Cuptisserie Vs Spin It Cup Turner: Which Is Better For Beginners?

cuptisseire vs spin it cup

Resin art is among the top hobbies to try. If you haven’t done it yet, now is a good time to start. A good epoxy resin craft to try is making resin tumblers using either a Cuptisserie or a Spin it cup turner, among others.

But because of this trendy craft, getting an excellent cup turner is not an easy feat. So, we narrowed down this review between the two most innovative brands: Cuptisserie vs. Spin it cup turner. Find out who reigns supreme.

Spin It Cup Turner

Spin It Cup Turner

Pros  Cons
  • Adjustable and stable grip to fit different cup sizes
  • Multiple motor speed settings
  • USB powered
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Limited running time
  • Not powerful enough for bigger cups

Spin It cup turner is a product under the We R Memory Keepers, a bookbinding company started by Mr. William R. Hiller and his two sons about 90 years ago. 

From this humble beginning, the company became the leader in bookbinding and preservation resources in the US. Since then, We R Memory Keepers had the most innovative, high-quality, and sophisticated products that crafters love.

Cuptisserie Cup Adjustable Turner

Cuptisserie Cup Adjustable Turner

Pros  Cons
  • Adjustable speed from 1-9 RPM
  • Eco-friendly wheat straw material
  • No assembly needed
  • Does not overheat
  • Cup tends to drop after some time
  • Makes awful sound

There is not much information online about the company that produces the Cuptisserie cup turner. However, given the good reviews from buyers, it has a good reputation and has good customer service.

Cuptisserie Vs. Spin It Cup Turner Face-Off

  • Price and Value - Winner: Cuptisserie 

The Spin It cup tumbler is less than $50, which is more expensive than the Cuptisserie, but we don’t think the extra dollars is worth it. On the other hand, you can get the Cuptisserie cup turner for a very affordable price of less than $40. 

  • Speed - It’s a Tie!

Both the Cuptisserie and the Spin It cup turner has the adjustable speed to accommodate the crafter’s needs.

The slow spinning lets you add intricate designs to your tumbler. It also allows even drying of the epoxy, whereas faster speed prevents dripping when your epoxy is a bit runny. However, you should turn it to a slower setting once your epoxy starts to set, so your tumbler dries evenly.

On the Spin it cup turner, a progressing semi-circle indicates the direction from low speed to high speed, and the knob itself has a marker, so you know your current setting. 

The words LOW and HIGH indicates the setting on the Cuptisserie cup turner. A notch on the knob indicates your setting. It also has a separate switch for the reverse rotation.    

  • Assembly - Winner: Cuptisserie

The Cuptisserie cup turner is good to go out of the box. No assembly and pesky screws that don’t fit well on their holes. All you need to do is push your rubber foam to the wand, set up your blank, and turn it on after adjusting the speed.

The Spin it cup turner, on the other hand, needs a few steps to set up. The troublesome thing about it is adjusting the awkward-positioned arm to fit the blank. It takes more than a few tries of turning the knob before you can get it right. 

  • Motor - Winner: Cuptisserie

The Spin It cup turner doesn’t have that much motor power since it can’t work for longer than 6 hours. That said, we do not recommend this for professional crafters.

The Cuptisserie cup turner has a powerful motor with a 24-volt safety adapter so that it won’t overheat even after extended use. It is even strong enough to turn up to 40 oz. tumblers. 

You can turn off both cup turners by using the speed knob to the Spin It cup turner’s universal power symbol and the ON/OFF position on the Cuptisserie. 

For reliability and durability, we give the vote to the Cuptisserie cup turner. 

  • Stability - Winner: Spin It 

The Cuptisserie uses a rubber foam to stabilize the cup while the device is turning. The cup occasionally falls after turning for a time. However, this does not happen with the Spin It cup turner because the arm is adjustable and fits the cup well. Just turn the knob near the base of the rotating arm to adjust the spokes so they lock the cup in place.


These two cup turners are great for craft lovers. However, our comparison review shows that the Cuptisserie cup turner takes the lead. We also give it extra credit for using wheat straw as material.

Use the Cuptisserie cup turner if:

  • You are a serious crafter who doesn’t like to assemble your machine.
  • If you work long hours on your crafts.
  • If you are an environment warrior. 

The Spin It cup turner comes in close behind with its fantastic features. It could use some improvement, though.    

Use the Spin It cup turner if:

  • You only do crafts as a hobby.
  • Using a rubber foam bothers you. 
  • You are okay with using a USB-powered cup turner.

We’ve given you an honest, in-depth review of both cup turners. Do you agree with our choice? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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