21 Paper Quilling Ideas That Are Sure To Inspire You!

Paper quilled flowers

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Looking for some inspiration for your next paper quilling project? You've come to the right place! This art form involves rolling, shaping, and gluing paper strips into intricate designs.

In this blog post, we will share with you some of our favorite paper quilling ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing! From flowers to abstract designs, we have something for everyone. So get your craft supplies ready, and let's get started.

Basic Paper Quilling Tools You’ll Need

  • Quilling Board

Quilling board

A quilling board is used to roll the paper strips into coils, and it helps ensure that all of your spirals are the same size. 

Quilling boards come in various sizes so you can choose one best suited for your project. You can also find quilling boards with different designs or markings, which can be helpful if you're trying to create a specific pattern or design.

  • Slotted Tool

Slotted Tool

The slotted quilling tool is a thin, metal rod with a slotted tip that creates coils and scrolls out of paper strips. It is inserted into the paper strip and then slid along it, causing the paper to roll into a coil.

But if you want to work with cardstock-weight paper, you will likely have difficulties fitting it into the slot. You might need to look for a slotted tool with a bigger opening to use heavier-weight papers.

  • Paper Quilling Strips

Paper Quilling Strips
1st Button

Paper quilling strips are the foundation of this art form and come in various colors, widths, and lengths. You can find pre-cut paper quilling strips or cut your own using a paper trimmer. 

For beginners, it is recommended that you use wider paper strips because they are easier to work with. You can experiment with thinner paper strips as you become more skilled at paper quilling.

  • Scissors

Three scissors in three different colors

You can find many sizes and types of scissors for paper quilling. Just make sure to buy one that you will be comfortable holding in your hand so that you can cut papers more efficiently.

  • Craft Glue

Glue on the fabric surface

Glue is a quilling tool used to hold the paper in place. You can find it at most craft and online stores. When buying the right glue, get one that is non-toxic, acid-free, and dries clear to ensure that your project will last for a long time.

The Best Paper Quilling Ideas

1. Mother's Day Floral Card

Mother's Day Floral Card

Mother’s Day Floral Card - Image by Miriam’s Quilling

Is your mom the crafty type? If so, she will love this Mother's Day floral card! This paper quilling project is simple enough for beginners. All you need is a sheet of white paper, some colorful paper strips, and a bit of glue.

Simply roll the paper strips into coils and glue them onto the paper to create a lovely floral design. Your mom is sure to cherish this homemade card for years to come!

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2. DIY Paper Quilled Monogram

DIY Paper Quilled Monogram

DIY Paper Quilled Monogram - Image by Miriam’s Quilling

Add a personal touch to any papercraft project with a quilled paper monogram. This project is perfect for beginners, as it doesn't require too much precision. You can customize the monogram to spell out your initials or full name! 

It is perfect for crafters who want to be creative but do not want to spend more money on tools. All you need is a sheet of paper, some paper strips, and some glue, and you are good to go!

3. Paper Quilled Earrings

Paper Quilled Earrings

Paper Quilled Earrings - Image by The Art Box

Be stylish by adding a touch of elegance to any outfit with a pair of paper quilled earrings. This project is perfect for intermediate paper quillers, as it requires some patience and precision. They look amazing and are relatively easy to make!

4. Paper Quilled Flowers

Paper Quilled Flowers

Paper Quilled Flowers - Image by Shivani Creations

Brighten up any room with unique quilled paper flowers! This project is perfect for beginners, requiring only a few paper strips and glue. 

Simply coil the paper strips around a toothpick, then arrange them into the desired flower shape. Once satisfied with the arrangement, glue the coils and let the glue dry completely.

5. Paper Quilled Greeting Cards

Paper Quilled Greeting Cards

Paper Quilled Greeting Cards - Image by Kraft Tree

Add a personal touch to any greeting card with paper quilling! Ideal for all skill levels, it only requires paper strips, glue, and a little bit of creativity.

Start by quilling a few simple shapes, then use them to decorate the front of your card. You can even write a special message inside the card using paper quilled letters!

6. Paper Quilled Wall Hanging Decor

Paper Quilled Wall Hanging Decor

Paper Quilled Wall Hanging Decor - Image by Paper Quilling Art

Level up your home decor game with paper quilling! You can use this art form to create everything from wall hangings to vases, lamps, and more. You can also make a paper quilled wreath on your front door during the holidays. The possibilities are endless!

7. Quilled Paper Snowflakes

Quilled Paper Snowflakes

Quilled Paper Snowflakes - Image by Creative V

Paper quilled snowflakes are the perfect way to decorate your home for winter. These lovely seasonal decors make excellent last-minute presents for anybody on your Christmas list. They're also great for kids!

8. Quilled Vase

Quilled Vase

Quilled Vase - Image by Sourav Creations

This paper quilling project is simple but makes a significant impact. Using different paper colors, you can create an ombre effect that will add interest to any room.

All you need is a vase, paper, scissors, a quilling tool, and glue. You can find the paper at any craft store, and the rest of the materials are probably already in your home!

9. Coffee Mug Design

Coffee Mug Design

Coffee Mug Design - Image by  Shivani Creations

Paper quilling is a fantastic way to spruce up your old coffee mug. Create any design you want and show off your personality. You can make a funky or classical design.

You can also create one, like in the photo above, and give it as a present. Instead of pasting the quilled paper on the gift wrapper, attach the quilled paper to form a gift box.

10. Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Wedding Invitation Embellishments

Wedding invitation embellishment - Image by Q Art

Paper quilling can be used to embellish wedding invitations. It is a terrific way to add a personal touch to your invitations, making them more memorable and unique. You may use any color paper you want to match your wedding theme.

A good example is to quill paper into a simple border around the edge of your invitation. But if you want something more exciting, attach the design to the entire front of the invitation.

11. Gift Tags

Gift Tags

Gift Tags - Image by Alphe Crafts

Personalizing presents is one of the best ways to show how much you care. Instead of using store-bought tags, take the time to create your own paper quilled gift tags with the recipient’s name. 

So next time you're wrapped up in the holiday hustle and bustle, take a moment to slow down and make something special for your loved ones.

12. Quilled Owl Pendant

Quilled Owl Pendant

Quilled Owl Pendant - Image by Quilling Time

For the best paper quilling ideas, look no further than the quilled owl pendant. This beautiful piece of jewelry is made by coiling and shaping thin paper strips into intricate designs. 

The process might be challenging, but the result is a stunning and unique piece that will impress anyone. So if you are looking for a unique gift or want to treat yourself to a beautiful piece of jewelry, this is a perfect choice.

13. Paper Quilled Wall Art

Paper Quilled Wall Art

Paper Quilled Wall Art - Image by Paper Quilling Art

Do you find your wall art a little dull? Paper quilling can help you create outstanding and beautiful pieces of art that will liven up any space.

This paper quilling wall art is made by rolling thin paper strips into coils and then arranging them into patterns and shapes. It is not just for bedrooms but also for your living room.

14. Floral Quilled Valentine Present

Floral Quilled Valentine Present

Floral Quilled Valentine Present - Image by Creative Paper

If you keep giving the same old heart-shaped box of chocolates on Valentine's Day, paper quilling could help you step up your game! This gorgeous box is decorated with quilled paper flowers and leaves.

You may also add an extra special touch and write a message of love on the back of the cardstock. Your loved one will surely appreciate this thoughtful and memorable gift for years to come.

15. Quilled Candle Holders

Quilled Candle Holders

Quilled Candle Holder - Image by oziy design

If you are looking for a way to add a bit of elegance to your home, paper quilled candle holders are the perfect solution. These are among the best paper quilling ideas because they are stylish and inexpensive.

All you need is patience, a few quilling supplies, and a little imagination. With a bit of practice, you'll be able to make stunning candle holders that will add a touch of style to any room.

16. 3D Quilled Gift Box

Quilled Candle Holders

3D quilled gift box - Image by Shivani Creations

Surprise your friends and loved ones with this one-of-a-kind, practical best paper quilling idea. With this 3D quilled box, they can keep their favorite things safe and sound while putting them on display.

The box's lid can be paper quilled to create an exquisite design, while you can use the bottom of the box to store anything from jewelry to small trinkets.

17. Fish Quilled Wall Art

Fish Quilled Wall Art

Fish Quilled Wall Art - Image by Amaze Crafts

Wall art is not limited to paintings and photographs! This quilled paper fish is an excellent way to add a pop of color to any room. The best part about this paper quilling idea is that you can customize it to fit any space.

So whether you have a large wall or a small nook, you can tailor this paper quilling idea to make a significant impact. And trust us, your guests will be impressed when they see this unique piece of art!

18. Quilled Chicks

Quilled Chicks

Quilled Chicks - Image by Noreva Projects

Your kids are going to adore these paper chicks! This paper quilling idea for beginners is ideal for Easter but can be enjoyed all year. 

You can create one big quilled chick design or make small ones. Just make sure to assist your kids with the cutting, as paper quilling scissors can be pretty sharp.

19. Quilled Tea Cups

Quilled Tea Cups

Quilled Tea Cup - Image by Marina Skakovski

Who wouldn't want a gorgeous-designed paper quilled cup? Make a variety of sizes depending on your preference, or create mini quilled tiny cups to decorate your table and floating shelves. This paper quilling project is ideal for beginners, requiring no special tools or materials.

20. Quilled Christmas Tree

Quilled Christmas Tree

Quilled Xmas Tree - Image by The Hobby Hustle 

If you're looking for a special paper quilling project, why not try your hand at a quilled Christmas tree?

Ideal for both kids and adults, all you need for this project is some colorful paper strips and a little patience. Whether you want to display it on your mantle or give it as a present, this handmade tree will surely bring some holiday cheer!

21. Paper Quilled Pendant

Paper Quilled Pendant

Paper Quilled Pendant - Image by Creative V

One of the best things about paper quilling is that it's a craft you can use for decorative and functional purposes. A perfect example of this is the paper quilled necklace pendant. 

Not only does this project look pretty, but it's also a great way to use up any leftover quilling paper strips you have lying around. Plus, it makes a perfect gift for any jewelry lover in your life.

Tips for Making Paper Quilling Arts

While paper quilling may seem relatively straightforward, it is not just a case of winding paper around a needle and gluing it into place. If you want this art form to look professional, you should keep a few things in mind.

Use good quality paper

Cheap paper will be more challenging to work with and is more likely to tear. Heavy-duty card stock or Bristol board is perfect for paper quilling, as it's sturdy and won't tear easily. You can also buy special quilling paper coated with a thin layer of wax, making it even easier to work with.

It will also help if you use pre-cut quilling papers, especially for beginners. Once you've mastered the fundamentals of paper quilling, you can cut your paper strips and experiment with different approaches.

Choose the right glue

As you may know, not all glues are created equal, and some are better than others for paper quilling.

If it's a small and delicate project, you'll need glue that dries clear and doesn't add too much bulk. For larger projects, you can use glue that takes longer to dry but is stronger and less likely to warp your paper. Also, remember that some glues take days or weeks to cure fully, while others dry in just a few hours.

Be patient

Any art project has a learning curve, but paper quilling is a straightforward craft. Just give yourself some time to practice and feel for the techniques. Soon you'll be churning out beautiful paper quilled creations! 

You also need to be patient when waiting for glue to dry. Depending on the complexity of your project, it can take hours or even days for everything to dry and set properly. So, before you start paper quilling, ensure you have the time to devote to it.

Have fun

The final and most crucial paper quilling tip is to have fun! Don't make everything perfect. Enjoy the process. Unleash creativity and see where it takes you. 

You'll be surprised at the beautiful art pieces you can create with paper quilling! But of course, if you want the process to be more enjoyable, you must have the proper tools.

Paper Quilling FAQ

Paper Quilling FAQ

Which quilling paper is best?

When it comes to quilling paper, there is no one-size-fits-all answer. The ideal paper depends on both the skill level of the quiller and the desired final look of the project. 

Thicker papers are ideal for experts or those looking for a more polished look. They are easier to work with and produce cleaner lines. However, they can be more difficult to curl and may not hold their shape. 

On the other hand, thinner papers are better suited for beginners or those looking for a more rustic aesthetic. They are easier to curl and require less precision, but they can be more difficult to work with overall.

What size paper should I use for quilling?

The paper size you use will depend on your skill level and the design you are trying to create. Beginners may want to start with wider paper strips, as they are easier to work with. More experienced crafters can use thinner strips of paper to create more detailed designs. 

Ultimately, it is up to you what size of paper you want to use for quilling. Remember that the wider the strip of paper, the larger the finished design will be.

Is quilling a fine art or craft?

Though quilling has been around for centuries, it has only recently begun to be considered fine art. Unlike other art forms, quilling does not require a brush or paint. Instead, you only need a piece of paper and a steady hand. 

A needle and quilling tools are used to roll the paper into thin strips, then shape them into coils, loops, and other designs. The result is a delicate and intricate work of art that you can use to decorate everything from cards and scrapbooks to picture frames and jewelry.

Is quilling difficult?

Quilling may look like a delicate and fiddly art, but it's not difficult to get the hang of it - and once you do, it's incredibly addictive! 

The basic principle is simple: take a strip of paper, coil it into a spiral, and then glue the end down to hold it in place. You can experiment with different techniques to create all sorts of lovely quilled designs.

What designs can I make in quilling?

There are endless paper quilling ideas and designs that you can try out. To get you started, we've put together this list of the best paper quilling ideas, ranging from the simple to the complex. So whether you're a quilling beginner or an experienced pro, we hope you'll find some inspiration here!


Quilling is an art form that has been around for centuries. While there are so many designs to go for, we sometimes get stuck in a rut, not knowing what to make. We hope this list of the top paper quilling ideas has inspired you to try something new the next time you sit down to quill! 

What's your favorite paper quilling design? Let us know in the comments below!

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