PEBEO 295-010 Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint 45-Milliliter Bottle, Titanium White

PEBEO 295-010 Setacolor Opaque Fabric Paint 45-Milliliter Bottle, Titanium White

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Brand: Pebeo

Color: Titanium White


  • Setacolor opaque is available in 40 colors in 45 ml (15 are shimmer), 24 colors are available in 250 ml (8 are shimmer), and 15 colors are available in 1 liter, (3 are shimmer)
  • The paint is air dry in 1-hour; it can be fixed by either ironing (cotton position), for 5 minutes, on the reverse side of the fabric; or in the oven, for 5 minutes at 150-degree c (300-degree f) (stabilized temperature)
  • Setacolor opaque can be applied on all dark and light colored fabrics, including black, fine or heavy: cotton, wool, velvet, non-woven and even leather
  • The Setacolor Opaque colors are ready to use; No thinner is necessary; For brush application, it is recommended to use Pebeo Cobra deco or Iris brushes; Clean brushes with soapy water
  • The colors, after fixing, resist machine washing at 40-degree c (100-degree f) and dry cleaning

Binding: Toy

Details: Opaque Setacolor colors are available in 25 vivid and intense Opaque colors, as well as 15 spectacular Shimmer colors which glitter with iridescent effects that change with the movement of light. Ready to use, intense and concentrated, the colors are used pure or diluted with water to obtain watercolor effects and are suitable for various techniques. Vivid and bright, the Setacolor Opaque colors have an exceptional covering power to decorate both dark or light colored fabrics. Their rich texture is especially suited for brush work, stencil work and even silkscreen printing. Once applied, simply "set" the paints with an iron or in a kitchen oven. Once fixed, the designs resist machine washing and dry cleaning. Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Package Dimensions: 2.6 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches

Languages: English