Masterpiece K2 Custom Canvas Stretcher Frame Kit, 36-Inch-by-96-Inch

Masterpiece K2 Custom Canvas Stretcher Frame Kit, 36-Inch-by-96-Inch

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Brand: Masterpiece Artist Canvas


  • 2.5-inch deep stretcher bars milled from solid wood, never finger jointed
  • Unique interior groove allows for keying braces and corners along the entire length of the bar
  • Appropriate cross brace pieces, corner keys and instructions included
  • Kits up to 8-feet long available
  • K2 custom frame kit 36-inch-by-96-inch

Binding: Kitchen

Details: Build your own Masterpiece 3D Pro frame Masterpiece K2 Custom Canvas Stretcher Frame Kit 36-Inch-by-96-Inch comes complete with all the components to build one rock solid frame, ready to stretch with your favorite material. 2.5-Inch deep bars create a dramatic, paintable side wall, which saves on framing costs. The deep bars are fit with double tongue and groove joints, creating a 90-degree corner, utterly incapable of warping or twisting. Kit includes 36-Inch-by-96-Inch deep stretcher bars, cross braces, corner keys and a detailed set of instructions. As are all Masterpiece stretcher bars, these are milled from solid fir, stronger than finger-jointed or fast growth wood, and harvested from sustainable, U.S. forests. Canvas is not included.

Package Dimensions: 100.0 x 7.2 x 3.9 inches