DIY Picture Frame for Father's Day: 10 Easy Projects For Dad

A DIY frame of a father and child with hearts strewn over the table
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Fathers are among the most underrated heroes. We've got you covered if you're looking for a fun and easy project to show your dad how much you appreciate him! These 10 DIY picture frame projects for Father's Day will make your celebration extra special.

1. Super Dad Cardboard Frame

Super dad photo frame made from cardboard
Super dad photo frame made from cardboard - Image by Vinku's Art
Show dad how super he is with this easy Father's Day gift project. Showcase your best moments with him with this hanging frame. You can try this great tutorial using an ultrasound result if you're newly married and expecting.

What You'll Need


  1. Make the frames.
    1. Cut 8x10cm from a stiff cardboard or cereal box. You can also make bigger rectangles to fit the photos you want to use. Cover one side with white construction paper or cardstock.
    2. Make two 0.8x10cm and two 0.8x6.4cm rectangles from the same cardboard or cereal box. Assemble the rectangles to make an 8x10cm frame.
    3. Cut a rectangle from black construction paper and place the frame in the middle of the construction paper. Glue the 8x10cm rectangle, white side facedown on the frame.
    4. Make a cut at the center and diagonal cuts between corners to wrap into the frame. Make the same diagonal cuts in the corners of the outer border. Glue to finish wrapping the frame.
    5. Repeat steps 1-4 to make more frames.
  2. Make the accessories.
    1. Layout and cut the letters SUPER DAD (mirrored) on cardboard and glue them on red construction paper. Cut off the excess construction paper to make the letters. You may also use red glitter sheets or add glitter if you want.
    2. Cut a 52x4cm rectangle from cardboard, longer if you're using larger or more than 6 frames. Cover it with a strip of black construction paper.
    3. Make thin black strips by wrapping black construction paper on 0.8x10cm cardboard strips, two for each frame you've made. You will need black strips to hang your frames.
    4. Cut out hearts from red construction paper. You can vary the sizes and use the same material for the SUPER DAD.
  3. Assemble the frame.
    1. Arrange the thin black strips (two per frame). Glue them to the back of the long black rectangle.
    2. Glue the frames to the hanger and decorate them with hearts.

    2. Popsicle Stick Hanging Photo Frame

    Popsicle stick hanging photo frames
    Popsicle stick hanging photo frames - Image by Global One Studio

    Create an ombre effect on your popsicle stick frame by using a multi-colored rattail cord usually used for macrame and making jewelry. Start with the same color for all four sticks so you get a well-balanced design. This Father's Day photo frame is a simple yet amazing project that you can make with craft sticks.

    What You'll Need


    1. Wrap the popsicle sticks with the satin rattail cord, leaving enough space on both ends to accommodate the other popsicle sticks when you assemble the frame. Make 4 of these sticks per frame, 12 for the 3 frames.
    2. Assemble the frame by gluing the popsicle sticks to make a square.
    3. Print a Father's Day message and your chosen photos on matte photo paper.
    4. Glue the pictures to the back of the popsicle stick frame and secure it with more popsicle sticks.
    5. Cut out the words DAD from a foam sheet or scrapbooking paper. Reinforce the back of the scrapbooking paper with cardboard to give it form.
    6. Glue a popsicle behind each frame, leaving about 1/2 of an inch to glue the letters.
    7. To assemble, glue two popsicle sticks behind each frame to make a triangle at the top of the frame. You will need this popsicle triangle to hang the frame.
    8. Arrange the frames in whatever way you want. You can hang each frame separately or glue them together for a cute photo collage.

    3. Recycled Paper Frame

    Recycled paper frame
    Recycled paper frame - Image by Max Art & Craft

    Does your dad love to read the newspaper? Then, you must have several issues to use for this super easy craft. If you want a bigger frame, use 12-inch squares of newspaper. Add more rolls to give you more space.

    What You'll Need


    1. Make the flowers from construction paper. You can also try these flower crafts to level up your frame decor.
    2. Cut 8-inch squares from old newspapers. Roll the paper starting from one corner to resemble a paper straw and secure the end with a spot of white glue. Make 28 of these rolled newspapers.
    3. Assemble the paper straw, 7 pieces per set. Set the second paper straw about 1/2 inch from the tip of the first straw. Do this step on all paper straws. See the picture above.
    4. Print your dad's favorite photo on matte photo paper and cut off the excess paper. Then, glue this photo to the paper straw frame.
    5. Decorate the frame with the flowers you made earlier and some half-faced pearls. 
    6. Add a short loop of string behind the frame to hang it.

    4. Distressed Picture Frame

    Handmade Father's Day card with picture frame
    Handmade Father's Day card with picture frame - Image by Handmade by Renuka

    This cute picture frame may also be a cover for a 3D card for Father's Day. Use an interesting design for the scrapbooking paper and add distress embossing glaze and dewdrops on the flowers for a fresh look. Use cardstock instead of an empty cereal box for the frame backing if you want to give it away as a greeting card.

    What You'll Need


    1. Make two 6x6-inch squares from an empty cereal box. Glue them together to keep the printed side out of sight.
    2. Glue the scrapbooking paper on the cereal cardboard piece. Cut off any excess paper or cardboard.
    3. Add some character to it with craft ink applied with sponge daubers.
    4. Apply some distress embossing glaze to the scrapbooking paper, then sprinkle water to cover the glaze to give your card a distressed look.
    5. Make a frame from vellum paper using a metal die-cut frame and embossing machine. Glue this frame to a piece of construction paper to make a frame for Dad's photo.
    6. Decorate the edges of the frame with metallic foil paper.
    7. Cut a photo of dad to fit inside the frame, then glue the frame to the scrapbooking paper.
    8. Decorate the card with alphabet charms with the word DAD.
    9. Add faux flowers and water droplet stickers to finish decorating the frame.

    5. Golden Rice DIY Frame

    Golden rice DIY frame
    Golden rice DIY frame - Image by Globe Studio One

    Rice symbolizes prosperity and abundance, making it the perfect gift for dad this Father's Day. It represents everything your dad desires - success, wealth, and happiness paired with gold. This luxurious combination is sure to make him feel loved and appreciated. 

    The warm, rich color of the rice also conveys your deep affection for him. So give your dad a beautiful and meaningful gift this Father's Day.

    What You'll Need


    1. Cut the letters D-A-D from a piece of cardboard using a craft knife. Use the lower case A but make it extra big to fit Dad's picture inside.
    2. Add a generous amount of glue to the letters, then sprinkle long-grain rice over them. Press the rice down to make them stick on the cardboard.
    3. Let the glue dry for at least an hour before painting it.
    4. Mix the metallic gold powder with some white paint or use metallic gold paint and paint over the rice.
    5. Glue your favorite photo of dad behind the lower case A and cut off any excess photo paper.
    6. Cut a small piece of cardboard to join the letters. Add several cardboard pieces behind the frame to stand on the table or mantle.

    6. Wreath Picture Frame

    Wreath picture frame
    Wreath picture frame - Image by Keyuri's Creations

    Who says wreaths are just for Easter and Memorial Day? This wreath picture frame is the perfect way to show dad how much you care on Father's Day. It's simple enough to make, just a few basic craft supplies and a bit of imagination, and voila! You have the perfect gift for dad!

    What You'll Need


    1. Make the frame.
      1. Make 2 circles from a piece of cardboard or empty cereal box; one is 20cm in diameter and the other 18cm.
      2. Cut a 14cm circle from the center of the bigger circle. This part will be the upper part of the frame.
      3. Cut small squares from the same cardboard and glue them onto the bigger circle. Leave half of the bigger circle empty so there will be enough space to fit the photo into the frame when you assemble the frame.
      4. Glue the smaller circle to the back of the frame.
      5. Paint the upper part with red acrylic and let the paint dry thoroughly.
    2. Make the flowers.
      1. Cut 2 inches from the crepe paper and spread it open to divide it into 4 parts.
      2. Put the 4 parts on top of one another, then fold them accordion-style. Tie the center of the folded crepe paper with a strong string.
      3. Slowly fluff the flower, then shape it by cutting off some parts. Make several of these flowers for the wreath.
    3. Assemble the wreath frame.
      1. Glue the crepe paper flowers around the top part of the frame.
      2. Roll a piece of printer paper, then secure the end with a dot of glue.
      3. Glue this rolled paper behind the wreath. Decorate this part with a single crepe paper flower.
      4. Make a DAD cut out of cardboard and paint it with red acrylic. Decorate the word with a mustache.
      5. Glue the word cutout at the tip of the rolled paper.
      6. Secure a string behind the wreath to hang it later.

    7. Picture Transfer to Wood

    Picture transfer to wood
    Picture transfer to wood - Image by Steffy's Channel

    Dads are the best. So this year, why not show your dad how much you appreciate him with a handmade gift? This DIY frame for Father’s Day is the perfect way to display his favorite photos. Besides, you don't have to get the supplies if your dad is into woodworking and doesn't have to clean up. It's a win-win for both of you!

    What You'll Need


    1. Print your picture and message on ordinary printer paper. Mirror the image and the message, so it looks right after the transfer.
    2. Apply a thick layer of Mod Podge Matte to the printed part of the picture.
    3. Prepare the woodblock by sanding it using fine-grit sandpaper to give it a nice, smooth surface. You may also use wooden cubes. Glue the cubes together with wood glue and finish the surface by sanding.
    4. Lay the pictures down carefully on the woodblock. Remove any air bubbles by slowly running an old credit card or squeegee over the printed paper.
    5. Let the Mod Podge dry.
    6. Using a damp clean cloth, rub off the paper until only the image is left on the woodblock.
    7. Let dry and finish with a coat of acrylic varnish.

    8. Glitter Foam DIY Frame

    DIY frames made with glitter foam
    DIY frames made with glitter foam - Image by Tanis Gallery

    This glitter foam frame is one of the easiest DIY gifts to show your love for your dad…and glitter! All you need is cardboard from packaging boxes, some glitter foam sheets, and a few other materials. Write a special message on the photo and display it in your dad's office or at your house.

    What You'll Need


    1. Cut two 6x6-inch squares from a cardboard or cereal box.
    2. Cut out a 4x4-inch square from the center of one of the squares for the upper part of the frame.
    3. Cover the upper part of the frame with glitter foam.
    4. Make several 1-inch squares from silver glitter foam and the same number of 1/2-inch circles from red glitter foam.
    5. Make a bow from red scrapbooking paper, then it to the top of the frame.
    6. Make 3 flowers using any material available to you. You may use red crepe paper, tissue paper, or yarn and add a white background to contrast the red glitter foam.
    7. Glue the red circles at the center of the silver circles. Stick them around the frame to fill the spaces between the bow and the flowers.
    8. Add a small stand behind the frame. You can use a strip of cardboard covered with red scrapbooking paper or construction paper.
    9. Insert the photo inside the frame and display it.

    9. Father's Day Photo Collage

    Father's Day photo collage
    Father's Day photo collage - Image by Craftoona

    Putting together a photo collage is fun to showcase your favorite pictures and a sweet message for dad. You can also mix kid and dad photos in one collage. While this is a simple project, you can add colorful scrapbooking paper as a border or background behind the photos.

    Use your imagination to create a lovely frame that your dad or hubby will love. It's a great idea to make a collage instead of working with just one image.

    What You'll Need


    1. Cut the illustration board to 9x12 inches.
    2. Print uppercase letters of I, Y, O, U, D, A, and a heart to represent the word LOVE. 
    3. Use the illustration board to support the letters during the pictorial. For example, you need to take three pictures for the letter D to complete the word DADDY. When you're done with the D, remove it from the illustration board and stick the next letter to the board.
    4. Take a picture of your kids holding the letters, one photo per letter of the words I, YOU, and DADDY, plus the heart. You'll have a total of 10 photos on your board. 
    5. Print the photos on 4R matte photo paper.
    6. Measure 1 inch around the railroad board and paint it with black acrylic.
    7. Print the words Happy Father's Day on printer paper. Cut the excess paper, and glue the message at the bottom of the collage.
    8. Arrange the photos on the railroad board, then glue them on the board.
    9. Add 2 strings behind the frame to use for hanging your collage.

    10. Popsicle and Sticker Frame

    Popsicle and sticker frame
    Popsicle and sticker frame - Image by I Heart Crafty Things

    A simple popsicle stick frame is easy to make and can have elegant and exciting effects. This Father's Day picture frame is a great way to display photos, artwork, or keepsakes. 

    Popsicle sticks are inexpensive and are available at most craft stores. You can even use different colors of popsicle sticks to create an ombré effect.

    What You'll Need


    1. If using colored popsicle sticks, glue the ends of the popsicle sticks (use the same color per frame) to make a square. You can use jumbo popsicle sticks to make a larger square. Paint with acrylics.
    2. Print a photo of dad on matte photo paper, using the size of the frame you made.
    3. Glue the photo on the backside of the frame. Cover the back of the frame with a piece of cardboard to support the photo.
    4. Decorate the frame with foam stickers.
    5. Cut a popsicle stick in half and glue it at the back of the frame for the stand. You may also use a small plate stand to display the frame.

    10 Father's Day Facts & Trivia You Should Know

    1. The first Father's Day service held on July 5, 1908, was in honor of the fathers who lost their lives during the tragic explosion in the Monongah Mining Disaster, which killed 362 miners in December 1907.
    2. The inspiration behind the annual Father's Day celebration was a Civil War veteran and single dad, William Jackson Smart. His eldest daughter, Sonora Smart Dodd, wanted to honor her father, who single-handedly raised his 6 kids after his wife died.
    3. Although Dodd suggested June 5 as the Father's Day celebration, the Spokane Ministerial Alliance agreed to celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday of June. June 19, 1970, marked the debut of the Father's Day celebration in Spokane, Washington.
    4. Three US presidents decreed the celebration of Father's Day in the US - Calvin Coolidge in 1924, Lyndon Johnson in 1966, declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as the official Father's Day, and Richard Nixon in 1972, giving Father's Day regular recognition.
    5. Father's Day is the 4th most popular holiday among card makers worldwide after Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day. Ironically, cards are also the 4th most popular gift for Father's Day.
    6. Times have indeed changed, seeing an increase in the number of stay-at-home dads or primary caregivers for their kids under 15. According to this article, fathers also play an important role in a kid's success, health, and well-being.
    7. Though 111 countries celebrate Father's Day on the third Sunday of June, some countries celebrate Father's Day on the first Sunday of September. Thailanders celebrate Father's Day on December 5 in honor of their king, while Brazilian dads have their day on the second Sunday of August. Catholic European countries celebrate Father's day on March 19 in celebration of Joseph of Nazareth; Scandinavian countries celebrate theirs on the second Sunday of November.
    8. Wearing a rose on Father's Day is natural since it is the official flower for the celebration. However, be careful what you wear since the colors hold deep meaning. If your father is alive, wear a red rose and save the white rose for a deceased father.
    9. Genghis Khan was not only a successful political leader and one of the richest men in history, but he also fathered more than a thousand children in his many conquests.
    10. Feodor Vassilyev of Russia has the most children from multiple births. He fathered 87 children in 35 pregnancies from his two wives! In 40 years, he and his wife Valentina had 69 children, all of whom were born from multiple births. Of this number, only a set of twins did not survive infancy. He had 18 children with his second wife and multiple births. These claims, however, are under dispute, especially since the records are said to have been compromised.


    Try your hand at this fun and easy DIY picture frame project in time for Father's Day. That's right! These projects are so easy that even a newbie crafter can make them. And your dad or your hubby will surely appreciate the effort you put into creating a one-of-a-kind gift just for him. All you need are a few inexpensive supplies and a little bit of creativity.

    So, which of these frames do you plan on making for dad? Leave us a comment below.

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