How to Make Your Home Look Like an Art Gallery?


Your home is a true depiction of your interests, lifestyle, and aesthetic. If you are into a minimalistic lifestyle or you like vintage, in most cases your home will work as a reflection of your interests. I am a huge art enthusiast and every time someone visits my place, I get many compliments.

The best thing about this whole process is that I am on a budget. I do not spend a lot of money on purchasing expensive art; rather I target the underdogs in the art world.

One of my very old friends who shares the same interest recently visited my home and asked if I have spent the same amount of money as her on my home. Surprisingly when I asked her about the price of each piece or the way she likes to decorate her home, she shocked me with a very large number. I have
since been comparing why I have been able to achieve nearly the same home aesthetic within almost half the amount.

Now, I am not bragging because let’s face it, famous artists will literally charge millions for a single piece but if you step out of these famous names you can buy some remarkable art pieces or even make some on budget.

As a fan of Kim Namjoon, my inspiration was to make my home look just like a gallery. If you do not know what his home looks like, you can check it online or just go to his Instagram account. For more research and reference, you just need to use your internet and check sites like Pinterest for inspiration.

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Tips To Make Your Home Look Like Art Gallery

1. Work On Negative Space

Negative spacing is one of the most important things that will make your home look like an art gallery. Most people fill up their home with art pieces but their placement and negative space is so low that it eventually impact the look of the home making every corner look crowded. This crowding will only make
your home look tacky just like someone who is obsessed with collecting things.

Use very basic furniture with little or no character and repeat the same with your walls and cardboard. Similarly, avoid choosing floor prints for drapes, cushions, bed sheets, or any other fabric that you might like to cover your furniture with.

2. Invest In High-Quality Frames

Imagine you just bought a good painting but the frame is very low quality. What do you think it will look like? Frame is not just for protecting and ganging your art, it enhances the overall look of your art pieces.

If you look at modern art pieces in the gallery, you will notice that they have very delicate frames that add to the character of the painting. Even something as plain as a photo frame will make your wall look expensive. Moreover, if you are into creating modern art or abstract art, a good frame will make everything look better.

3. Choose Solid Colors

Solid colors will make everything pop a bit more. While most people go for colors, an art gallery always uses basic colors so it does not contrast or overshadow the colors of art. This is one of the main reasons an art gallery looks very different from when you hang it in your home. While putting your art on display, make sure everything around it doesn’t overshadow it.

4. Look For Pedestals

Pedestals are not generally seen at home but if you ever visit a gallery, you will see solid pedestals made of wood and concrete. Most people when putting art pieces on display hardly work on the surroundings. As a result, their art pieces get buried in the pile of other things which eventually make it look like a
collection. However, if you get solid pedestals and put a single light right on the ceiling, it will make your art piece look like a showstopper.

Moreover, the surroundings will not contradict the mood of the art even if you have multiple other art pieces in the same line. Using pedestals of different sizes, colors, and shapes will give each sculptor the necessary attention it needs.

5. Use Daily Use Items for Art

Items that are generally used at home give a very different feel to the home, so most people end up hiding these items under the table or behind the TV. This is especially important if you have electric items that are connected to a cord. However, if you use the same household items and add a character to them with colors, sheets, covers, and aesthetic linings, it will eventually look much better and a part of your home.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, just like any art gallery believe in enhancing the art rather than making your walls and furniture pop. Make your house look like a blank canvas and then add some basic color and art pieces to make it look like a gallery. Focus on art pieces that are affordable but stand out, clay pieces, glass boxes, or just plain wooden ramps will instantly improve the look of your home.

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