Timeless Archival Print Varnish - 1 Quart Glossy Finish - Premium Water-Based Canvas Coating with Fade Protection

Timeless Archival Print Varnish - 1 Quart Glossy Finish - Premium Water-Based Canvas Coating with Fade Protection

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Brand: Breathing Color


  • 🛡️ PROTECT YOUR PRINTS IN MUSEUM GALLERY FASHION. You’ve spent your precious time and money making your prints. Now you must protect them from bumping, scratching, scuffing, cracking, and harmful UV rays. Apply Timeless with a brush or HVLP sprayer to your canvas or art paper prints. Whether hanging in a gallery, in a hotel, or in someone’s home, with our Timeless Archival Print Varnish, your work is safe for 100+ years. Your art deserves the best!
  • 💧 WATER BASED SO YOU CAN BREATHE EASY. Unlike other print varnish products on the market, our Timeless Archival Print Varnish is water based. This means no harmful solvent chemicals when you are using Timeless to protect your work. You might have a pretty small space without professional a ventilation setup; that’s no problem with Timeless Varnish! Our water-based varnish also will not crack the way aerosol, solvent-based sprays will.
  • ⭐ THE VARNISH THE PROS USE. We all know and appreciate how much detail goes into art. It’s the one subject that most people can’t argue because of its interpretation. However, what can be discussed and possibly even argued are the components used. Paper choice, printer and even ink choice for prints can be a point of contention. Don’t let the varnish you choose be anything less than the 5 star-rated Timeless Archival Print Varnish by Breathing Color.
  • ✔️ THE HIGHEST QUALITY VARNISH TO PROTECT YOUR PRINTS: We use the highest-quality chemicals available to formulate Timeless Archival Print Varnish to work perfectly with canvas and paper prints. Timeless is certified to not yellow for 100+ years, so rest assured that your prints are protected with a crystal clear finish. Every batch we make is tested right in our lab. What you get is a high performing, easy-to-use varnish that simply works and works very well.
  • 💪 SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We’re confident that you will find our print varnish to be the best-in-class. So much so that we’re willing to offer you a satisfaction guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied with our product you can return it for a full refund. We’re that confident!

Binding: Office Product

Details: Timeless Gloss Archival Print Varnish is a proprietary water-based coating that we designed to protect, preserve and enhance your fine art and photo prints and giclees. After years of making the most advanced canvas and papers for the art and photo markets, we found that the available post-print protective coatings were severely lacking. So about 10 years ago, we decided to make it ourselves. Finally, a giclee varnish that meets the meticulous Breathing Color standards. Whether you use a foam roller to roll it on, or an HVLP sprayer to spray it on, Timeless is easy to apply. After you have finished making your print protected and beautiful, Timeless’ water-based nature makes it super simple to clean up with only warm water. Timeless Gloss Archival Print Varnish is manufactured in Austin, Texas in the USA. Technical Specs: Volume/Size: Quart Viscosity (CPS): 150 Gloss (@ 60°) Applied to Breathing Color’s Lyve Canvas: 22 Active Concentration (by weight): 36.75% Recommended Storage: 72°F ± 5°F (22°C ± 3°C) / 35-65% Relative Humidity *Keep container sealed tightly when not in use. *Do not allow Timeless to freeze.

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 6.8 x 2.5 inches