15 Best Colored Pencil Cases In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Do you have a favorite set of colored pencils? Colored pencils, especially artist-grade sets, are very expensive. Therefore, you must invest in good cases to easily organize, protect, and carry them.

Today we're going to look at some of the best cases for colored pencils on the market. We've got you covered whether you're looking for something straightforward or with many bells and whistles. Keep reading for our top picks!

Our Top Picks

Best Overall: BTSKY Canvas Zippered Colored Pencil Case


Runner-Up: ZIPIT Colored Pencil Box

Best Stackable: BTSKY Stackable Colored Pencil Box (6-Pack)

Best for Students: Easthill Colored Pencil Case

Best for Kids: EMRAW Plastic Colored Pencil Organizer (6-Pack)

Best Decorative Design: QBILY Geometric Pattern Colored Pencil Case

Best Clear Case: Danrong Colored Plastic Pencil Box

Best Compact: iDream365 Semi-Hard Colored Pencil Case

Best Roll-Up Design: BTSKY Canvas Colored Pencil Wrap

Best Trendy Design: Youshares 192 Slots Colored Pencil Case

Best for Professionals: Shulaner Leather Pencil Case Organizer

Best Portable: Zcassi Pencil Organizer Pouch

Most Versatile: Homecube Fabric Colored Pencil Case

Best Desktop Organizer: Marbrasse Bamboo Colored Pencil Organizer

Best Large Capacity: Vomgomfom Colored Pencil Case

1. Best Overall: BTSKY Canvas Zippered Pencil Case

BTSKY Canvas Zippered Pencil Case

Why We Think It's Great

  • COMPACT DESIGN: Small enough to fit your bag but large enough to fit 72 colored pencils and an A6 journal. 
  • CUSTOMIZABLE: The removable inserts let you customize your organizer for larger items. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY CANVAS: Uses sturdy, high-quality, and water-resistant canvas to protect your art supplies better.
  • VERSATILE ORGANIZER: Inside zippered compartment keeps your business cards, cellphones, and other small items. 
  • EXTRA PROTECTION INSIDE: Gartered slots keep the colored pencils organized for easier access inside the case. 

What We Don't Like

  • Tight corners make it hard to navigate the zipper.

What Our Editors Say

"We love this compact but versatile colored pencil organizer because it offers extended protection to your art supplies. The gartered slots keep the colored pencils organized and easy to access when making your colored pencil masterpieces.

We appreciate the design of this colored pencil holder, especially the removable inserts (attached using Velcro), because they allow flexibility for the design and capacity of the organizer. The bottom compartment also has ample space to fit an A6 journal, though we preferred if it can fit an A5 journal or sketchbook."

2. Runner-Up: ZIPIT Colored Pencil Box

ZipIt Colorz Large Pencil Box

Why We Think It's Great

  • STURDY MATERIALS: Uses formed EVA and sturdy zippers with a soft interior to protect your colored pencils further. 
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: Throw the pencil case into the washing machine without ruining it.
  • CRACK-PROOF: It won't crack even when crushed inside your luggage.
  • COLORFUL DESIGN: No more boring black or gray canvas with this colored pencil case.
  • FORMED CASE: Dome-shaped upper and lower compartments fit up to 60 colored pencils. 

What We Don't Like

  • This case is a bit short for new colored pencils.

What Our Editors Say

"The materials for this colored pencil holder are amazing - the zipper is sturdy, the case is machine washable, and stays in shape most of the time unless crushed on purpose. 

The manufacturer also took it a notch by adding a lifetime quality guarantee with this product. However, the case’s slightly domed compartments make it challenging to fit new colored pencils longer than 7.5 inches.”

3. Best Stackable: BTSKY Stackable Colored Pencil Box (6-Pack)

BTSKY Large Capacity Stackable Pencil Box

Why We Think It's Great

  • IMPRESSIVE CAPACITY: One set case can fit over 100 colored pencils, 50 pens, 30 markers, or 152 crayons. 
  • SPACE-SAVING PENCIL BOXES: Stackable pencil boxes, so the whole set takes on very little space. 
  • CLEAR CONTAINER: This makes it easier to see the contents in one glance. 
  • EASY SNAP LOCK: Excellent locking mechanism that’s easy to close but stays locked. 
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: You may use these boxes for nail art supplies, decals, and other crafts. 

What We Don't Like

  • The latch easily comes loose.

What Our Editors Say

"We recommend these versatile pencil boxes that can hold various art and craft supplies. We are glad they're stackable, making them a space-saving organizer for your desk and small enough to fit in your bag or drawer.

The anti-slip design prevents the pencil boxes from slipping even on glass tables. They are also very durable. You may have to check the latch before you place the box in your bag to check that they're properly latched and locked."

4. Best for Students: Easthill Colored Pencil Case

Easthill Colored Pencil Case

Why We Think It's Great

  • EXPANDABLE DESIGN: Zippered compartment to expand the pencil case size for more art supplies. 
  • STRONG CANVAS MATERIAL: Heavyweight and water-resistant canvas material for durability and better protection.   
  • MESH POCKET FOR SMALL ITEMS: Inside mesh pocket for small items like IDs, washi tape, and other art supplies.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: The case can fit up to 90 colored pencils. 
  • EASY-ACCESS POCKET: Outer cover pocket for markers or IDs you use every time.

What We Don't Like

  • The pencil case gets deformed when expanded.

What Our Editors Say

"This pencil case is an excellent example of a sleek but multi-functional organizer that can fit inside your bag but is convenient enough to use on your desk.

This colored pencil holder also offers good value for your money. We recommend this case for young students and professional artists to organize their art supplies when on the go."

5. Best for Kids: EMRAW Plastic Colored Pencil Organizer (6-Pack)

EMRAW Plastic Colored Pencil Organizer

Why We Think It's Great

  • STRONG PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION: Uses high-quality polypropylene plastic for years of use. 
  • EASY-OPEN SNAP CLOSURE: The case locks securely but opens easily. 
  • CONVENIENT SIZE: Stackable and fits items up to 8 inches long, 2 inches deep, and 4.5 inches wide. 
  • PRACTICAL: Organizes art supplies, stationery, school supplies, and more.
  • GOOD VALUE: The set comes with 6 different colored pencil organizers. 

What We Don't Like

  • The lids do not snap on properly sometimes.

What Our Editors Say

"This set includes 6 multi-purpose storage boxes, color-coded for easier identification of the contents. The snap closure is a well-thought design as the boxes are easy to open for younger kids.

These plastic boxes also easily fit into bags. They're stackable so that you can maximize your small desktop space. The upper compartment fits into the lower compartment for better stacking so the boxes won't slip off the lower boxes."

6. Best Decorative Design: QBILY Geometric Pattern Colored Pencil Case

QBILY Geometric Pattern Colored Pencil Case

Why We Think It's Great

  • HOLOGRAPHIC DESIGN: Fun and stylish design that changes color under different lighting. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: High-grade PU fabric and hardware zipper that tested for quality. 
  • WATERPROOF: It provides better protection for your art supplies. 
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Wipe with a wet tissue if accidentally stained. 
  • EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE: The product comes with 1-year quality assurance for peace of mind.

What We Don't Like

  • The design is not as vibrant in natural light.
    The case’s pages are not rigid.

What Our Editors Say

"Bored of a single color organizer? Go for this holographic colored pencil case! It looks black and gray under normal lighting but turns purple-green under fluorescent or harsh light.

We love the customized zipper sliders, giving the colored pencil holder an authentic look. Plus, the carrying handle makes it convenient for transport, providing ample space for up to 200 colored pencils."

7. Best Clear Case: Danrong Colored Plastic Pencil Box

Danrong Colored Plastic Pencil Box

Why We Think It's Great

  • COMPACT CONSTRUCTION: Its small format makes it portable yet large enough to hold a 72-piece colored pencil set. 
  • DURABLE PP PLASTIC: Use this box for the whole school year without breakage. 
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: These boxes can fit your crafting tools or nail art supplies. 
  • TRANSPARENT: See-through design makes it easier to see the box's contents. 
  • SNAP CLOSURE: Its lock is tight and stays closed. 

What We Don't Like

  • It has thin plastic hinges.

What Our Editors Say

"We love this colored pencil holder’s compact design, affordable price, and the high-quality PP plastic that makes these boxes very durable. We must admit that the boxes are a bit difficult to open, a small price for the lock that works.

The case is also very versatile. A couple of these boxes go a long way to organize your art supplies, making it the perfect addition if you plan to set up your art studio at home."

8. Best Compact: iDream365 Semi-Hard Colored Pencil Case

iDream365 Upgraded Hard Pencil Case Box

Why We Think It's Great

  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: Uses high-quality EVA and waterproof nylon oxford fabric to protect your colored pencils from moisture or wetness. 
  • VERSATILE: You can also use this as a carrying case for your calligraphy pens or chargers.
  • MESH INNER POCKETS: Interior mesh pockets fit small art supplies. 
  • CARABINEER SLOT: Hang this pencil case outside your bag.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Thin and fits in your purse but roomy enough to accommodate 24 colored pencils. 

What We Don't Like

  • The zipper construction is a bit flimsy.

What Our Editors Say

"We especially love this colored pencil case’s sleek design and the carabineer slot. When traveling, you want easy access to your supplies, and hanging this case outside your bag is an excellent option. The case also fits well inside your purse or backpack pockets.

We appreciate that the holder is long enough to fit new colored pencils, graphite, and charcoal pencils. Also, the case comes with a one-year quality warranty, which is great, considering the issue with the zipper."

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9. Best Roll-Up Design: BTSKY Canvas Colored Pencil Wrap

BTSKY Canvas Colored Pencil Wrap

Why We Think It's Great

  • SIMPLE YET FUNCTIONAL: No fancy design, no zippers to consider, easy to use even for newbies. 
  • DURABLE CANVAS: This roll-up pencil case uses durable canvas with amazing designs for artists. 
  • PERFECT TRAVELING PARTNER: Ideal for the on-the-go, especially if you have an extensive collection of colored pencils or markers. 
  • LARGE CAPACITY: This case can hold up to 108 colored pencils per wrap. 
  • WIDER SLOTS FOR OTHER SUPPLIES: The case has expansive slots to fit 3-4 colored pencils, erasers, sharpeners, and more.

What We Don't Like

  • Short pencils slip off from the gartered slots. 

What Our Editors Say

"This case gets bulky when filled with 108 colored pencils per design. You'll need a large space in your bag if you want to bring it along during your travels. The cord is also short, and you'll have difficulty tying the ends together when the case is full.

We love the simple, no-frill design of this roll-up colored pencil case. But we wish the gartered slot could hold pencils shorter than 4 inches."

10. Best Trendy Design: Youshares 192 Slots Colored Pencil Case

Youshares 192 Slots Colored Pencil Case

Why We Think It's Great

  • FITS 192 COLORED PENCILS: Large capacity colored pencil case which can also fit an A5 sketchbook. 
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: Slim design and very portable with a handy strap handle. 
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Includes inner mesh pockets for easier organizing of erasers and other supplies. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Waterproof oxford nylon fabric with durable zipper hardware. 
  • EASY ORGANIZATION: The elastic slots can fit 4 colored pencils, making them easier to organize by color family. 

What We Don't Like

  • It holds fewer when storing larger colored pencils.

What Our Editors Say

“We are impressed with this colored pencil case because it can fit a regular A4 sketchbook. Though the set can fit 192 colored pencils, when working with pencils with a larger core like Prismacolor, the slots can only fit 3 pencils.

Unfortunately, the inner sleeves are not detachable, but you get two mesh pockets in the inner sleeves. The shallow pockets are 2 inches wide and can fit your sharpeners, erasers, and other small supplies. Each sleeve can also fit two layers of 24 or 18 colored pencils. Also, the outer pocket can fit your reference images or smartphone.”

11. Best for Professionals: Shulaner Leather Pencil Case Organizer

Shulaner Black Croco Pencil Case Organizer

Why We Think It's Great

  • LARGE CAPACITY CASE: This pencil case can fit up to 250 colored pencils. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY PU LEATHER: Excellent PU leather that won't tear easily, even on regular use.
  • ELEGANT DESIGN: Embossed crocodile skin design with a carry handle. 
  • STURDY: Strong zipper hardware and robust elastic slots.
  • BUDGET-FRIENDLY: The colored pencil case is unbelievingly cheap for its quality.

What We Don't Like

  • It’s too thick and takes up a lot of space when traveling.
  • The rivets on the handle are not very strong.

What Our Editors Say

"The size of this colored pencil case is close to that of an A4-sized printer, which is a bit heavy. However, the elegant embossed design makes up for this tiny flaw.

The brand has dozens of designs that we love. But more importantly, the colored pencil cases are very functional, and you can choose from four colors - black, blue, purple, and pink.”

12. Best Portable: Zcassi Pencil Organizer Pouch

Zcassi Multifunctional Pencil Organizer

Why We Think It's Great

  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Waterproof and dirt-resistant canvas material.
  • WASHABLE CANVAS MATERIAL: Stays true to form even after several washes.
  • PORTABLE: This small but roomy pouch can fit up to 70 colored pencils.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: An excellent case with mesh pockets for organizing small supplies. 
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS: Lightweight but durable canvas, strong elastic, with double zipper hardware. 

What We Don't Like

  • It may feel bulky for small bags.

What Our Editors Say

"We love how you can organize several items inside this portable colored pencil case. Aside from pencils, you can fit several other supplies, even a calculator! 

We know that artists can be messy at times, but having this colored pencil organizer allows you to just throw everything in without fear of leaving some supplies behind."

13. Most Versatile: Homecube Fabric Colored Pencil Case

Homecube Pencil Case

Why We Think It's Great

  • WATERPROOF: Uses high-quality, water-resistant fabric.
  • DURABLE: Canvas material won't tear, and the zippers won't break under pressure. 
  • PRACTICAL: The case includes a PVC slot for your IDs, a mesh pocket for small items, and gartered slots for other art supplies.
  • COMPACT DESIGN: Small case can hold up to 60 pencils and other art supplies you need for colored pencil drawings.
  • VERSATILE USE: Use it to store makeup, crafting tools, calligraphy pens, and more.   

What We Don't Like

  • It’s a little cumbersome to close when full.
  • There’s no velcro divider in the middle of the pencil case.

What Our Editors Say

"The no-frill design of this colored pencil case is an excellent choice for every artist. We love this case because it can accommodate 60 colored pencils if you remove the inner velcro closed pocket. It also stays in shape, even with your art supplies full.

The double zipper improved the design of this colored pencil case. You can still close the case even if one slider gets damaged from constant use. Additionally, you can use this versatile case for your makeup, nail art, and craft supplies."   

14. Best Desktop Organizer: Marbrasse Bamboo Colored Pencil Organizer

Marbrasse Bamboo Colored Pencil Organizer

Why We Think It's Great

  • REVOLVING DESIGN: Turns 360 degrees with stainless steel ball-bearing for easy operation.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: 6 compartments for various art supplies and accessories.  
  • DURABLE DESIGN: Bamboo organizer with sturdy design from professional crafters. 
  • MULTIPLE USE: Use this as an organizer for art and school supplies, kitchen accessories, crafting tools, etc. 
  • EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: Aspiring artists and crafters will love this all-around organizer.

What We Don't Like

  • Wood glue is needed to keep it together.

What Our Editors Say

"This bamboo organizer is excellent for colored pencils and other art supplies. If you have an extensive colored pencil collection, you can store them upright with this rotating holder - it reminds us of a Lazy Susan, only for art materials.

We wish the manufacturer went against the bamboo grain to give the handle more strength. The current design makes it easier for the handle to break if the organizer is too heavy.”

15. Best Large Capacity: Vomgomfom Colored Pencil Case

Vomgomfom Colored Pencil Case

Why We Think It's Great

  • FITS UP TO 480 PENCILS: Accommodates two layers of colored pencils per sleeve.
  • REMOVABLE SHOULDER STRAP: Convert this colored pencil case into a sling bag or handheld.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: Measures 15.7 x 10.9 x 3.9 inches and can fit an A4 sketchbook, a 13" laptop, or an iPad.
  • DURABLE MATERIALS: Uses water-resistant nylon fabric to protect your sketchbooks and colored pencils.
  • OUTSIDE POCKETS: The front pocket has no closure for easy access, while the back pocket has a durable zipper for your other valuables.

What We Don't Like

  • The elastic holders are too tight for bigger pencils.

What Our Editors Say

"We love the floral design of this pencil case, but most especially for its capacity and durability. The case can hold up to 480 colored pencils, so if you have an extensive collection, it pays to invest in this case. You can also fit a 13" laptop inside the bag, while your iPad can easily slide on the outside pocket.

While it is very lightweight, this colored pencil case offers superior protection with the snug elastic holders. We are also impressed with its nylon construction that repels water effectively.”

Final Verdict

As an artist, you know the importance of having the right tools for the job. The same goes for your art supplies - you need a case that properly protects and stores your pencils. Not all cases are created equal, so we hope this list of the best colored pencil cases helped you choose the right one for your needs.

The best overall colored pencil holder for us is the BTSKY Canvas Zippered Pencil Case. We love it because it fits the top three features we are looking for in a colored pencil holder - protection, portability, and organization.

Best Colored Pencil Case Buying Guide

  • Material

Colored pencil cases are usually made of plastic, fabric, or leather. Plastic is the most affordable option, but it's not as durable as the other materials. Fabric is a good middle ground—it's more durable than plastic but not as expensive as leather. Leather is the most expensive option but also the most durable.

Most artists prefer cotton or canvas colored pencil cases because they are durable and machine washable. Others like nylon and polyester because they are stain and water-resistant.

  • Design

Colored pencil cases come in various styles, so you can easily find the one that suits your needs. One of the most functional designs is a case with several sleeves and gartered slots. Others also have removable sleeves so you can expand the colored pencil holder’s capacity.

Some colored pencil cases have additional features, like a built-in sharpener or a carrying strap. These features are nice to have, but they're not essential.

  • Size and Portability

The size of the colored pencil case is important for two reasons. First, you want to ensure it will fit all the colored pencils you have or plan to purchase. Second, if you're planning on traveling with your colored pencils, you'll want a case that's small enough to fit in your luggage.

  • Protection

Artists love using colored pencil holders because they provide the best protection. Zippers are excellent for keeping your colored pencils inside the case.

Plastic cases offer better protection, but only if they use durable plastic material and a clasp lock that stays latched. Formed EVA is another good option for protecting your colored pencils, absorbing the impact when you drop the case to prevent breakage.

  • Organization

A desktop organizer with several compartments helps organize your colored pencils according to color family or whatever works for you. Slotted sleeves or roll-up canvas wraps do the same, especially when dealing with a large collection.

  • Price

Price is another important factor in choosing colored pencil cases. Smaller ones are usually inexpensive but don't pack an extensive collection. On the other hand, larger colored pencil holders can be pricier, but they can hold more pencils and other art supplies.

Colored Pencil Holders FAQ

1. How do you store colored pencils?

Consider several factors when storing colored pencils. For kids, ease of access is the key. Meanwhile, professional artists use expensive colored pencils, and keeping them safe from unnecessary breakage is important. Some even keep their colored pencils under lock and key. 

Another important factor is portability. Wooden drawers and desktop organizers keep your colored pencils organized, but this setup is not the best for traveling artists. If you want to bring your colored pencils, a handy colored pencil holder is necessary.

2. How do you organize your colored pencil cases?

Some colored pencils come organized according to color families, a good jump-off point for managing colored pencil cases.

You can also swatch your colored pencils, cut the swatches, and arrange them according to what works best for you. Glue these swatches on a piece of cardboard, then use it as a guide to organizing your colored pencil cases.

3. How do you clean your colored pencil case?

Cleaning your colored pencil holder depends on its material. Some canvas cases are washable, while others need only a wipe-down with a wet tissue. For plastic cases, you can clean the inside with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel.

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