How To Make Cinco De Mayo Flowers: 20 Paper Crafts For Everyone

  • Crepe paper flowers for your Cinco de Mayo celebrations
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    Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican holiday that commemorates Mexico’s victory over the French army in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Like St. Patrick’s day, it’s a huge celebration in the US, probably because Mexicans account for 24% of their total immigrant population.

    Making Cinco de Mayo paper flowers is a fun activity that kids will enjoy. Simply prepare the petals by folding tissue paper in accordion style and cutting off the ends to give it a rounded look. Fold it in half, then tie it with thread or floral wire. Finally, pull the petals apart to fluff them.

    For this tutorial, we included festive designs perfect for children and adult crafters. You can pick from easy, intermediate, and advanced level Cinco De Mayo paper flowers so you can work at your own pace and expertise.

    What You’ll Need

    Step-by-Step InstructionsA bouquet of Cinco de Mayo flowers made from various colors of tissue paper

    This particular design is for Cinco de Mayo bouquets for table centerpieces. You can swap the cable ties with a string, and you can make a hanging flower ball. You can also use floral wire to have more flexibility when designing the flowers. 

    Prepare the petals

    1. Cut the standard 20 x 26-inch tissue paper in quarters. 
    2. Stack the tissue paper and fold it in accordion-style on the long side of the paper. Fold it in 8 for smaller petals or in 6 for bigger ones.
    3. Fold the accordion in half and cut off a small triangle on either side of the folded accordion.


    1. Tie the cable around the middle of the tissue accordion. 
    2. Cut out round edges on the folded paper to resemble flower petals. 
    3. Slowly separate the tissue paper to fluff the petals.

    Make the bouquet

    1. Using the end of the cable ties, gather 4 or 5 of the assembled flowers and tie them off with a rubber band. 
    2. You can arrange this bouquet in vases or simply put them randomly on the table.

    Crafts for Kids: How to Make Cinco de Mayo Paper Flowers

    It’s never too early to teach kids about tradition. And what better way to do that than to have them participate in the decor preparation? 

    1. Flower CrownCinco de Mayo flower crown for every girl made from construction paper and ribbon

    What else screams victory than a crown? Teach your kids how to make Cinco de Mayo paper flowers that they share with friends. You don’t even need to buy art supplies since you can use scraps. 

    Things You’ll Need


    Prepare the flowers

    1. Cut different sizes of squares, 2 for each flower out of varying colors of construction paper.
    2. Fold these squares in quarters and cut out rounded and pointed 4-petal flowers out of them.
    3. Make 1-inch circles, 2 for each flower. Make a fringe cut around the circles to resemble the pistil.
    4. Make leaves of varying sizes from green construction paper.

    Assemble the crown

    1. Measure your kid’s head circumference, then cut out ¾-inch wide chipboard. Allow a 2-inch allowance for the overlap.
    2. Assemble the flowers by gluing 2 petals and 2 fringed circles. Pinch them, so they look like partially opened flowers. 
    3. Stick the flowers and the leaves to the “crown,” alternating the sizes as you go.  
    4. Make a halfway notch at the ends of the crown, overlap the incisions, and secure with glue.
    5. Cover the overlapping notch with 24 inches of organza ribbon.

    2. Calla Lily Bouquet A Cinco de Mayo bouquet of calla lily for your little girl’s best friend 

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo and friendships with this bouquet of calla lily that your kids can easily make from construction paper.  

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Make 4-inch squares from your construction paper, then cut a teardrop shape from these squares for the petals.
    2. Cover the tip of a floral stem with a strip of yellow construction paper. Wrap the rest of the stem with a strip of green construction paper. 
    3. Glue the broader side of the petals to form the calla lily around the stem to assemble the flower. 
    4. Cut narrow leaves from green construction paper and glue them to the base of the calla lily.
    5. Make a cone from a piece of construction paper. Glue the flowers into the cone to make a bouquet.
    6. Finish the bouquet by adding a ribbon around it and a bow.  

    3. Paper Tulips 3D Cinco de Mayo flowers (tulip) to decorate your cards 

    With this invitation card decorated with tulips, you kids can formally ask their friends to attend their own Cinco de Mayo party. It is effortless to make, and the children can also make the paper flowers for their party backdrop.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Make a tulip template. Be sure to use the exact sizes of tulip cutouts for every flower. 
    2. Cut out your tulips from construction paper. One flower needs 6 tulip cutouts. 
    3. Fold the tulips in half. Glue one half of the tulip to another folded tulip. Repeat until you use the 6 cutouts.
    4. Assemble by gluing strips of green construction paper with different heights to a sheet of paper.
    5. Stick the flower on the stem and add leaves.

    4. Sunflower Sunny sunflower for your kids’ Cinco de Mayo flower decors and cards

    Share some positivity and happiness with this Cinco de Mayo paper sunflower that your kids can make for their friends.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Make 18 pieces of circles (1 ½ inches diameter) and 1 larger circle (4 inches diameter) from yellow construction paper.
    2. Fold the smaller circles in thirds.
    3. On a sheet of construction paper, glue the larger circle in the center, then glue the smaller ones around it.
    4. Attach the stem and a leaf made similar to the petals of the sunflower.
    5. Cut 1-inch squares from black tissue paper. Crumple these paper squares and stick them on the center of the larger circle for the seeds.

    5. Giant Flowers Giant flowers made from tissue paper and crepe paper

    These giant Cinco de Mayo flowers are so easy to make that even a small child can assemble them on her own. It is also an excellent way to hide unsightly corners when entertaining guests at home. To make it look thicker, you can use 2 or more tissue papers.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Crumple a sheet of old newspaper and wrap black tissue paper over it. Do not cut off the extra tissue paper so that you can hold onto it. This part is the middle piece. 
    2. Lay the colored tissue paper on the table and fold it in half. Cut the edge to make a curve for the petals.
    3. Cut the crepe paper so it’s roughly ½ of the tissue paper’s width. 
    4. Stretch one edge of the crepe paper and lay it on top of the tissue paper. Make 5 of these for every flower. 
    5. To assemble, gather the petals around the middle piece and tie them off with a pipe cleaner or floral wire.

    Easy Cinco de Mayo Paper Flowers

    Here are some easy and beautiful tissue paper or crepe paper flowers for your Cinco de Mayo decors.

    6. Pompom Flowers A tissue paper pompom flower that you can hang from the ceiling

    In this tutorial, you will learn how to make Cinco de Mayo paper flowers that you can hang from the ceiling, on trees, or in your party venue. You can use different colors of tissue paper to make the pompom flowers even more festive.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Lay the tissue paper flat and cut it in half. Do this on 10 sheets.
    2. Open the cut tissue paper and lay it on top of each other to make 10 layers.
    3. Make small snips on the long side of the tissue paper, each about 1 ½ inch long, so it resembles a fringe.
    4. Fold the paper in accordion-style, approximately 1 ½ inches wide.
    5. Once you have your accordion fold, fold it in half to get the center.
    6. Cut a long strand of the fishing line, about 1m long, and tie it around the center of the accordion fold, pulling it as tight as possible. 
    7. Tie off the other end so you can hang the pompom, and it doesn’t touch the table as you fluff it open.
    8. Slowly open each sheet, alternating between sides, so it stays uniformly round. Be careful since the fringe may cause tearing if you separate each sheet quickly.
    9. Finish by carefully pulling some sheets until you achieve a rounded look. You can make 3 or 5 of these to hang in clusters from your ceiling or party venue.

    7. Crepe Paper Carnation FlowerCrepe Paper Carnation Flower

    Crepe paper carnations make a lovely bouquet and are straightforward to make. Just add a stem and arrange it in a bouquet. You can put it in a vase or wrap it in tissue paper for a lovely but affordable Cinco de Mayo decor. 

    You don’t even have to take it down after the holiday since it’s elegant enough to use an all-year-round ornament.   

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Cut the crepe paper of your choice into 3 inches wide strips. 
    2. Make a 2-inch cut on the strips to make a ¾-inch fringe. 
    3. Cut the edges of the fringe with a pair of pinking shears. 
    4. Slowly stretch each fringe to flatten them out.
    5. Gather the uncut portion of the crepe paper strip to resemble a carnation, then tie it with a floral wire. It is best to secure a small bunch so the petals won’t slip off later.
    6. You can insert a floral stem or pipe cleaner in the stem when you assemble the carnation.
    7. Wrap the base and the stem with floral tape. You can also hot glue sepals and leaves if you want using crepe paper.

    8. Tissue Paper Double Cosmos FlowerDouble cosmos flower made from tissue paper

    These Cinco de Mayo double cosmos flowers are as easy as making the pompom ones. You just need to add the “pollen” to make them more realistic. Use yellow, orange, and hot pink tissue paper for the petals and deep yellow for the pollen.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Lay 8 sheets of whole tissue paper on the table and fold it accordion-style, making 2-inch folds.  
    2. Cut 2 sheets of a different tissue paper color along the long side. Fold in half again and cut 1-inch fringes on it.
    3. Put the fringed tissue paper on top of the larger tissue paper. Center it. 
    4. Fold together in accordion-style, then secure with floral wire. 
    5. Unfold the tissue paper slowly to form the flower. 

    9. Tissue Paper BouquetLovely tissue paper flowers highlighted with watercolor to make it look more realistic

    Did you know that these flowers use all-white tissue paper? To make the highlight in the center, just add a few dabs of watercolor and let it dry. 

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Cut 1 x 10-inch narrow strips of white tissue paper or crepe paper. 
    2. Gather one side and slowly form into a flower around a piece of floral stem. Tie off with a floral wire. 
    3. Cover the base of the flower with floral tape, gluing it to secure. Continue wrapping around the stem until you finish the whole length.
    4. Dab the tip of a paintbrush in watercolor and apply it to the center of the flower.
    5. Hang it upside down to dry.

    10. Coffee Filter Hydrangeas Hydrangeas make unusual Cinco de Mayo flowers

    Hydrangeas, also known as million flowers, represent abundance and gratitude. Besides being a unique Cinco de Mayo decor, you can also use them as spring and fall ornaments. This paper flower design may look complicated, but it’s effortless to make. 

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Add a few drops of food coloring to a small bowl of water. Soak the coffee filters in it.
    2. Lay the coffee filters flat on the table to dry. 
    3. Flatten 3 of your coffee filters on the table. Lay it on top of one another. 
    4. Fold it in half four times until you have a small triangle.
    5. Draw a 4-petal flower and a wide stem on the broader side of the triangle.
    6. Cut out the flower. Set aside and do the same on the remaining three coffee filters. 
    7. Separate and lay them on top of one another, adding a pop of hot glue as you go. 
    8. Crumple it slightly to give the hydrangeas an authentic look.

    Intermediate Cinco de Mayo Paper Flowers

    Here are six Cinco de Mayo flower designs for intermediate crafters. Note that you can also use these paper flowers for other festive occasions.

    11. Construction Paper DahliaDahlia made from construction paper 

    This dahlia made from construction paper is a good centerpiece or wall decor for Cinco de Mayo. You can use colorful construction paper for a more enticing and joyful vibe. 

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Cut out the construction paper for the base depending on the size you want. An 8-inch diameter base will make a 12-inch diameter dahlia. You can make a smaller base if you’re gearing for a smaller flower.
    2. Prepare the petals by cutting a slightly rhomboid shape. You can try cutting out some samples until you get the correct form.
    3. Curl the petals using a bone folder for easier assembly. 
    4. Assemble the petals to make uneven cones.
    5. Arrange the cone petals on the base, leaving a ½-inch gap between the petals. 
    6. Hot glue the first layer to the base, then push the tip of the cone petals to flatten them.
    7. Add the successive layers of the cone petals, gluing and flattening the tips after each layer.

    12. Crepe Paper RoseRealistic looking roses for your bouquets and centerpiece

    The following guide will teach you how to make Cinco de Mayo flowers that resemble realistic-looking roses. You can make a rose bouquet for the corner table or the buffet table and wow your guests without spending much.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Cut 2 ½ x 3 inches of crepe paper. Use crimson red for the inner petals and regular red for the outer petals.
    2. Form the petals by cutting a tear-drop shape from the crepe paper strips.
    3. Stretch the center and the upper edge of the petals, then roll each petal twice with a pencil to have a curly form.
    4. Assemble the rose by rolling a portion of the first crimson petal tightly around the floral stem and adding more petals as you go. 
    5. After 3-4 crimson petals, switch to the lighter red petals and continue the process until you get the right size.
    6. To add the sepals, cut a strip of crepe paper and make triangular cuts. Wrap it around the base of the rose, then cover it with floral tape.  

    13. Flower Backdrop Construction paper flower backdrop

    Here is a gorgeous backdrop perfect for your Cinco de Mayo photo booth. You can also use these paper flowers to decorate a selfie frame made from a 20 x 28-inch chipboard

    Things You’ll Need


    Make the flowers

    1. Prepare the petals from your templates, making 3-4 for each flower. 
    2. Make small slits of the narrow side of the petals. Glue the slit parts together to make a slightly curved petal.
    3. Put together 4 of the larger petals. Assemble 4 smaller petals and put them into the center of the bigger flower.
    4. Add smaller petals as you go until you get to the center.  
    5. Cut a fringe out of a strip of construction paper of a different color than the petals. Roll it to resemble the pistil and glue it at the center of the flower.
    6. Make a smaller circle than the base of the flower. Push a length of floral wire into it and secure it with glue. You will use this to attach your flowers later. 
    7. Make the leaves from construction paper. While folded in half, fold it accordion-style. You can also use different shades of green and make varying sizes. 

    Assemble the backdrop

    1. Lay the foam board or any hard surface you want as the base for the backdrop. You can also use an HDF pegboard for easier assembly.
    2. Arrange your flowers as you want them. Tape one end of a 2-inch floral wire to the board.
    3. Insert the floral wire you attached to the flower to the one you previously stuck on the board in Step B. Secure the other end with tape so the flower doesn’t drop off. Do the same for the other flowers. 
    4. Finish the backdrop by gluing the leaves to the board. Arrange the larger leaves on the border and the smaller ones in the center.

    14. Crepe Paper Poppy Lovely crepe paper poppy for your Cinco de Mayo decors

    Poppies signify peace, which is very apt for the Cinco de Mayo celebration. It is also a lovely way to add colorful decorations to your space.

    Things You’ll Need


    Make the pistil

    1. Wrap a small piece of tissue paper around the tip of the floral stem to resemble the center of a poppy. Wrap the center with floral tape to keep the tissue paper out of sight. 
    2. Make the pistil by cutting a fine fringe out of the 1 ¼ x 6-inch strip of yellow crepe paper. 
    3. Rub an orange oil pastel to the end of the fringe to make it look like pollen.
    4. Glue the pistil around the center. 

    Prepare the petals

    1. Cut out two pieces each of 3 ¼ x 4 ¾-inch and 3 ¼ x 6-inch rectangles from the yellow crepe paper.
    2. Fold these strips in half and cut off the edge to resemble a petal. 
    3. Using a brush, apply red hippie powder to the curved part of the petals. 
    4. Gather one side of the petal to form a log, then roll it tightly before opening the petals. Hot glue one end. 
    5. Slightly stretch the center of the petals to give it a curved look. 
    6. Assemble it around the center, gluing the two smaller ones facing each other. Add the larger petals to the outer part, closing the gap between the smaller petals. 

    Make the leaves

    1. Cut a 3 ¼-inch square out of the green crepe paper. 
    2. Cut it in half diagonally and glue it on the opposing sides of a short piece of floral foam.
    3. Let it dry and cut out the leaf using a chrysanthemum leaf form.

    Make a bud 

    1. Wrap a wad of tissue paper around another floral stem. 
    2. Cover it with floral tape, making it shaped like a diamond. 
    3. Finish wrapping the whole stem with floral tape. 


    1. Gather one flower and one bud to assemble.
    2. Add the leaves and cover them with floral tape.

    15. Felt Flower BallsThree felt flower balls that make an excellent gift to your Cinco de Mayo guests

    Suppose you’re thinking about how to make Cinco de Mayo flowers to give to your guests. This tutorial shows you three exciting and relatively easy designs that you can make into cute topiaries as a giveaway.

    Things You’ll Need


    Prepare the stem 

    1. Skewer a styrofoam ball with a floral stem. Use the ball according to the size you want. 

    Make the sky blue ball

    1. Cut 1 ½ inch squares from the sky blue felt cloth. Fold it twice to make a smaller square and cut a 4-petal flower out of the square. You can make 2 x 2-inch or bigger squares for more prominent flowers. 
    2. Hot glue a tiny portion in the center of the flower and pinch the petals together. Make more of this and set it aside. 

    Make the yellow ball

    1. Cut circles (1 ½ inches diameter) out of the yellow felt cloth. You can use bigger circles for larger flowers.
    2. Make a strip out of the circle, so you have a curly strip.
    3. Roll the strip to resemble a rose. Make more and set aside. 

    Make the green ball

    1. Cut a 1 ½ x 8-inch green felt cloth.
    2. Fold along the long side of the cloth, then glue them together.
    3. Make minor cuts on the opposite side of the glue. 
    4. Roll the strip to resemble small petals. 

    Assemble the flower balls

    1. Hot glue the flowers around the styrofoam ball, one ball for each color.
    2. Make leaves out of dark green felt cloth. Use a short floral wire to make a stem for the leaves.
    3. Hot glue the leaves to the floral stem, then wrap with dark green floral tape or a strip of dark green felt cloth.

    Put the topiary together

    1. Cover your plastic flower pot (any shape will do) with felt cloth, using the same color for the flowers. 
    2. Fill the flower pot with styrofoam. You can also use cement if you want.  
    3. Stick the flower ball to the styrofoam and secure it with hot glue.
    4. Cover the styrofoam with scraps of dark green felt cloth. If you used cement, use pebbles instead of cloth scraps. 
    5. You can also add a ribbon to the pot or use any decor you prefer. 

    Advanced Cinco de Mayo Paper Flowers

    Here are some suggestions for advanced crafters looking for exquisite Cinco de Mayo paper flowers.

    16. Coffee Filter Flower BallsCoffee filter flowers highlighted with acrylic paint to make it more realistic

    We included these filter flower balls in the advanced section because you need to be careful when dealing with the coffee filters. Although designed to withstand prolonged filtering, the added pressure of wringing out the excess water, painting, and drying in the oven is not as easy as it looks.

    Things You’ll Need


    Prepare the coffee filter

    1. Add some acrylic paint into a bowl of water, just enough to color the water but still maintain its translucence.
    2. Dip 6 pieces of coffee filter, stacked together, so they are adequately wet. Apply acrylic paint using the same color as you used to wet the coffee filters. 
    3. Dry it in the oven for 30 minutes at 175oF. Be sure to leave enough space between colors, so they don’t bleed with each other. 

    Make the flower

    1. Once dry, stack two coffee filters of the same color and fold in quarters.
    2. Using a pair of tweezers, grab one inner fold of the coffee filter and slowly turn it toward the center to resemble a rose.
    3. Pull the outer petals carefully and fluff the petals.

    Assemble the flower ball

    1. To make the flower ball, glue the flowers on the styrofoam ball. 
    2. You can add a string to hang it or a gauge 40 floral stem to use as a bouquet.

    17. Crepe Paper Peony ChrysanthemumPeony chrysanthemums made from crepe paper makes a lovely Cinco de Mayo bouquet

    These lovely peony chrysanthemums would make a beautiful but inexpensive centerpiece for your Cinco de Mayo celebration. You can use darker crepe paper to match the gaudy colors of this holiday.

    Things You’ll Need


    Prepare the petals

    1. Cut your pink crepe paper using these measurements: 
    • 1 strip 19 6/8 x 2 ⅜ inches
    • 5 strips 19 6/8 x 2 ¾ inches
    1. Stretch the crepe paper strips slightly. Make deep cuts on your crepe paper, about 3/16-inch wide. Shape the strips to resemble chrysanthemum petals. 
    2. Curl the petals using a bone roller or pencil.

    Assemble the flower

    1. Crumple a small piece of aluminum foil, about 8 x 8 inches, and stick a floral stem into the aluminum foil to resemble a lollipop. 
    2. Wrap with a small piece of pink crepe paper, and tie it off with a floral wire or thread.
    3. Slowly wrap the narrow strip of petals around the aluminum ball. Tie off with a floral wire or thread. 
    4. Wrap 2 wide strips of petals, spiraling as you go, so the base of the flower resembles a cone.
    5. Wrap the remaining 3 wide strips, reversing the direction of your assembly so that the new petals cover the cone. The base should look rounded when you finish attaching the 3 strips.
    6. Finish off the flower by adding the sepals. 

    Make the leaves

    1. Make a leaf pattern out of cardstock and cut 4-5 leaves from green construction paper per flower. Glue the leaf to the stem using floral wire. 
    2. Wrap the stem, starting from the base of the flower, with floral tape. Add the leaves, floral wire out as you go. You may use hot glue to secure the leaves to the stem before wrapping them with the floral tape.

    18. Crepe Paper GladioliLovely crepe paper gladioli that every advanced crafter should try for their Cinco de Mayo decors

    Break the monotony of your Cinco de Mayo bouquets with these gladioli. These paper flowers may look complicated, but any patient crafter can make these beauties.

    Things You’ll Need


    Assemble the stem

    1. Take 3 floral stems and hot glue them to make a 24-inch stem. 
    2. Wrap the stem with floral tape or a strip of green crepe paper.

    Make the buds

    1. Cut ⅝ x 1 ⅜-inch rectangles and make leaf-shaped cuts on each one.
    2. Stretch the center of the leaf shape, then glue two of them to the tip of the stem, facing each other, curved side, or facing outside.
    3. Make 2-3 of these buds, gradually making the buds larger as you go lower on the stem.
    4. To make a slightly open bud, cut a 1 ⅝ x 2 inches rectangle from the yellow crepe paper. Cut off the edges to resemble a petal. 
    5. Stretch the center of the petal and roll it to resemble a rosebud. Add two leaves and attach to the stem, covering the glued parts with floral tape as you go. 

    Make the flowers

    1. Cut 2 ⅜ x 3 inches strips of yellow crepe paper, cut one end about ½ inch, and then roll the parts. Glue this to a short floral wire. This part will be the pistil.  
    2. Make deeper cuts on the second strip, folding the tip over, and glue it. Stain this glued part using red oil pastel or acrylic paint. Glue it around the pistil. 
    3. Cut 6 wider strips ¾ x 3 inches rectangles of yellow crepe paper. Shape them into petals.
    4. Slightly stretch the upper edge and the center of the petals. 
    5. To assemble, attach the petals around the pistil, using 3 petals for the first layer and adding the following 3 petals for the outer layer. Add leaves to the flower. 
    6. Make more of these flowers, so you have 7 or more per stem. 
    7. Hot glue the flowers to the stem, alternating and wrapping them with floral tape as you go. 
    8. To finish, cut a long strip of green crepe paper for the main leaf.

    19. Crepe Paper DaisySimple Cinco de Mayo daisies for your rose or chrysanthemum bouquets

    Everyone loves the simplicity of a daisy, but everything is painstakingly made for this crepe paper daisy. These Cinco de Mayo paper flowers are good accents to your rose or chrysanthemum bouquets.

    Things You’ll Need


    Make the pistil and pollen

    1. Cut a 1 x 7-inch strip from the yellow crepe paper.
    2. Fold it in half on the long side and make small cuts to resemble the pistil and pollen.
    3. Make a small hook on one end of a floral wire and insert the one end of the pistil part into the hook. Press it to close with long-nosed pliers to lock the pistil.
    4. Slowly roll the pistil on the stem, adding a spot of hot glue as you go. Aim for a ⅝ of an inch diameter. Set aside.

    Make the petals

    1. Cut a 1 ½ inch strip of white crepe paper. Stretch slightly.
    2. Make six ⅜-inch folds on the white crepe paper and cut. Make three of these for the petals. 
    3. Cut off the sides of the petals and curl the tips using a bone roller. 
    4. Assemble by gluing the petals on the pistil. Reinforce it using a length of floral wire. 
    5. Make the sepals by cutting small triangles off a strip of green crepe paper. Glue it to the base of the flower.    

    Make the leaves

    1. Cut a ⅜ x 3 ⅛ piece of green crepe paper, making a long strip along its grains.
    2. Slightly stretch the crepe paper and then fold it in half to cut grooves to resemble a daisy leaf. Make 3-5 per flower. 
    3. Cover the sepals with floral tape, adding leaves as you go along the length of the stem.   
    4. Arrange them so they resemble real flower leaves.

    20. Crepe Paper Hibiscus Double hibiscus is excellent for your Cinco de Mayo decorations

    These double hibiscuses make lovely Cinco de Mayo decorations. Just stick a few of these paper flowers into some foliage for that perfect holiday ornament. 

    Things You’ll Need


    Prepare the petals and leaves

    1. Cut the crepe paper into the sizes below. Each set is good for one flower. 
    • 12 pieces of 3 ½ x 1 ¼ inches rectangles (yellow)
    • 5 pieces of 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches rectangles (yellow)
    • 5 pieces of 4 ¾ x 3 ½ inches rectangles (green)

    Assemble the pistil

    1. Cut off a curve on one end of 5 large yellow rectangles and 12 small yellow rectangles. Roll the large yellow rectangles. These will serve as the bigger petals. 
    2. Rub some orange oil pastel on a piece of foam and dab it on the lower end of the smaller rectangles to create an ombre effect and roll. These will be the smaller petals. 
    3. Stretch out a small strip of yellow and orange crepe paper, fold the orange strip over one end of the yellow strip, and glue.
    4. Make cuts on the yellow and orange strip. This part will be the pollen. Roll it on a floral stem and apply hot glue. 

    Assemble the hibiscus

    1. Using a thread or floral wire, add the smaller petals to the stem. 
    2. Unroll them and stretch the edges. 
    3. Unroll the larger petals, stretch the edges, and hot glue them around the smaller petals. Arrange for a more realistic look. 
    4. Add the sepals by cutting small triangles on a small piece of green crepe paper. Wrap it around the base of the hibiscus. Add two layers of the sepals. 
    5. Finish each flower by wrapping a piece of kitchen towel around the stem to thicken it. Seal it off with a strip of floral tape.

    Make the leaves

    1. Cut the green rectangles into two triangles. 
    2. Glue it to a floral stem, overlapping the longer side to cover the floral stem.
    3. Cut off the excess crepe paper to make the leaf. Make grooves on the leaves to resemble the actual leaves. 
    4. Wrap the stem with a strip of floral tape. 

    Assemble the flowers

    1. Attach the leaves to the flowers using floral tape, adding more as you go lower. You can add 3 or more flowers in one arrangement.

    Cinco de Mayo Paper Flowers Common Issues

    Your hesitation with making paper flowers is understandable since working with them needs extra patience and a certain eye for creativity to bring out their full beauty. However, you need to keep up with the times because paper flowers are now a hip decor even at weddings

    When entertaining outdoors, paper flowers are a cost-effective alternative to fresh flowers (except during rainy seasons, of course).

    • Environmental Concern

    Paper crafting raises issues among environmental warriors, primarily if you use brand new paper for your projects. The dye used in making crepe paper, tissue paper, and construction paper is industrial-type and can be toxic, especially if dumped directly into bodies of water. 

    You can always recycle and make handmade paper for other crafts.

    • Skill Level

    Not everyone can make realistic-looking paper flowers without perfecting their skills. However, once you’ve tried it a couple of times, you’ll gain enough experience to do better. Practice is the key to building your paper flower crafting skills.

    • Time-Restraints

    If you want professional-looking paper flowers, don’t rush things. You need to be patient and look for ways to smooth out uneven edges. Another way is to keep the cuts as close to uniform as possible, especially in symmetrical designs.

    • Dust Magnet

    You may avoid pollen from fresh flowers, but paper flowers are dust magnets. However, having the right tools for cleaning them is one key to enjoy your lovely papercrafts. 

    A feather duster is an excellent cleaning supply that effectively removes dust from your paper flowers, especially the ones made using construction paper. For tissue paper and crepe paper flowers, you can use a hairdryer or a handheld vacuum cleaner with a blower setting.


    Did you enjoy skimming through this article on how to make paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo? We sure loved putting it together! We just wish we could include more because there are still tons of ideas out there.

    Pro Tip: In a few days, Mother’s day is upon us. Don’t get rid of your Cinco de Mayo flowers because they’d be great for embellishing your Mother’s Day gifts. 

    Which Cinco de Mayo paper flower do you like most? And which skill level are you when it comes to paper crafting? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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