40 Fun Craft Ideas: How To Make A Mother's Day Gift Basket

a gift basket filled with spa treats for mother’s day

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Whoever started the gift basket thing is a genius. But not anyone can put gifts that tie together perfectly. So, how do you make a Mother’s Day gift basket?

To assemble the perfect Mother’s Day gift basket, select a theme first. Collect the gifts before finding the right basket. After gathering all the stuff inside the basket, add your embellishments.

We have gift basket ideas for moms who love arts & crafts, gardening, food, pampering, and those who like a piece of quiet time through their day. We even rounded up some cute DIY gift baskets for you.

How to Make a Mother's Day Gift Basket

What You’ll Need

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Select the theme

An essential thing to remember when assembling a gift basket is to select a theme. This way, you’ll have a clear idea of what to get your recipient.

Don’t give your mom a gardening gift basket if she’d rather curl on the couch and read a book in her free time. In the same way, providing a coffee gift basket to someone who hates coffee is a total disaster. It only means you haven’t been paying attention to her preferences.

2. Collect the gifts

Collect the gifts, so each item ties with the theme. Don’t be tempted to include inexpensive items that don’t belong to the theme. However, you can always stash them for other gift baskets.

Pro Tip: The items included in the gift baskets are just suggestions. If your budget doesn’t allow you to get all the things, choose the ones that your recipient will love better. 

3. Get the right basket

Pro Tip: Do not get a basket until you have your gifts. Unless you have a different purpose for the basket, you want all your presents placed inside. Find one that will adequately store all your items.    

4. Assemble and embellish

If your items are small and short, add a few wads of newspaper into the basket. Cover it with crumpled tissue or shredded paper. Arrange your gift items, putting the larger and taller ones on the back and arranging the other things by height.

Put the basket into a shrink bag or wrapping cellophane. Gather the top of the cellophane or bag together, pull it together to keep it taut, then tie it with a floral wire. This is easier to secure the top without fumbling with the ribbon.

Use a heat gun or hair dryer to shrink the wrapper, so it clings to the basket. If using a cellophane wrapper, gather the sides, fold it neatly, and tape it under the basket, so it is not visible outside. Finish off by adding the bow and gift tag. You can always customize your tags and bows. 

Gift Baskets for Moms Who Love Arts & Crafts

Here are some Mother’s Day gift basket ideas for moms who love art and crafts. Whether she’s into candle-making, jewelry-making, or embroidery, we got it all for you!

1. Rustic Crafters’ Gift Basket crafter’s gift basket filled with stretched canvas, unfinished frames, craft sticks, wicker balls, ropes, and other rustic crafting supplies

We opted for a wicker basket instead of the plastic caddy pictured here to give this Mother’s Day gift basket a rustic vibe. It’s also generous enough to hold the supplies. 

The gift basket includes unfinished frames that your recipient can customize by painting, wrapping it with rope, or donning it with craft sticks. The wicker balls give the character to fall wreaths or just nestle them in a bowl to put on the coffee table.

Things You’ll Need


  1. To start the assembly, put a stretched canvas inside the floral bag, and set it in the caddy to serve as the backdrop. 
  2. Arrange the other supplies inside the caddy. 
  3. String the wicker balls and hang them to the gift bag. Tape the string to secure it and do the same with the dreamcatcher.
  4. You can add decorative stickers to a 5” x 7” canvas, then tape this to the caddy.
  5. Finish the gift basket by sticking a bow to it.

2. Candle-Making Gift Basketdifferent shapes of homemade scented candles filled with dried  flowers

Scented candles are a perfect addition to any house to set the ambiance. Include fruity essential oils, such as passion fruit, strawberry, guava, pineapple, green apple, and fig fruit for energy, positivity, and relaxation. 

You can also use flowery fragrance oils like lavender, lilac lilies, jasmine, plumeria, rose garden, and magnolia. We decided on soy wax instead of paraffin because it is healthier and more environment-friendly. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Measure about six times the width of the vanity tray and cut. 
  2. Lay wrapping cellophane on the table, then position your vanity tray in the center of the wrapper. 
  3. Place the sticker paper on the vanity tray and let the other end up. 
  4. Put the small items inside the mason jars and arrange them on the vanity tray.  
  5. Stuff the soy wax inside the melting pot and lay it on its side near the mason jars. 
  6. Arrange the other items around and in between the mason jars and the melting pot. 
  7. Gather both sides of the wrapper and bring them together to wrap the gift.
  8. Secure with a floral wire. Add the bow and tag. 

3. Air Clay DIY Gift Box(2" x 4") 30 Sheets, Matte White Sticker Label

Does your mom want to make clay pots but doesn’t want the hassle of baking? Worry not. Give her a Mother’s day gift basket filled with air-dry modeling clay, supplies, and tools. Not only can you do lots of clay projects, but they also dry in just 24 hours. You can also use colored or terracotta clay instead of white.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Add a few stones on the front part of the basket to even its weight.
  2. Cover the stones and the rest of the basket bottom with paper shred or crumpled tissue paper.
  3. Arrange your items inside the basket. Stand the clay, rolling pin, wax paper, and lacquer spray at the center part on the back. 
  4. Put the markers, paint, and tools in the front. Add crumpled tissue paper in the spaces between the items.  
  5. Wrap a colorful ribbon around the basket and add the gift tag. No need to wrap with cellophane. 

4. Scrapbooker’s Gift BasketScrapbooker’s Gift Basket

Scrapbooking materials and supplies in a gift basket are sure to excite moms who love crafts. Tuck in a cash envelope with a few bucks so she can buy something she wants that’s not already in the basket. Aside from the usual washi tape, we also included some lace-patterned washi tape in 6 colors that’s perfect for the edges of the scrapbook.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Arrange the items from the tallest to the shortest in the storage tub. 
  2. Wrap with cellophane and tape to secure the unsightly excess cellophane.
  3. Add a bow and a gift tag. 

5. Boho Style Gift Basketrattan basket filled with golden hoops, macrame, mug, and candle holder

Does your mom love the charm of the macrame and the free-spirited boho design? Even if she is new to macrame, this macrame coaster tutorial is easy to follow. Throw in a tasseled sarong that she can use as a skirt, headscarf, or shawl to complete that boho look. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Spread a cellophane wrap on the table and place the basket in the center.
  2. Scrunch the sarong, and arrange your items inside the basket. 
  3. Gather the cellophane wrap and tie it with floral wire. Add a bow and gift tag.  

6. Resin Jewelry Gift Basketnecklace and earrings made with epoxy resin and dried flowers

Stuffing a toolbox full of resin jewelry supplies is an excellent idea for someone asking how to make a mother’s day gift basket. The tool organizer is perfect to use instead of an actual basket since it works to corral all your supplies.

Things You’ll Need


  1. To assemble this gift basket, remove some of the dividers to fit the supplies into the storage box. You may put the rectangular molds into the black carrying case for the resin supplies.
  2. Organize each accessory and supplies in the toolbox.
  3. Tape the epoxy resin on top of the toolbox and tie it with satin ribbons, finishing off with a large bow and gift tag.

7. Bead Jewelry Gift Basketsupplies and strung beads for bead jewelry-making

If your mom is into jewelry and accessories but is delicate to handle resin epoxy , beading is the perfect alternative. A few YouTube tutorials and this gift basket have the potential to earn. 

Bead jewelry is an affordable but chic way to remain glamorous. Just fill the plastic toolbox with the supplies and finish with a colorful bow.

Things You’ll Need

8. Painting Gift BasketSupplies for a painting gift basket

This painting kit is the perfect answer to the question: how to make a Mother’s day gift basket for a mom who’s just discovering her artistic side? It’s just enough to get her started but not too much to swamp her until she’s sure to pursue it. 

This kit includes a couple of stretched canvas, palette, paintbrushes, beaker, and acrylic paint. All you need to do is put all these supplies into a plastic basket, then tie it off with a colorful bow. 

Things You’ll Need

9. Embroidery Gift BasketEmbroidery Gift Basket

Moms in their 40s or older belong to a generation that loves needlework. Many adore knitting and crocheting because it is practical, and you can make wearables out of them. Your mom can do both crafts with this Mother’s Day gift basket. 

The embroidery kit includes basic supplies, such as 100 skeins of color threads, five embroidery hoops, Aida cloth, plastic thread bobbins, needles, line wax, and other tools. The canvas also comes with water-soluble pens and refill.  

Things You’ll Need


  1. Fold the canvas in the same size as the box. Put it to the bottom of the box. 
  2. Arrange all the other supplies on top of the canvas, putting the more oversized items first. 
  3. Finish with a ribbon and gift tag. 

10. Adult Coloring Gift Basketadult coloring books and colorful pens in a storage tub 

Let your mom create art with this lovely adult coloring gift basket. The craft caddy comes in a pack of two, so you can still use it for other gift baskets. Your mom can also use the dual-tip pens for their bullet journal and other art projects. If she’s into sketching, she’ll find the complete pencil kit very helpful too.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Arrange the coloring books in the back portion of the craft caddy.
  2. Remove the colored pencils, pencils, and coloring pens from the box and arrange them into the spaces on the front. 

Gift Baskets for Moms Who Love Gardening

How to make a Mother’s Day gift basket for women who love gardening? Whether it’s an outdoor or indoor garden, we have one for you. We even included a zen fountain that you can customize to make other designs.

11.  Fairy Garden Gift Basketstarter kit for a fairy garden includes small planters, accessories, and seeds

Fairy gardens are all the rage these days for those who have small garden spaces. If your mom lives in an apartment, a fairy garden gift basket is excellent if you’re looking for ideas on how to make a Mother’s day gift basket. 

The potted gladioli are a welcome sight for small porches, as long as it gets lots of sunshine. Not only do they add colors to your mom’s porch, but they are also effortless to maintain. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Arrange the coco liner inside the planter box. 
  2. Prop the flower painting to the back to serve as the backdrop for the gift basket.
  3. Place three of the terracotta pots on one side of the planter box and the other three on the opposite side. 
  4. Put the seeds, gardening gloves, and miniature fairies inside the planter. Add plastic succulents and blooms to adorn the basket.
  5. Make a heart out of construction paper or cardstock, then add a bow in the center of the heart. Hot glue this to the front of the planter. You can also use this as a gift tag.

12. Herb Garden DIY Cart Gift Basketa wooden cart filled with supplies and tools for an herb garden

Do you know how to make a Mother’s day gift basket from a DIY wagon? For crafters, this project gives you the satisfaction of making a thoughtful gift to your wife, friend, and other female loved ones who love gardening a lot. This kit makes a perfect herb garden just outside your kitchen door or window. 

The seed packet contains heirloom seeds for Genovese basil, chives, coriander, dill, oregano, Italian parsley, sage, English thyme, arugula, mint. This also makes an excellent gift basket for moms who love to cook with fresh herbs.   

Things You’ll Need


  1. Cut the lumber to these lengths: 12” (7 pcs), 8” (4 pcs), and 4 ½” (8 pieces).
  2. To assemble, make a rectangular base using two pieces of 12” and 8” wood using wood glue.
  3. Attach the floor to the lower part of the wagon, still using the wood glue. 
  4. Using the 4 ½” wood, make a support to the wagon’s side and then glue the second piece of wood on the wagon.
  5. Nail the glued parts of the wagon to reinforce it. 
  6. Drill a ⅝ hole on the lower part of the wagon for the wheel. 
  7. Cut the dowel to 9 ½” and push it through the holes on the wagon.
  8. Attach the wheels on both ends, and secure with wood glue.  
  9. You can drill a hole on the wagon and add a length of hemp rope. 
  10. Paint with your desired color.

13. Wildflowers Gift Basketwildflower gift basket filled with tools and wildflower seeds, and other accessories

Spring is here, and so are wildflowers. Let your mom transform her lawn into a meadow strewn with wildflowers. How to make a mother’s day gift basket with that meadow idea is easier than you think. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Fill your stainless pail with crumpled newspaper and cover with kraft paper and tissue paper, letting some of it spill over the pail’s edges. 
  2. Decorate the bucket with a gingham ribbon. 
  3. Arrange the gardening gloves, decorative plaque, tools, and wildflower seeds. Top the arrangement with a ceramic frog and plastic flowers. 

14. Fairy Garden Accessories Gift Basketa fairy garden with lots of accessories from terracotta planters, pebbles, houses, and fairies

Fairy gardens are charming to look at but need lots of investment for accessories. If your mom is into fairy gardening or wants to make one, gifting her with miniature houses, table and chair sets, bridge, and fairies is a great idea. Here’s how to make a Mother’s Day gift basket for a fairy garden lover.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Arrange your garden bowl planter in the middle of a cellophane wrap. This terracotta planter is made with UV, and the weather-resistant resin is leakproof and crack-resistant. It comes with a removable plug to let your fairy garden drain well. 
  2. Add a layer of paper shred into the planter to prevent the accessories from bumping into each other and damaging other items. 
  3. Slowly arrange the figurines in the planter, adding more paper shred as you go. 
  4. Let a few of the more exciting figurines on the top, giving the receiver a preview of what’s inside her gift basket.
  5. Gather the ends of the wrapper and tie it with a floral wire. Decorate with a bow and gift tag.

15. Zen Indoor Fountain Gift BasketZen-inspired fountain made from PVC pipe and used bamboo straws

Before gifting this Zen fountain, preassemble the pipes and the pump so it is easier for your recipient to assemble the whole thing. 

Things You’ll Need


1. Preassemble the pipe

      1. Cut a 10” long PVC pipe and a 6” PVC pipe. 
      2. Cut one end of the 6” pipe diagonally. This part will be the spout of the fountain. Plug the other end with air-drying clay. 
      3. Drill a 5/16” hole on the pipes, 1 ½” from the edge. But do not let the hole through the other side of the pipe.
      4. Pull the tubing into the PVC pipe and push it out to the drilled hole on both pipes. Join with hot glue. Cut enough length to work with during assembly later. 
      5. Spray the PVC pipe, bamboo straw, and bowl (if it is not black) with black matte paint. Let dry. Add metallic gold streaks as an accent to the pipe and straws. 

2. Assemble the gift basket

    1. Put the styrofoam circle into the bowl, then arrange the other supplies on top of it. 
    2. The pre-assembled PVC pipe and tubing, submersible water pump, ferns, pebbles, and bamboo straw should go into the bowl. 
    3. You can include lavender tealight candles for a more zen effect if you wish. 

Gift Baskets for Moms Who Love Food

Moms who love to cook share it with everyone in the family. These are among the easiest ones to please when looking for ways on how to make a Mother’s Day gift basket.

16. Newbie Baker’s Gift Basketa mixing bowl filled with basic baking tools for a newbie baker mom

Not everyone knows how to cook, much less bake. But a mother can always learn a new craft to feed her growing family. Baking is also a great weekend de-stress activity for every haggard mom.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Print a Mother’s day message on the upper half of an A4 paper. Tape this message on the mixing bowl.
  2. Fold the fabric tote bag and place it at the bottom of the mixing bowl.
  3. Arrange the items inside the bowl, carefully placing the taller ones toward the back and the smaller ones in the front.
  4. Add a ribbon and tag to finish the gift basket.

17. Farmhouse Kitchen Gift BasketA farmhouse-themed gift basket filled with black and white gifts

This Mother’s Day gift basket idea is perfect for a homesteading mom. Keep the presents within the farmhouse with a black-and-white theme to make it easier for you. 

If you feel a bit generous, you can throw in some non-stick pan into the basket. Instead of a planter, you can even use the pan to be the basket.

Things You’ll Need


1. If using a planter

      1. Use the letter board to make a Mother’s Day message. Put it at the back of the planter.
      2. Remove the apron, tablecloth, or dishcloths from the packaging and roll.  
      3. Arrange all the items inside the planter. 
      4. Add burlap bows and a gift tag to complete it.

2. If using a non-stick pan

    1. Remove the cloth gifts from the packaging and fold them to fit the bottom of the pan. 
    2. Lay all the other items on top of the dishcloth or tablecloth. 
    3. Roll the candleholders in a dishcloth, tie with a burlap ribbon, and lay it with the rest of the gifts. 
    4. Cut two pieces of burlap ribbon, adding enough to tie a bow on top of the gifts.
    5. Cross the ribbons on top of the table, then position the pan in the center of the crossed ribbons.
    6. Gather both ends of one ribbon and tie it at the top of the gifts. Do the same thing with the other ribbon. 
    7. Tie both ribbons into a large bow and add a gift tag.  

18. Coffee Lover’s Gift Basketcoffee-themed gift basket filled with mug, tumblers, coffee mixes, and coffee biscuits

Here’s a lovely gift basket that every coffee lover will love. We guess mom will have to share these goodies with everyone around the house, but that’s Mom for you! She’ll surely love the to-go tumblers and coffee mugs so she can have a wake-up every time. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Hot glue a length of burlap ribbon around the espresso shelf organizer.
  2. Cut out a large M from the printed cardstock and add the letters MOM. Punch holes to it and add a string, then tape it to the front of the organizer. 
  3. Add paper shred to the bottom of the organizer. 
  4. Arrange the stickers, candle, coffee mixes, mug, and tumbler into the organizer.
  5. Remove the individually wrapped biscotti from the container and add it to the gift basket. 

19. Hot Cocoa Lover’s Gift Baskethot chocolate-themed gift basket filled with hot choco powder, mug, and treats

We didn’t forget the chocolate lovers. Although it’s springtime, no one should deny themselves a cup of hot cocoa while lazing outside on a balmy evening. 

So we decided to pack the classic candy cane, marshmallows, some biscotti, and gourmet chocolate treats with hot cocoa mix into a Mother’s day gift basket.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Remove the gourmet chocolate treats, honey stirrers, and marshmallow stirrers from the box. If using the hot chocolate mix in individual cups, remove it from the packaging too.
  2. Cut the curved portion of the candy cane and wrap 6 of the candy cane’s straight part in cellophane. 
  3. Add a layer of tissue paper to the bottom of the basket. Add a layer of paper shred on top.
  4. Fill the mug with the stirrers and arrange all the other items inside the fruit basket. 
  5. Throw in a few biscotti and chocolate treats into the basket. 

20. Tea Lover’s Gift Baskettea-themed gift basket filled with tea, mug, and treats

There are more tea lovers than coffee and hot cocoa lovers, so how to make a Mother’s Day gift basket for them? 

Is she into pure herb teas or fancy-flavored teas? Does she prefer a particular brand or blend? If you’re not sure, try a combination of herbal tea and flavored tea so she can have something she loves. Don’t forget to throw in some treats too.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Line willow basket with tissue paper. 
  2. Fill the ceramic mug with treats but keep the glass mug in its box. 
  3. Arrange all the items inside the basket.  

21. Sushi Lover’s Gift Basket

A sushi-themed basket filled with rice, sake, chopsticks, wasabi, and sushi set

If your mom or friend is an adventurous food lover, she’ll love this sushi gift basket. Be sure to throw in a pack of sushi or sashimi in the freezer so your mom can make one immediately.

Don’t forget the sake to go with the sushi. If you’re new to drinking this liquor, check out the basic sake-drinking etiquette and blunders you should avoid.  

Things You’ll Need


  1. Wrap your strap basket with burlap ribbon. 
  2. Put the other items into the basket, carefully arranging each as you go, so they are visible to the recipient. 

22. Picnic Gift Basket

picnic-themed gift basket filled with essential picnic treats

Almost everyone loves a picnic. But if you can’t go out, don’t worry! Your mom and her friends will still appreciate a garden picnic or even a living room picnic. They can indulge in your treats on a book club meeting or a bridge night.  

Things You’ll Need


  1. Fill your wicker basket with some paper shred. Arrange the bottles of wine first, then the bottled olives. 
  2. Arrange the other items around the glass bottles to avoid accidents. You can also add some picnic wine glasses if you like.

Gift Baskets for Moms Who Love Pampering

Moms deserve some pampering, and this Mother’s Day gift baskets are one of the most common and easiest to assemble. Find one that fits your mom, wife, sister, aunt, or boss. 

23. Beach Health Gift Basket

Beach Health Gift Basket

With the mild spring sun and the coming months of summer, beach days are on the weekend schedule. Indulge your mom with a weekend getaway and pack this lovely gift basket filled with self-care treats. 

Fill your basket with a book that she can enjoy while lazing under the shade and sipping some cold drink from her insulated travel cup. Your mom will surely love it!

Things You’ll Need


  1. Add a large bow to the beach bag and fill it with gift items. 
  2. Make sure to fill the pockets with the smaller treats for easier access.

24. Foot Spa Gift Basket

a foot spa-inspired gift basket filled with pampering treats for the feet

Your mom will surely welcome a foot spa gift basket because this is probably the most overused and less pampered part of any woman. Everything she needs is here to rejuvenate her tired feet, remove the calluses and corns, and give her nails a good scrub and a swipe of nail polish.

Instead of using a wicker basket, use a foot soaking basin to complete her foot spa regimen. Also, give your mom a customized Mother’s day card to let her know how special she is to you. 

Things You’ll Need

25. Postpartum Mom Gift Basket

a postpartum gift basket for a new mom on Mother’s day

If you have a friend who just had a baby before Mother’s day, what would you give her? Birth is one of the most stressful events in a woman’s life, and she needs time to recover from all that. A mother would already know how to make a Mother’s day gift basket for a new mom, but it might be challenging to find the right gifts for someone who has no experience in this aspect. 

Here are a few suggestions to give to a new mom. To make it more practical, use a nursery storage bin that she can use for breastfeeding essentials. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Tie a big bow on one of the nursery storage bin’s handle. 
  2. Arrange the items in the bin according to use. Put the cookies and water container in one section. The lip balm, medicines, headbands, and hand sanitizer should be in another section. The rest of the supplies go to the bigger area.

26. New Mom’s Survival Gift Basket

a thoughtful gift basket filled with goodies, treats, and personal care items that every new mom needs to survive a hectic day

Don’t just give gifts; give her a reason to open them. This thoughtfully assembled Mother’s Day gift basket includes notes like “when you need to relax” attached to a scented candle. You can make your messages fun, quirky, sweetwhatever rocks your recipient’s boat.  

Things You’ll Need


  1. Prepare meaningful notes to attach to each of the items for the gift basket. Messages like “when you don’t have time to brush your teeth” for breath mints, etc. 
  2. Make a liner out of an oversized pillowcase for the metal case. Fold the edges in so it looks neat.
  3. Arrange the gift items in a basket. 

27. Aromatherapy Gift Basket

aromatherapy-themed gift basket filled with essential oils, scented bath soap, diffuser, and scented candle

Fill your bin basket with aromatherapy basics so your mom can relax and give herself a much-needed pampering. Simply arrange all the items inside the gift basket after lining it with burlap and paper shred. 

Things You’ll Need

28. Relaxing Bath Gift Basket

lavender spa-inspired gift basket to relax your mom

Give your mom a gift basket for relaxing with these lavender spa supplies. Fill the bottom of the gift basket with shred paper and arrange all the gift items. Decorate with faux flowers to complete the look.  

Things You’ll Need

29. Lounging in the Tub Gift Basket

spa-themed gift basket for lounging in the tub 

Give your mom, wife, or sister a reason to chill in a tub with a lovely book, a glass of wine, and everything she needs. Throw in a bottle of wine to complete the gift and give her some time off her chores. Volunteer to cook dinner, clean up, or watch the kids so she can have all the time to enjoy herself. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Cut a cute heart from a printed scrapbooking paper. Tape it to the storage tub. 
  2. Wrap a burlap ribbon around your storage tub. 
  3. Put the loofah inside the wine glass. Roll the hair wrap tightly and tie it with a ribbon. 
  4. Arrange all the items inside the tub. Add a bow and gift tag. 

30. Lovely Desk Gift Basket

a gift basket for your cousins and sisters who are working moms

Pack a small and sweet gift basket for your cousins and sisters who are working moms. Nothing overboard but something thoughtful for Mother’s Day. The chocolate bar and candies are welcome treats, and the face mask is something she can use to rejuvenate her face after a busy day.    

Things You’ll Need


  1. Fill your acrylic pen holder with some paper shred. Add a Mother’s Day sticker to the pen holder. 
  2. Put the notepad at the back portion of the pen holder, then arrange all the other items inside the pen holder.
  3. Wrap with plastic wrap and tie with a satin ribbon.  

Gift Baskets for Moms Who Love a Quiet Time

After a busy day, some moms need to reconnect with themselves by having a quiet time. Some love to watch a movie, while others simply want to organize their next day’s schedule.

31. DIY Sundae Gift Basket

a basket filled with supplies for making a sundae

Fill your wicker basket with topping essentials for a lovely sundae that your mom will enjoy. Pack everything in flip-top jars, all with chalkboard labels. 

Things You’ll Need


  1. Transfer the sprinkles and syrups into flip-top jars and label each accordingly.
  2. Put the bowl, ice cream scoop, and toppings in a wicker basket. 

32. Movie Night Gift Basket

a fun movie night gift basket filled with treats 

Let mom indulge in a rowdy movie night with her girlfriends. Transfer the treats into flip-top jars that she can use later. Fill the bowl with the treats and put it in the basket lined with a blanket. 

Things You’ll Need

33. Devotional Gift Basket

 an organizer caddy for devotional journaling supplies

Get a good organizer bag that will fit all the journal supplies to assemble for your mom. Print a collection of calligraphy font types, fold and put them into a travel pouch. Place everything into the organizer and tie a ribbon on the bag.

Things You’ll Need

34. Night Owl Gift Basket

a gift basket filled with treats for a person who loves to stay up late at night

After a day of working and taking care of the kids and the house, mothers are sometimes too tired to sleep. Pack her a thoughtful gift basket filled with relaxing treats so she can stretch on the couch and enjoy TV or a mug cake.

Things You’ll Need


  1. Arrange the blanket into the basket, allowing parts to spill for a ‘dumped in’ look.
  2. Fill a Ziplock bag with dry mug cake ingredients and include a recipe for her to follow.

a. For chocolate mug cake, fill a Ziplock bag with 2 tablespoon cocoa powder, 2 tablespoon sugar, 2 tablespoon flour, and ½ teaspoon baking powder. Add a separate Ziplock bag for chocolate chips if you like. 
b. For vanilla mug cake, fill a Ziplock bag with 1 tablespoon sugar, 3 tablespoon flour, and ¼ teaspoon baking powder. Add a separate Ziplock bag for sprinkles. 

3. Top with the candle, mugs, and honey sticks.

    35. Bullet Journaling Gift Basket

    Bullet journaling supplies and accessories before putting them into a gift basket

    Bullet journaling (Bujo) is an excellent way to organize your life because it's easier to track everything. Help your mom record her activities for the day with this bullet journaling gift basket. Choose stickers and washi tapes, depending on her personality.

    It is best to do the bujo in the quiet time, whatever works for your mom. It’s also a great way to unleash anyone’s artistic side. So if she is into calligraphy, she’ll have the freedom to do that in her bujo. 

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Stuff all the small items into the drawstring bag. 
    2. Stack the bag on top of the journal and tie it with a jute string or ribbon.  

    How to Make a Mother’s Day Gift Basket (Recycled DIY)

    You already know how to make a Mother’s Day gift basket. How about we take your gift basket to a crafter’s level.

    36. Lace Tutu Gift Basket

    upcycled gift basket made into a tutu basket for a gift basket idea

    Upcycle your old plastic basins or paint bucket into a lovely tutu lace basket. It is an excellent choice for making a Mother’s day gift basket filled with spa or food treats. 

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Cut a cardboard circle for the inner bottom of the bucket/basin. If using a bucket, cut off the upper portion, so you have the exact height you need. 
    2. Measure the circumference and height of the bucket. Cut a rectangle and a circle out of the polyester batting.
    3. Glue the rectangular polyester batting on the side of the bucket. Cover with the fabric and glue it on the bucket.
    4. Glue the round batting on the cardboard. Cover with the fabric and glue it to the inner bottom of the bucket.
    5. Cover the outer part of the bucket with more fabric. Glue the edges to secure everything. 
    6. Make a handle from a strip of plastic from the bucket. Wrap it with a strip of polyester batting and satin ribbon and attach it to the basket.
    7. Cut the circumference of the bucket from the lace thrice. Sew a running stitch to one edge of the lace and make a soft shirring on it. Glue it to the bucket.
    8. Finish the basket by adding a length of stringed faux pearl on the edge to cover the lace. Add a bow on the base of the handle.

    37. Velvet & Lace Basket

    upcycled bucket or basin covered with velvet cloth, lace, and ribbons for a great gift basket idea

    Craft your basket out of scrap fabric and basins to make a personalized Mother’s Day gift basket. You can add a handled basket if you like. Just wrap the handle with a length of satin ribbon and embellish it with lace and faux pearls. 

    This is a fantastic idea for a spa-themed gift basket since your mom can also use it as a towel holder.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Cut two circles from cardboard and polyester batting for the outer and inner bottom of the bucket/basin. 
    2. Wrap your basin or bucket with polyester batting, both inside and outside. Hot glue it. 
    3. Measure the circumference and height of the bucket. 
    4. Multiply the height of the bucket by three and subtract two inches from the circumference of the bucket. Cut a piece of velvet cloth using these dimensions.
    5. Sew the side of the velvet together, so you make a tall cylindrical sack.
    6. Fit the bucket into the velvet sack and hot glue the edge to the bottom of the bucket. 
    7. Pull the velvet to make a snug fit into the inner part of the bucket, then glue the cloth to the bottom. ‘
    8. Cover the cardboard and matting circles with velvet cloth and glue them on the outer and inner bottom of the basket.
    9. Attach some lace around the covered basket and embellish with a string of faux pearl and satin ribbon. 
    10. Make a decorative bow out of the lace, satin ribbon, and flowers, then glue it in the center of the lace that you glued around the basket. 
    11. Glue a cord around the outer and inner bottom of the basket to hide the seams.   

    38. Shoebox Rope Basket

    an upcycled shoebox to use as a gift basket for Mother’s day

    Are you pondering how to make a Mother’s day gift basket by upcycling? You can start simple and turn a shoebox into this lovely rope box. All you need is a shoebox, a length of rope, hot glue, and a scrap of fabric. You can make this craft in under 30 minutes if you have everything you need.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Measure your shoebox and cut your fabric to twice its width. If using a stretchy fabric, subtract 2” from the total length of all the sides. 
    2. Sew on the width of the fabric and cover the shoebox with it. Add hot glue to secure all the sides, especially the inner and outer walls. 
    3. Cut the shoebox cover to fit the inner bottom of the box. Wrap with fabric. Fit it to the bottom of the box.
    4. Cover the outer bottom of the box with more fabric and hot glue to secure all sides. Cut off the excess fabric to have a smooth finish. 
    5. Start wrapping the box with the rope, leaving a 1” blank on the top of the shoebox, adding hot glue as you go. Continue until you reach the bottom of the box. 
    6. Add a strip of lace in the blank space at the top of the box. 
    7. Cut two lengths of rope, each 40” long. Make a coil on both ends of the ropes. Leave 8” at the center of the rope for the handle. Cut another 8” of rope and glue it on the handle to give it more strength.
    8. Glue it to the narrow side of the shoebox, then finish it with a faux flower to hide the glued parts of the rope.

    39. Rope Wicker Basket

    a rope wicker basket made from cord and cardboard box for your gift basket  

    Who can resist a good wicker basket? And you don’t even have to spend lots of money on it. Just one coil of rope, barbeque sticks, and hot glue are all you need. You can skip the beads and use a different color of rope as an accent instead.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Make a 1” mark from the bottom of the cardboard box you want to use. We recommend a 12” x 12” or 10” x 14” cardboard box. Cut along this line. 
    2. Stick the barbeque skewers into the cardboard, giving a 1” gap between the skewers. 
    3. Slowly wind the rope around the skewers until you make five turns around the basket. 
    4. Stick a wooden bead into each barbeque skewer, then continue winding the rope around the sticks until you reach the end of the skewer. Hot glue the last turn to seal the basket. 
    5. Turn the basket upside down. Glue the rope around the cardboard and continue until you reach the bottom of the box. 

    40. Cardboard & Jute Gift Basket

    recycled cardboard box covered with jute rope for a fun gift basket

    Give your cardboard box a new life by reusing it into a lovely jute basket. This is a perfect Mother’s Day gift basket idea to fill with presents for a crafter mom.

    Things You’ll Need


    1. Make two circles from a piece of cardboard; one is ⅜” larger than the other, depending on your desired size. The smaller circle will be the bottom of the basket, while the larger one will be the cover.
    2. Measure the circumference of your smaller and bigger circle. 
    3. Make a long rectangle for the body using the measurement of the smaller circle’s circumference as the length and 8” as the width. Do the same for the larger circle, but the width should be 1”.
    4. To assemble, glue the rectangle pieces to their respective circles. Close the seams and set them aside. Coil a piece of cardboard to form as the handle on the cover. 
    5. Cover the basket’s body with jute rope, adding hot glue as you go. Do the same with the cover, starting from the handle until you finish the side. 
    6. Cover the inside of the box with cloth or construction paper. Glue a length of rope to hide the seams on the bottom of the box.
    7. Decorate with lace and faux pearl.


    How to make a Mother’s day gift basket? Make one from the heart. You may not know what your mother, wife, sister, or friend desires most, but you can indeed find something that means a lot to you.

    In this list, we included something for almost every mom and every personality. We hope that you will make the important woman in your life feel cherished and loved on her day. 

    Which do you love more: making a DIY Mother’s Day gift basket or just buying one from the store? And which gift basket do you think is the most fun to assemble? Let us know in the comments.

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