10 Best Paper Marbling Kits For Kids & Adults In 2023

Framed paper marbling art and various paper marbling kits

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The history of paper marbling dates back to the early 14th century, and many cultures worldwide have mastered art. But don’t worry because it’s never too late to start! Paper marbling is an excellent alternative to outdoor activities, and we found the best paper marbling kits that you should check out.

This roundup contains information on how to start paper marbling crafts and various techniques you can try. We also included a buying guide so you can make the right decision before buying your first kit.

Our Top Picks

Jar Melo Water Marbling Paint Kit

Best for Beginners - Jar Melo Water Marbling Paint Kit 

• Includes paint, paper, carrageenan, and accessories
• Non-toxic and affordable
• Works for all ages

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Best for Professionals - Marabu Easy Marble Paint Set 

• 22 vibrant and metallic colors
• Organic solvent-based paint
• Perfect for paper, textile, and other surfaces

Best for Suminagashi - Aitoh Origami Paper Marbling Kit

• Water-based
• Safe for children to use
• Affordable

1. Catcrafter Spin Art Paper Marbling Kit

 Catcrafter Spin Art Kit Best Paper Marbling Kit For Kids includes paint, carrageenan, tray, brush, and needles 

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 Pros Cons
  • Includes paint, watercolor paper, carrageenan, and other supplies
  • Kid-friendly paint
  • Non-toxic
  • It can be used on different media
  • Small tray
  • Some pigments stain more than others

What Customers Have To Say 

Customers appreciate that the kit comes with everything they need to start a paper marbling project without investing too much in supplies.

One mother didn’t want to spend tons on art supplies that her son won’t use, so she tried this kit since it's affordable and small enough for test crafts. However, her kid loved it, and she ended up buying more.

Another mom used it as part of her kid’s therapy and found that her son improved his fine motor skills after working on this project for 2 weeks. 

Catcrafter Spin Art Paper Marbling Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

We appreciate how this company brings back the artist in every adult and allows kids to explore their creative side. We also love the excellent quality of this pack and how everything comes in one kit, so you can try your hand at this craft without spending more on additional supplies.

This paper marbling kit includes 6 bottles of fabric dye paint, 10 drawing papers, carrageenan powder, 3 plastic needles, tray, palette, and paintbrushes. You can use the colors for drawing, painting, and paper marbling. The paint is non-toxic and gives a vibrant finish on almost any medium. 

You’ll need a pair of disposable gloves as the blue and green paint tends to stain. You don’t want to get too messy and ruin your projects. This paper marbling kit also comes with a 30-day guarantee, so you don’t have to throw your money away if you don’t feel like it is at par with your expectations. 

Who Should Buy It

This kit is the best paper marbling kit you can get for younger kids. They are easy to work with, friendly for newbies, and work on several media like fabric. If your kids want to turn their boring t-shirts into gorgeous art, they’d be proud to wear them.

2. Marabu Easy Marble Paint Starter Set
Marabu Easy Marble Paper Marbling Kit 

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Pros Cons
  • Dries fast
  • Vibrant colors
  • It can be used for dipping crafts
  • Affordable
  • Difficult to remove from your hands or on the tray

What Customers Have To Say 

Paper marbling may take a lot of learning, but once you get the hang of it, it’s all great. Many users made dipping and other hydro-drip crafts with this kit, and it works perfectly.     

One grandmother gave this paper marbling kit to her granddaughters, and she’s thrilled with the fantastic art they made. Most customers adore this kit because it is very affordable, makes lovely marbled art, and covers well, although the paints are on the thin side. 

Marabu Easy Marble Paint Starter Set review

Why We Think It’s Great

We think this is a good starter kit for adults learning paper marbling. You might want to try some patterns from this book, Making Marbled Paper. You can even take inspiration from these projects to make some marbleized epoxy tumbler.

The paints also dry fast, so it doesn’t soak up the paper when you do paper marbling. You have to work quickly, drop 2-3 colors and give it a good swirl so the paint does not dry before you can do your magic. 

The bottles are small, just 15ml each, perfect for newbie marbling artists who are still discovering their new passions. It also works with other media like fabric, stone, and even plaster. You can even use it for hydro-dipping projects so that you can make art in any medium. 

Who Should Buy It

Paper marbling is a good way for adults to de-stress. It’s also an excellent weekend project for adults and even retirees who want to stay indoors yet do something productive and fun. Based on statistics, more than 55% of crafters belong in this demographic, and now is the right time to get into it.

3. Jar Melo Water Marbling Paint Kit - Best for Beginners

Jar Melo Paper Marbling Kit and a sample marbling design
 Pros Cons
  • Works for all ages
  • Non-toxic
  • Vibrant colors
  • Value for money
  • Incomprehensible manual

What Customers Have To Say 

Many parents boasted of their two-year-old kids doing artwork with this paper marbling kit, and everyone is delighted. Kids can make hundreds of designs with it, but you need to buy more construction or watercolor paper since regular printer paper doesn’t work.

Although this is not the best choice for seasoned paper marbling artists, it is perfect for kids and adults who are new to this craft. Jar Melo Water Marbling Paint Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

This paper marbling kit is an excellent starter pack for everyone. It includes 6 bottles of paint, 10 drawing papers, 3 needles for making paint swirls, a measuring spoon, and a marbling tray. The tray is small and can only fit ½ of a letter-sized paper, making it perfect for smaller kids.

The paints are safe and non-toxic, so they work great for younger kids. They are also easy to use, so anyone who doesn’t have any marbling experience can do it. This paper marbling kit sparks creativity and imagination, even for those who think they don’t have an artistic bone in their body. 

Aside from the usual paper medium, this kit also works on stone, fabric, and even dry leaves. You can make lots of art using this paper marbling kit.

Who Should Buy It

This best paper marbling kit is a good starter pack for young artists and beginners. You may need to search for a good tutorial on YouTube because the instruction manual is of no help at all.

4. Jacquard Marbling Class Pack
Jacquard Marbling Class Pack

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 Pros Cons
  • Includes paint, carrageenan, alum, textile, and droppers
  • Perfect for paper and fabric marbling projects
  • Ideal for kids 8 years old and above
  • Good for team-building activities
  • Poor quality control

What Customers Have To Say 

Many of the crafters who tried marbling projects are retirees and senior citizens, and they felt that this craft is an excellent venue to explore their artistic side.  

Some crafters recommend Japanese calligraphy paper, but this paper marbling kit still worked great on construction paper, vellum, and other paper not less than 100gsm. Another crafter said it is so exciting and they enjoyed doing it, even if they used this paint for the first time.

Why We Think It’s Great

The resulting colors are vivid. If you love tie-dye projects, you can do it better with marbling. Since it works on paper and fabric, you’ll have fun making dyed scarves, t-shirts, and book covers. You can even make embossed cards out of your marbleized paper. 

The paint works well with the paper, fabric, pottery, plaster, and almost any porous medium. You can use it for paper marbling and hydro-dipping crafts. When doing paper marbling, though, be sure to apply alum to your paper and prepare your Methocel or carrageenan medium at least 24 hours before.

This paper marbling kit doesn’t look much, but it includes 6 bottles of marbling paint, Methocel medium, and alum powder. It’s very affordable too.

Who Should Buy It

We recommend this best paper marbling kit to art teachers, tie-dye artists, and those who love colorful crafts. With properly marbleized paper, you can make awesome paper art.

5. TBC The Best Crafts Paper Marbling Kit

TBC The Best Crafts Paper Marbling Kit

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 Pros Cons
  • Includes paint, paper, carrageenan, and other accessories
  • Conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71
  • Water-based, non-toxic
  • Good for kids 5 years and up
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Takes time to prepare

What Customers Have To Say 

Users think this is a beautiful paper marbling kit, even if you have to wait for 12 hours to prepare your marbling medium. Another crafter bought three other marbling kits but found this brand to be the best.

Some moms bought this paper marbling kit for their kids to get them away from mobile phones. The kids loved it, and though it’s messy, it’s still an excellent weekend project. TBC The Best Crafts Paper Marbling Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

Paper marbling is a fun activity for every artist-at-heart. The resulting marbleized paper makes good framed art, gift wrapper, or other projects. You can even add epoxy to it for some fantastic wall art. 

The colors on this paper marbling kit are unique, and the resulting artwork is very vivid. We just wish there’s enough paint for more projects. The paint conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71, which means it is non-toxic, and kids 5 years old and up can use it. Remember to shake each bottle before using it to mix the paint for better results. 

The tray is large enough to make A5 paper art. However, you can always use a bigger tray once you’re more confident with your marbling skills.

Aside from 6 bottles of paint and tray, the paper marbling kit also includes carrageenan powder good for 4 liters of marbling solution, marbling paper, watercolor paper, comb, and other tools. The comb has three kinds of teeth, which is great for practicing how to use a comb for creating designs.

Who Should Buy It

This is the best paper marbling kit for every art teacher. However, kids will also love working on this project, making it an excellent gift for any art lover.

6. Dan & Darci Paper Marbling Paint Art Kit

Dan &Darci Paper Marbling Kit includes paint, carrageenan powder, tray, and brush

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 Pros Cons
  • Comes with a tray, paint, carrageenan powder, paper, and other accessories
  • An educational tool for all ages
  • Non-toxic and kid-safe
  • Works on both paper and fabric
  • Not washable
  • Long preparation time

What Customers Have To Say 

Parents and grandparents love this paper marbling kit because their little ones loved working with it. The kids adore it, and now the grown-ups want one for themselves. The only downside is the 24-hour wait before the marbling solution is ready for use. 

Some moms got this marbling kit to give their kids a new experience in art and be more of a doer than a spectator. Everyone who tried thinks that paper marbling is a great weekend treat, making it a perfect gift idea for kids and adults alike. Dan & Darci Paper Marbling Paint Art Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

We think this is the best paper marbling kit to use for kids of all ages, especially if they want to explore marbling art possibilities. You can use it for several techniques, but the results are always vivid colors and excellent artwork, whether done on paper or textile. 

This set is an excellent gift for kids who love art, and although the preparation for the water bath takes 24 hours, the wait is worth it. Just follow the directions to get the right mix, and you’ll get the right colors.

The paper marbling kit includes a marbling tray, 5 paint colors, carrageenan powder, spoon, pipette, spreader, 3 styluses, and 10 art sheets. 

The packaging is another thing to love about this set. Unlike other kits that come with screw-on caps, this set includes a nozzle-type cap, making it easier to make paint drops instead of using a pipette.

Who Should Buy It

Paper marbling is a great weekend craft for children and adults alike. For once, messy can be fun with this kit.

7. Marabu Easy Marble Paint Set - Best for Professionals

Marabu Easy Marble Paint Set

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 Pros Cons
  • 22 vibrant and metallic colors
  • Organic solvent-based paint
  • Easy marbling
  • It can be used on paper, textile, and other surfaces
  • Hard to work on hot days

What Customers Have To Say

Users love this beautiful set of paints that makes gorgeous art on almost any medium. Many of those who tried it did epoxy cups, paper marbling, textile marbling, and wall art. You just have to work faster on hot days. Marabu Easy Marble Paint Set review

Why We Think It’s Great

We get a more vibrant look on our crafts with this healthy combination of matte and metallic colors in this paper marbling kit. Just be sure to remove any air bubbles when doing your projects, not to ruin them later. 

The paint base is an organic solvent that makes elegant marbled patterns. It works on different media, such as paper, glass, plastic, ceramic, metal, wax, balsa wood, polyester, polypropylene, canvas, smooth foam, and many other surfaces. For easier swirling, this pack includes 10 marbling sticks.

Who Should Buy It

This is the best paper marbling kit for professionals and hardcore hobbyists who love all pouring, hydro-dipping, and marbling crafts.

8. FolkArt Marbling Pouring Set Paint

FolkArt Paper Marbling Kit consists of 10 colors of marbling paint

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 Pros Cons
  • Water-based paint
  • Non-toxic, kid-safe formula
  • Indoor use only
  • Includes 10 bottles of paint
  • No mixing required
  • Takes a long time to dry

What Customers Have To Say 

Customers love this paper marbling kit for its vibrant colors. Some said 9 out of 10 of their projects got marbleized beautifully. They just wish that the bottles were bigger so they can do more artwork. Overall, it made fantastic art and came highly recommended to future shoppers. 

Why We Think It’s Great

This paper marbling kit is expensive, but it makes terrific marble art on almost any surface. It’s good that you can use it indoors to still make art even during the winter months. 

The downside is that you cannot use it for outdoor projects, and it takes a long time to dry. Your marbling projects should remain indoors if you want to keep their quality.

Who Should Buy It

Parents, preschool teachers, and art instructors should get this paper marbling kit for kids who want to discover their creativity.

9. Aitoh Origami Paper Marbling Kit - Best for Suminagashi
Box of Aitoh Origami best paper marbling kit for Suminagashi

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 Pros Cons
  • Excellent instruction manual
  • Water-based
  • Perfect for all ages
  • Safe for children to use
  • Budget-friendly
  • Small quantities

What Customers Have To Say 

Most users said this paper marbling kit is the best money they spent on art supplies. Instead of using more expensive watercolor paper, this one works on white construction paper. Their kids got to do their magic without leaving a dent in their bank accounts. It’s a great way to engage children and keep them away from gadgets. Aitoh Origami Paper Marbling Kit review

Why We Think It’s Great

This is the best paper marbling kit for children and adults who want to learn Suminagashi marbling art. It is water-based and does not have any harmful chemicals. Instead, it uses cosmetic-grade pigment and is excellent in dyeing paper for greeting cards, tags, and other papercrafts.

The Aitoh Origami Marbling Set comes in 6 colors in 12ml bottles. You can use this for painting and marbling. However, the result is not as vibrant as acrylic paint.

Who Should Buy It

Even if your kids are not into arts, this paper marbling kit is a fun way to spend the weekend. This craft is also a blast at children’s birthday parties.

10. Jacquard Marbling Kit for Fabric and Paper
Jacquard Marbling Kit for Fabric and Paper

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 Pros Cons
  • Set contains paint, carrageenan, and other supplies
  • It can be used on paper and fabric
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Best for professionals and newbies
  • Conforms to ASTM D 4236
  • Small quantities

What Customers Have To Say 

Numerous customers enjoyed using this paper marbling kit because it had very satisfactory results. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow. As with any paint craft, everything is worth a try since the kids enjoyed them a lot, according to some moms and art teachers.

However, many users wished that it had other supplies for marbling, so they don’t have to buy them separately. 

Why We Think It’s Great

The Jacquard Marbling Kit is small, but it comes with a set of vibrant colors that work great on watercolor paper for practice. It also conforms with ASTM D-4236 standards, which means it is safe for art projects.    

We recommend this kit for those who already have the tools and accessories needed to make marbled paper but need to top up on their paint supplies. Kids and adults alike will enjoy working with it.

Paper marbling is messy, but since this kit is water-based, it is effortless to clean off, except for the blues and greens, which leave a stubborn stain. It is also affordable and perfect for any marbling project.

Who Should Buy It

The Jacquard Marbling Set is an excellent starter kit for kids and newbies who love art. It’s perfect for paper marbling and makes a suitable replacement for used-up paint from other kits.  

Best Paper Marbling Kit Buying Guide

Paper marbling is a demanding but equally rewarding hobby. Here are the things you need to consider before buying the best paper marbling kit.

  • Skill

There are lots of marbling techniques you can try but stick to the simplest ones. The easiest that even a child can do is the shaving cream and food coloring technique. 

However, if you want to try your hand at water marbling, the best paper marbling kit is the one that includes all supplies and tools. This way, you can immediately start and buy different marbling paints later.

  • Budget

There are expensive sets on the market, but the best paper marbling kit is one that you can afford and gives you value for money.

  • Availability

Use locally available supplies; it will help you save money and time. Scour your local mall or dollar store before shopping online. Understandably, there are some supplies you can only get online but be sure to exhaust all alternatives before doing that.

  • Purpose

Why do you want to buy paper marbling supplies? Is it for recreation, or do you want to sell it? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before buying a paper marbling kit.

For hobbyists and art teachers, a cheaper kit is perfect. But for professional artists, look for one that has good quality. Also, don’t forget to prime your paper before making your marbling art. 

Adding alum (⅓ cup per gallon of water) lets the paint cling better on water. Let the alum paper dry well on a rack before using it. This step is crucial if you want to frame your artwork for display or sale.

Paper Marbling Kit FAQ

1. What is paper marbling?

Paper marbling art began in several countries, with Japan, China, and some Middle Eastern countries claiming to be the forerunners. However, the two most prominent styles now are Suminagashi (Japan) and Ebru (Turkey). 

While Suminagashi marbling evokes nature in its design, Ebru marbling is more intricate and requires manipulation using various tools. Out of these styles, artists divided them into patterns, each having its distinctive character. 

2. What do you need for marbling paper?

  • Marbling paint or ink. Your paint should float over the water-carrageenan mixture. If the paint sinks, add a spreading agent by mixing 1 part of dishwashing detergent with 20 parts water.
  • Carrageenan powder. Adding carrageenan to water thickens it, so the marbling paint or ink floats on the surface. Mix 2 tablespoons of carrageenan to a gallon of distilled water and let it sit overnight to remove the bubbles.
  • Distilled water. Only soft water can work wonders on paper marbling. Chlorinated water won’t do it unless you let it sit for 24 hours or so. 
  • Paper. You can use watercolor paper or white construction paper as long as it is at least 90gsm or higher, absorbing the ink without disintegrating in the marbling process. Cut it, so it’s smaller than your tray. 
  • Alum powder. Pretreating your paper in ⅓ cup of alum dissolved in 1 gallon of water helps the paint to adhere to the paper. Lay the paper on top of the alum mixture, then let it dry flat on a drying rack.  
  • Paper towels. Use the paper towels to blot out excess liquid from your marbleized paper. Lay it flat over your project. Don’t dab, pat, or drag, or it will ruin your designs.
  • Newspaper. The newspaper helps keep your work area clean.
  • Tray or pan. Your tray or pan should hold 2-3 inches of water and large enough to accommodate your paper. 
  • Marbling rake or comb. You can make a DIY marbling rake by hammering 1 ½-inch finishing nails into a ½x1-inch piece of wood. Use the length that fits your tray. You can place the nails ½ to 2 inches apart,  depending on the design you want.    
  • Toothpick or needle. You can also use a toothpick or a needle to swirl your design if you don’t want to sweep through it with a comb or rake.

3. What kind of paint do you use for paper marbling?

Depending on the method you want, you can use any paint for paper marbling. 

Thickened water method is the most common. It uses water-based paint, such as acrylic, watercolor, tempera, or even food coloring. You can also use oil paint. Make paint swirls on the surface of the water and lay your paper over the top. The paper will absorb the design, but only one side of the paper gets marbleized.

We recommend using oil-based paint for paper marbling using the submersion method in unthickened water. Here, you drop oil-based tint or paint on the surface of the water and make your pattern. Put a piece of 90gsm paper (or higher) under the water slowly, allowing the paint to cling to the paper. This method results in double-sided marbleized paper. 

4. How do you thicken water for marbling?

You can thicken your water for marbling by adding carrageenan, the most common thickener used. You can also use methylcellulose or starch. 

How to Make Carrageenan and Methyl Cellulose Thickener

  1. Mix 2 tablespoons of carrageenan or methylcellulose in 1 cup of warm water. Mix it well until all lumps dissolve.
  2. Add to the rest of the water to make 1 gallon of mixture. 
  3. Methylcellulose solution stays fresh longer and is less expensive than carrageenan. But you can keep the carrageenan solution in the fridge for up to three weeks to keep it fresh.

How to Make Cornstarch Thickener

  1. Mix 10 tablespoons cornstarch in 3 cups of warm water.
  2. Blend well. You can make 1 gallon of cornstarch solution from this mixture. 
  3. Refrigerate to keep fresh for up to 2 days.

Out of the three methods, carrageenan gives the best color blending, vividness, and form. Methylcellulose and cornstarch provide a different character to your paper marbling, so it’s also worth trying them out.

5. How do you make marble paper at home?

You can use shaving cream and swirl food coloring before carefully laying your paper on top. Scrape the excess shaving cream off your paper. The good thing about this method is that your kids can easily do it and reuse the shaving cream multiple times. You can add shaving cream or food coloring as you go.  

Cooking oil and food coloring mixture is an excellent alternative to oil paint. Add a few drops of food coloring to oil and mix well. Add some drops of this mixture to your tray of water and make your marbleized paper. The resulting paper may feel very oily at first, but the oil gets absorbed as it dries.

Try also the Suminagashi method. You’ll need 1-3 paint colors of choice or calligraphy ink, some dishwashing liquid, and water. To make successful Suminagashi art, tap the water alternately with a brush dipped in paint and a brush dipped in a mixture of water and dishwashing liquid.  The dishwashing liquid acts as a dispersant and makes concentric shapes that mimic wood rings. 

Nail polish also makes lovely marbling on paper, wood, or stone. Prepare your medium before adding your nail polish to the water. Better work fast but carefully because nail polish dries too soon.


Paper marbling is fascinating and inspires creativity. The overall best paper marbling kit in our book is the Jar Melo Water Marbling Paint. Art teachers will love it because it conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71 standards, making it safe to use for children. You can also start your paper marbling right away as you have all the tools and supplies you need. 

The Marabu Easy Marble Paint Set is our runner-up for the best paper marbling kit because its vibrant and metallic colors are perfect for professional artists. Without VOCs and fumes, this paint set is safe to work with on paper, textile, and other surfaces. It also works well for different pouring and hydro-dipping crafts. 

The Aitoh Origami Marbling Kit is another runner-up for the best paper marbling kit for Suminagashi enthusiasts. It is very affordable, kid-safe, and water-based, so it is less messy during clean-up.

Which among these best paper marbling kits do you want to get your hands on? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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