14 Unique Valentine's Day Gifts For Creative Toddlers

Kid’s artwork, art materials, and toys

Valentine's Day is a special day for celebrating romantic love, but you can also make it fun for kids. If you have a creative toddler who loves to create while playing, this is the perfect list of gift ideas for you. Instead of the usual plush toys, chocolate, and treats, give them gifts to enhance their creativity.

1. Boon Building Bath Toys for Toddlers

Boon Building Bath Toys for Toddlers

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Boon bath toys are easy-to-assemble toys that your kids can use inside the tub without you worrying about water outside the tub. The suction cup toys ensure that water stays inside the tub.

Each pipe and cog are designed to enhance your kid's imagination while allowing them to observe the movement of water, depending on the mechanism inside the pipes.

The set comes with 5 pipes, 3 tubes, and 5 cogs, all in a colorful, slightly translucent design so your curious kid can learn about their toys. You can stack them together, and each combination has a unique water output for your kid's fun.

2. Potato Head Customizable Set

Potato Head Customizable Set
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Let your kid spend hours of fun designing this family. Kids who love Toy Story will surely love this family. This toy set will enhance your kid's communication skills so that when they have friends over, they can express their thoughts.

The set comes with two 5-inch parent toys, a 3-inch baby, and several options for the hair, eyes, mouth, mustache, eyeglasses, and even noses.

The easy-to-organize toys have a built-in organizer behind their back so your little one won't forget their toys. Due to smaller parts, these toys are best for kids 2 years and up. However, if the whole family can play and watch over the younger kids, the little ones can also play with these toys. 

3. Magnetic Doodle Drawing Board

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If your toddler loves to draw, this magnetic doodle board is an interesting way to entice him to draw more. No more messy marker stains (even if you’re using washable markers) on skin and clothes, and even the danger of choking.

The magnetic shavings come in 4 colors - blue, red, green, and yellow. It uses non-toxic, high-quality ABS material for your kid's safety. The removable legs afford portability and let your kids draw without needing a separate desk. You may also fold the legs in for pad mode use.

Aside from the magnetic pen, you can also use the circle and flower shape magnet to make designs on your drawing board.

4. Water Doodle Mat

Water Doodle Mat
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Give your toddlers some amazing floor time with this water doodle mat. The set includes a 40x28-inch mat, 6 pens, 8 drawing molds, 4 stencils, a drawing booklet, a jigsaw puzzle, and a storage bag for easier organizing. This mat is the perfect way to host a kid's party. 

Your kids can draw on the mat itself. You have to tell them to manage their expectation, though, since the drawing disappears in 3-10 minutes. Mess? Worry no more because the pens use no inks. The pens come in 3 nib sizes - fine, medium, and large, and use water to write on the doodle mat.

The doodle mat uses water-resistant nylon, so the floor remains dry even after hours of drawing. However, the smaller puzzle parts make this set unsuitable for kids younger than 3 years old.

5. Washable Bathtub Crayons

Washable Bathtub Crayons
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Bath time should not deter your kids from getting creative. This set includes 8 washable crayons, a fish-shaped eraser sponge, and a suction cup organizer to hold the markers while they're in the bathtub.

These crayons are safe to use without worrying about staining the bathtub. They're also completely washable off the skin.

For any reason that you're not satisfied with these crayons, the company will gladly give you a full refund.

6. Creative Soft Building Blocks

Creative Soft Building Blocks
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These toys are best for younger kids because you can sterilize them in boiling water, but silver ions are incorporated into the construction for better bacterial protection. Even if your kids put these blocks into their mouths, you don't have to worry about their health.

The blocks are also flexible, so they won't get hurt even if your kid falls on the blocks. However, they are very sturdy, that even if kids bite on them, they won't tear.

The blocks don't make any noise. They are also very lightweight, and they're very easy to carry around for both outdoor and indoor play. You can use these blocks for solo and playgroup activities.

7. Play Tent & Ball Pit

Play Tent & Ball Pit
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If you have a large space in your backyard or your nursery is large enough to set up a play tent and ball pit, this is the perfect gift for your toddler. The colors are stimulating enough, and the maze options are a surefire way to enjoy hours of fun.

The set even includes target wall games on the durable 190T soft polyester fabric. The thick steel wiring also ensures your kids will spend their formative to teen years enjoying this set. The large parts are also safe against accidental choking.

If your kids have developmental issues, this play tent and ball pit will also help them develop their motor skills sensory processing and allow them to wear off their energy. The ball pit doesn't include the balls, though, but you can get this 200-ball starter pack to go with it..

8. Skoolzy Peg Board Staking Toys

Skoolzy Peg Board Staking Toys
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This pegboard stacking toy is best for ages 1-4 to stimulate their learning of colors, shapes, counting, and sorting, improve their hand-eye coordination skills, grip strength, even problem-solving. These toys are non-toxic and are free from BPA, lead, and phthalates.

The oversized pegs allow tiny hands to hold the pegs. Aside from kids, you can also use this set for children with autism and even the elderly with sensory and motor difficulties.

Your kids will love bringing these toys on long car rides without you worrying about the mess because of the durable, non-woven bag in DARE orange, so you can see it easily even in the dark car trunk.

9. Magna Tiles Magnetic Building Tiles

Magna Tiles Magnetic Building Tiles
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Give your little ones a head start by turning playtime into creative time. Let this be the best Valentine's Day that kids can't forget with this starter Magna tiles set that he/she can share with family.

These magnetic tiles improve your kids' shape, color recognition, and teamwork skills, which is an important trait for every child. It also enhances your kid's fine motor and spatial skills while developing their math and science skills.

This 32-piece set made of squares and triangles is durable and safe to use. It also bears safety certification and is free from BPA, lead, and phthalates. Due to smaller sizes, this set is best for kids 3 years and older. Younger ones may use them with adequate adult supervision.

10. Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse

Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse
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It's never too early to start reading to your kids. This practice develops a lifetime habit of reading, creativity, and getting curious about the world around them. A board book is also nice because it gives your younger kids the time to play with the books without fear of tearing them.

Aside from the great story inside, the book also offers a surprise activity at the end for more read-aloud fun.

11. VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk

VTech Touch & Learn Activity Desk
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Learning should be wholistic for kids and parents should provide the best kind of support for kids to be well-rounded persons when they grow up. This particular activity desk supports your kid's cognitive learning with interactive activity pages that introduce the alphabet, numbers, first words, and her body.

Musically-inclined kids will also love the Music Jammer activity page with the different music genres and musical instruments included on the page. When she gets tired of the activity pages, just flip the desk to use the chalkboard and the easel.

Monitor your child's progress by pushing the Progress Button. Be amazed by the songs, melodies, and words that your child can learn while using this activity desk.

The desk also comes with a cute stool, perfect for kids 2 years and up. It needs 4 AA batteries to work, though, so investing in chargeable batteries and chargers would be your eco-friendly option.

12. My First Crayola Touch Lights

My First Crayola Touch Lights
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Toddlers, especially those in the 18th-24th month, need to exercise their fingers to improve their grip and fine motor skills. One excellent way to stimulate practice is the Touch-Lights tablet that allows for creativity without the mess.

This light-up tablet uses a soft gel surface with a puncture-resistant protective layer where your toddlers can doodle and draw using their fingers only. To activate the 12 colored lights and play the 6 songs included, you need 3 AA batteries. However, even without the batteries, you can still use the tablet.

13. Ohuhu Multi-Function Music Toys

Ohuhu Multi-Function Music Toys
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Do you have kids inclined to music? The Ohuhu Multi-Function Music Toys are perfect for them. This musical toy comes in various modes and sounds, so your kid learns while getting entertained. The xylophone keys have 4 sound modes - xylophone, glockenspiel, numbers, and animals. The piano keys have piano, trumpet, guitar, note names and sounds, and colors.

The set also includes drum sticks that you can use to make music, play songs, whack-a-mole, drum beat, or jazz drum. However, we don't recommend drumsticks for kids below 2 years old for safety purposes.

This toy set operates on 3 AAA batteries. Save on batteries by getting rechargeable batteries and a charger.

14. Montessori Mama Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers

Montessori Mama Wooden Puzzles for Toddlers
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Some kids would rather build than draw. If you see your toddler is more aware of building, you can reinforce that creative streak with these wooden puzzles by Montessori Mama. Each set has 4 puzzles - dinosaur, dolphin, bear, and rabbit. The colorful puzzle pieces have numbers on them for easier number learning, making this set the perfect Valentine's Day gift for toddlers.

The pieces are not interchangeable, so having separate bags for each puzzle helps organize the pieces better. The puzzles use lead and BPA-free materials and paints, so your kids are safe even if they happen to put the puzzle pieces in their mouths.


Celebrate Valentine's Day and make it extra special for the kids in your life, consider gifting them a toy or activity that will help their creativity thrive. Enlist their help for your DIY Valentine’s crafts to enhance their creative skills. We hope this shortlist helps you find the perfect gifts for the kids in your life!

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