tumbler with this kit. It has the basic supplies you need, such as Mod Podge, epoxy resin, and sparkling glitters. It even includes two 20 oz stainless tumblers and other accessories so that you can work on your project immediately.

Who Should Buy It

Are you into matching things? Well, we got you covered with this epoxy tumbler kit with two stainless steel tumblers for you and your best bud.

8. Osbang Epoxy Resin Tumbler KitOsbang Epoxy Resin Tumbler Kit with measuring cup, glitters, tumblers, and supplies

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 Pros Cons
  • Fast-curing epoxy
  • Comes with quality supplies and accessories
  • Two double-insulated stainless steel tumblers
  • Can be used for pouring and casting crafts
  • Affordable 
  • May arrive damaged

What Customers Have To Say 

The Osbang kit is the best epoxy tumbler kit for beginners, according to most customers. The resin epoxy is not the best quality but is excellent for practice as it is very affordable, has a 40-minute work time, and cures fast.

Why We Think It’s Great

The Osbang Epoxy Resin Tumbler Kit is an excellent buy for newbies because it is easy to use, has low odor, and very affordable too. The tumblers are also of excellent quality, and you can do lots of stuff with the included glitters and the epoxy resin. 

You can even use it for casting projects like keychains, resin jewelry, and other art projects. The measuring cups are silicone, so they are easy to clean after each use. 

Who Should Buy It

You’ll need an epoxy resin with a long work time if you are a newbie crafter. This epoxy tumbler kit is perfect for you with its 40-minute work time, allowing you to work on your designs slowly until you get better at it.

9. NicPro Clear Epoxy Resin Starter Kit - Best for Colored MixClear Epoxy Resin Starter Kit with measuring cup, silicone mat, mica powder, and supplies

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 Pros Cons
  • Pro-quality, UV-resistant epoxy
  • Food-safe and low VOC
  • 30-minute work time, 24-hour cure time
  • Reusable silicone cups and mixing sticks 
  • Budget-friendly
  • Some missing items upon arrival

What Customers Have To Say 

Customers were excited about using the included pearlescent mica powders for their epoxy tumblers and other crafts. The colors are unique and mix well with the epoxy resin. Even newbies can work quickly with it by following some tutorials on YouTube. NicPro Clear Epoxy Resin Starter Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

This kit is an excellent epoxy tumbler kit for newbies who want to upgrade their skills. Working with mica powder and epoxy can be challenging but equally rewarding. 

Here’s a simple tip to see how much mica powder you want in your epoxy. Gradually add mica powder to your epoxy and stir thoroughly. When you lift your stir stick, and you can see it under the mica powder and epoxy mixture, you need to add more. Otherwise, the resulting mix is transparent and will not cover your blank well.

Also, some colors do not get opaque at all, even when you dump a lot of mica powder into it. So don’t forget to take notes when you’re mixing mica powder with epoxy resin. 

Who Should Buy It

It is the best epoxy tumbler kit for those who want to add color to their epoxy. It also means less work time since you don’t have to apply glitters before the epoxy, although you can add a sprinkle after highlighting your design. You can add decals, too.

10. Catcrafter Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Art KitCatcrafter Crystal Clear Epoxy Tumbler Kit with color pigments, silicone mat, and supplies

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 Pros Cons
  • Low odor and VOC-free
  • Non-toxic
  • Suitable for different media
  • Pigments for a colored epoxy finish
  • Clear and viscous for easy mixing
  • Some products were missing in the package

What Customers Have To Say 

Some customers bought this epoxy tumbler kit for their crafting friends. It has a low odor and no toxic fumes, so it’s safe enough to work even for children who love crafting. This kit is fantastic and comes with almost everything that you need for epoxy tumbler crafting. You only need to buy the stainless steel tumbler so you can work on it immediately.Catcrafter Crystal Clear Epoxy Resin Art Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

The epoxy resin works very well. It is self-leveling, self-degassing, and is UV-resistant. To add more luster to your epoxy tumbler, you can put glitter powder into your epoxy resin mixture. It also comes in a giftable box so that you can give it to your crafting friends.

Who Should Buy It

The Catcrafter kit is the best epoxy tumbler kit for crafters who want to color their epoxy resin without the hassle of poor mixing from mica powders.

Best Epoxy Tumbler Kit Buying Guide

Each crafter has different preferences. Here are some things you need to consider when buying an epoxy tumbler kit. 

  • Extras

Ask yourself, do I need a cup turner, or am I comfortable working without one? Find an epoxy tumbler kit that gives you the best value. And if you have glitters in your craft shop, there’s no need to buy a package with glitters. You can go for bigger epoxy bundles or take one with a mica powder set.

You can also get an epoxy tumbler kit with stainless steel tumblers in the package. However, always consider the epoxy quality included because it is the most expensive item in the lot if you buy each individually.

  • Budget

Not all low-priced epoxy tumbler kits are of poor quality, and not all expensive ones are good, either. Always read customer reviews but don’t forget to follow your gut, too.

  • Purpose

Are you buying it as a gift or for yourself? When choosing the best epoxy tumbler kit as a present, try to find out what your friend needs. She may have been dabbling with epoxy tumblers and already has a cup turner or a stock of epoxy resin.

Go for low-priced epoxy tumbler kits if you are buying them for practice. It will make you feel less guilty when you come up with bad designs or a sloppy finish. Lastly, if you have some crafting experience and want to upgrade, top up your supply by going for epoxy tumbler kits with more epoxy, better colorants, or more freebies.

  • Skill Level

If you’re a newbie, find the epoxy tumbler kits that are easy to work with, preferably one that includes all the essential supplies, tools, and accessories. 

If the crafter is a child, consider their safety. Look for brands that are ASTM D-4236-certified. They are safe as art materials and should be safe enough for kids to use. 

For someone who has been crafting for a while and wants to try your hand at more advanced styles, check out the epoxy tumbler kits that will challenge you.

Epoxy Tumbler Kit FAQ

1. What is the fastest way to cure epoxy cups?

To hasten the curing process of your epoxy cups, try heating your workshop. You can also make a DIY curing box. But be forewarned as fast curing results in yellowing.  

Depending on the brand of epoxy used, the epoxy tumbler needs 72 hours to cure. But it takes 15-30 days before the epoxy becomes an inert plastic that presents no health hazard. 

2. Will epoxy stick to cured epoxy?

Yes, but that is not the answer in every case. There are a few reasons you cannot add a second or third coating to your cured epoxy, and peeling or worn coating are some of these. Do not attempt to cover it up with a fresh layer of epoxy.

To prepare your cured surface for the second application of epoxy, check it first for amine blush. It is a wax-like film on cured epoxy surfaces that prevents bonding for new layers of epoxy. Remove this layer by wet sanding and wiping the amine blush with paper towels. 

Roughen the surface up by sanding it with 80-300p sandpaper and applying 91% rubbing alcohol to remove sanding dust.

You can also use peel fly. It is also called release fabric that eliminates the need to wash away amine blush or sand your surface. However, this does not work well with curved surfaces so skip this for epoxy tumblers. 

3. Does epoxy leach into plastic?

When fully cured, food-safe epoxy becomes inert and more stable. However, curing does not prevent BPA from leaching to food or drinks. To prevent this from happening, minimize contact of food with surfaces applied with epoxy.

Do not store food in epoxy-lined containers for prolonged periods. Refrain from using epoxy-applied tumblers and cups for food or beverages hotter than 120oF. Aside from damaging the epoxy finish, it may also reactivate some chemicals that contain harmful components.  

Lastly, do not rush the curing process. It is best to wait at least two weeks before using epoxy tumblers and cups. Consult the product safety brochures of the epoxy brand you used for more information.

Some brands took the safer, albeit the more expensive route, to ensure their products are food-safe. These products passed migration tests. Even so, continue to be vigilant and follow the preventive measures mentioned above.

4. Is epoxy resin food safe?

Liquid epoxy contains BPA as the main component to harden polymer plastics. Epoxy resin uses nearly 30% of total BPA use in industries. Before epoxy resin became popular in resin crafts, its primary purpose is for surfaces that do not contact food. 

However, with personalized gifts in the forefront, epoxy resin became a mainstream product for doing these crafts, including items such as tumblers. The need for food-safe epoxy, therefore, became prominent.

Food-safe epoxy resin has FDA-approved and ASTM D-4236 marks on its label. However, these marks are deceiving and give consumers false security because epoxy is far from food-safe for many reasons.    

Thus, it is essential to remember that not all epoxy resins are food-safe and that even food-safe epoxy has its health hazards. As such, always use protective gear when using it for both industrial and crafts projects.

5. How do you remove epoxy from a tumbler?How do you remove epoxy from a tumbler

Before you start removing epoxy from a tumbler, be sure that you are in an open, ventilated space and have a chemical dust mask in place. 

What You’ll Need

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Cut through the epoxy using the precision knife, scoring through the tumbler in half-inch strips. 
  2. Heat with the blow torch. Note that the tumbler can get hot and may cause burns.
  3. Strip off the epoxy using the precision knife. Repeat the torching and stripping.
  4. Wet a cotton pad with acetone and rub it on the tumbler stripped of epoxy.


After thorough research and review, we picked the top three epoxy tumbler kits on this list.

This winner for the best complete kit is the Alter Epoxy, Tumbler & Cut Turner Kit (Metal). This set includes a cup turner with two wands and extra rubber foams, 16 oz epoxy resin, stainless steel tumbler, glitters, and tools. The low VOC, less odorous, and UV-resistant epoxy resin has a 40-minute work time, so you can work on your designs without fear of drying out your mix.

The runner-up is the Magicfly Epoxy Tumbler Kit. Forget messy pours with this FDA-certified epoxy resin that comes with convenient dripping nozzles. It is versatile enough to use for various projects, and we love the reusable silicone tools too!

The NicPro Clear Epoxy Resin Starter Kit gets our vote for the best kit for a colored epoxy mix. The pro-quality, low VOC, and food-safe resin have an average 30-minute work time. The set also comes with reusable and easy to clean silicone cups and stirring sticks. Plus, it includes the high-quality mica powder to color the epoxy resin, leaving a pearlescent finish in your tumblers.

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