Createx Colors 4030 Intercoat & Mix Additive 32oz. Size

Createx Colors 4030 Intercoat & Mix Additive 32oz. Size

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Brand: Createx Colors


  • 4030 Intercoat is a water-soluble, polyurethane clear. Use as a flow enhancer (mix additive) and non-catalyzed clear. Compatible with all Createx Colors paints.
  • Improves flow, leveling and durability of the coating after air drying. Allows water-based paint to be applied in heavier coats without risk of cratering due to surface tension.
  • Works as an adhesion promoter when added to any water-based paint to improve adhesion to plastics, models, resin kits, vinyl, rubber and most any substrate.
  • Enhances durability of Createx Colors paint after air drying. 4030 creates an acrylic-urethane mixture that has significantly improved scratch resistance compared to air drying alone.
  • Water-based. Meets ASTM D-4236. Proudly made in the U.S.A

Details: Create 4030 intercoat a mix additive for use with all Createx Colors paints including: auto air colors, create airbrush colors, wicked colors and create illustration colors. 4030 intercoat is a flow enhancer mixed with colors for improved flow while painting, improved adhesion, leveling and durability of the finished coating. 4030 intercoat is a water-soluble, polyurethane balancing clear which creates an acrylic-urethane when mixed with any Createx Colors paint. 4030 intercoat can be mixed into Createx Colors paints in any ratio, generally 10 - 30percent per volume.

Package Dimensions: 9.5 x 9.5 x 3.0 inches