10 Best White Charcoal Pencils For Drawing In 2023

 6/10 best white charcoal pencils to use for drawing in 2021

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Developing your drawing skill and using charcoal as a medium takes years of practice. Owning a set of the best white charcoal pencils is a great start. Here are some of the best white charcoal pencils we think amateur or professional artists should try when creating canvases.

Our Top Picks

Brushart Sketch Highlight White Charcoal Pencils
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Best Budget - Friendly - Brusarth Sketch Highlight White Charcoal Pencilse

Smooth color laydown
Premium white, non-toxic pigment

Derwent's Artists Black & White Charcoal Pencils
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Most Complete Set - Derwent's Artists Black & White Charcoal Pencils

Intense saturation for building up layers
Strong point material with a cedar wood encasing
Comes in a tin case and sharpener

Yotino Art Drawing White Charcoal Pencils
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Best for Professionals - Yotino Art Drawing White Charcoal Pencils

3mm lead core
10-piece set for professionals
Comes with a charming felt case

1. General's White Charcoal Pencils - Best for BeginnersGeneral's White Charcoal Pencils

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 Pros Cons
  • Core is made of tough incense cedarwood
  • Smooth
  • Excellent for adjusting values
  • Not suitable to use over colored pencils
  • Expensive

What Customers Have To Say 

A happy customer noted that the General's Charcoal White Pencils were her "go-to materials for portraits." Another buyer said it worked well for marking hardwoods which he frequently uses in his workshop. Five stars for the General.

Why We Think It's Great

One white charcoal pencil for $20 is quite steep if you're on a budget for the right art materials. However, if money is not an issue, this product is an excellent tool for charcoal artists. It's made of premium incense cedarwood casing and rich ivory charcoal pigments. When it comes to adjusting values on black surfaces or highlighting portions of a large sketch, this pencil performs. 

Who Should Buy It

These white charcoal pencils are Ideal for professionals and those who are willing to invest in a quality tool for charcoal artistry.

 2. Dainayw White Charcoal PencilsDainayw White Charcoal Pencilscheck price button

 Pros Cons
  • Non-toxic charcoal pigments
  • Sturdy core
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy-grip
  • Versatile
  • No add-ons 
  • Requires a bigger sharpener

What Customers Have To Say 

Dainayw white charcoal pencils were generally well-received by its customers, with a bunch of five-star reviews commending its quality. "Useful for outlining on paint!" said one buyer who enjoyed the convenience of the product when outlining her panting. Another user appreciated its user-friendliness for her style of art. However, one buyer did note that a standard-sized sharpener won't work with the pencils and may require a bigger size.   

Why We Think It's Great

The first one on our list of the best white charcoal pencils is Dainayw's set of two white charcoal pencils. For less than $8, this set of two gives artists highly durable and versatile pencils that have a 6mm lead for a breakage-resistant core. They're also relatively easy on the hands, so drawing on black paper or canvas won't be such a hassle. 

These charcoals were made from non-toxic pigments with a natural wooden body for an added eco-friendly option vegan artists might appreciate. However, artists should note that the set doesn't come with any add-ons like a sharpener or a kneaded eraser for upkeep. It also requires a more oversized sharpener since the standard size doesn't sharpen as smoothly.

Who Should Buy It

A set of two white charcoal pencils is an excellent addition to an artist's collection, primarily if they specialize in charcoal mediums. Dainayw's set of two is also a perfect option for those on an art student's budget. 

3. Pasler's Sketch White Charcoal PencilsPasler's Sketch White Charcoal Pencilscheck price button

 Pros Cons
  • Great for sketch carbon painting
  • Made from durable basswood
  • Easy to sharpen
  • No add-ons

What Customers Have To Say 

People who purchased Pasler's White Sketch Charcoal Pencils were generally pleased with the product. According to one buyer, this set of three has a good quality that is "perfect for drawing outlines," according to one buyer. 

Another happy customer enjoyed its neatness which was a big feat in charcoal drawing since it was a gift for his young nephew, who was rather messy with his technique. Nevertheless, the product was well-received and worth every buck spent.

Why We Think It's Great

Another promising option for charcoal artists is Pasler's White Sketch Pencils. It may only come in a set of three, but it's below $8 and gives you sturdy tools for highly meticulous artists. These pencils are made from durable basswood and are easy to sharpen. 

Regardless of having no extra eraser or sharpener in the pack, these pencils are the go-to for those who like to experiment with intense saturation and alternative blending on kraft paper or even sketch carbon painting.

Who Should Buy It

These white charcoal pencils make for an excellent gift for beginners trying to master blending with white charcoal. It's an easy addition to their already full pile of charcoal materials in the studio, but it's another top-notch choice for the medium.

4. General’s White Charcoal Pencils

 Set of Two General Pencil Charcoal Pencilscheck price button

 Pros Cons
  • Set of two 
  • Comes with a sharpener
  • Seamless strokes 
  • Works well on chalkboards and black paper
  • Smudges too much with water

What Customers Have To Say 

Users enjoyed the General's Pencil Charcoal Pencils effect on black paper, while another buyer liked how it wasn't too glossy on their painting. Another shopper was critical about the pencil's sensitivity when creating wash effects since the white charcoal smudges easily on canvas.

Generals White Charcoal Pencils review

Why We Think It's Great

We recommend this inexpensive set of two for any charcoal artist. These pencils are made with top-notch material that has original charcoal white pigments. Blending and shading are easier on outlines to create a vibrant finish. Seamless strokes are easy to achieve, and these white charcoal pencils are also excellent on chalkboards and black paper.

Who Should Buy It

Great for beginners and professionals alike, the General's White Charcoal Pencils make a great gift to those showing any interest in the medium.

5. Brushart Sketch Highlight White Charcoal Pencils - Best Budget-FriendlyBrushart Sketch Highlight White Charcoal Pencils check price button

 Pros Cons
  • Excellent on dark or tinted paper
  • 4mm lead core for full strokes
  • Smooth color laydown 
  • Easy-grip
  • Premium white, non-toxic pigment 
  • Not the ideal for blending

What Customers Have To Say 

Many customers favor this set of three white charcoal pencils for its impeccable coverage. One buyer enjoyed how easy it was to use for highlighting. Another buyer liked its smoothness even over hardwood. One buyer said it was not the best for blending, but Brusarth's white charcoal pencils are an excellent buy overall.

Why We Think It's Great

Another one of the best white charcoal pencils we think you will want to try out is Brusarth's Sketch Highlight White Pencils. Its exceptional performance boasts safe yet premium, non-toxic pigments in its charcoal material. 

Great for blending and shading, this set of three is not messy and gives you a smooth color laydown with a sharp, glossy finish. They're comfortable to hold, and with their 4mm lead, full strokes on rather intricate details will be effortless. 

Who Should Buy It

For those who prefer experimenting on dark or tinted paper, these white charcoal pencils will help provide seamless and clean strokes. It's also an ideal plus to a charcoal artist's collection, all just for $8.

6. Qianshan Sketch White Charcoal Pencils - Most Sturdy

 Qianshan Sketch White Charcoal Pencilscheck price button

 Pros Cons
  • Improves brightness and finishing touches
  • Non-toxic, 100% acid-free charcoal 
  • Sturdy
  • Not aggressive on paper
  • Tricky to sharpen

What Customers Have To Say 

Qianshan's white sketch charcoal pencils received mixed reviews from its buyers. Some people pointed out how the lead kept breaking while sharpening, while others commended the product for its bright white lines on dark paper. Another user recommended this set for beginners and professionals who are keen on experimenting with charcoal mediums.  

Why We Think It's Great

Qianshan's white charcoal pencil comes in black and white. Known for their excellent quality and sturdy material, these pencils are also eco-friendly, made from non-toxic, 100% acid-free charcoal. Thanks to its premium white charcoal, they're also smooth and won't leave aggressive marks on any type of paper or canvas. 

Charcoal artists will appreciate the bright streaks and glossy finishing touches on their work with Qianshan's white charcoal pencils. According to some users, it may be a little tricky to sharpen, but with the right sharpener or sharpening technique using a blade, these pencils will be spotless and seamless for your next big project.

Who Should Buy It

The charcoal pencil by Qianshan is ideal for a first-timer dabbling in the medium of charcoal. Charcoal drawing can be messy, but with the right tools for tricky techniques, you'll be able to get a better grasp on quality control with Qianshan’s sketch pencil set in a beginner's arsenal of art tools.

7. Yotino Art Drawing White Charcoal Pencils - Best for ProfessionalsYotino Art Drawing White Charcoal Pencilscheck price button

Pros  Cons
  • 3mm lead core
  • 10-piece set for professionals
  • Comes with a charming felt case
  • Non-toxic charcoal pigments with a natural wooden body 
  • Seamless blending over other drawing media
  • Quite waxy

What Customers Have To Say 

Those who paid good money for the Yotino White Charcoal Art Drawing Pencils gave mixed feedback on its quality. While some happy customers raved about its impressive ability to add over paint and create finer details, others thought they were a bit waxy and could match standard colored pencils

Regardless, this product received positive reviews from returning customers who would time and again trust the Yotino brand.

Why We Think It's Great

Another potential winner for the best white charcoal pencil in our list, the Yotino set of 10 offers its users seamless integration over any surface or drawing media. The non-toxic charcoal pigments in the 3mm lead core will give you premium strokes with a durable grip that even the clumsiest artists won't have to sweat.

Some users claim they're quite waxy on the first stroke, but applying over paintings will be a hassle-free task with the right sharpening technique. Not to mention, it comes in a gray zipper felt pencil case for easy maintenance. 

Who Should Buy It

Ideal for artists who wish to build a collection of art supplies. This set of 10 is especially great for charcoal artists planning to expand their style or those trying to practice their grip on fine lines and light values.

8. Kachikawa's Sketch White Charcoal Pencils - Most Comfortable GripKachikawa's Sketch White Charcoal Pencils

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 Pros Cons
  • Affordable
  • Premium white carbon core 
  • Smooth and easy grip
  • Suitable for sketch carbon painting and highlighting
  • Not easy to sharpen

What Customers Have To Say 

These pencils received mixed reviews by customers who enjoyed the purchase and a few who were quite critical about its performance. One buyer said it was suitable for highlights over a pencil drawing, while another customer pointed out that it didn't make clear soft marks on an ordinary textured paper. 

Why We Think It's Great

Tachikawa's set of three charcoal sketch pencils are on our list of the best white charcoal pencils due to its affordability and user-friendliness. This charcoal pencil set is made with a premium white carbon core for rich white strokes, highlighting other mediums on canvas. Meanwhile, its body is constructed of a wood pen rod for an easy and smooth hold. 

Artists who specialize in sketch carbon painting will appreciate having a set of these added to their art tools for a glossy touch on their masterpieces. However, one downside a customer pointed out about these pencils is that the pencils were hard to sharpen with a regular sharpener. Best to try sandpaper or a knife to get the sharpness you desire.

Who Should Buy It

These white charcoal pencils are ideal for professionals and art students to expand their highlighting skills in charcoal drawing. They also make for a great gift to your kid nephews and nieces who are getting into art.

9. Marco Raffine's Artist White Charcoal Pencils - Best CoverageMarco Raffine's Artist White Charcoal Pencilscheck price button

 Pros Cons
  • Three hardness levels
  • Made from high-grade imported logs
  • Excellent grip
  • Strong coverage
  • Non-toxic and safe
  • Not quite pigmented

What Customers Have To Say 

Customers gave this set of 12 white charcoal pencils mixed reviews. "Great product," according to one buyer who said it was a great gift, while another user enjoyed its softness and warm white color. However, a few customers were critical about its white pigment, which "could be better." Regardless, this variant is a solid four stars according to a majority of its patrons.

Why We Think It's Great

We think this makes one of the best white charcoal pencils for artists to invest in for its quality and performance. They come in a set of 10 with three hardness levels, from a soft, medium, to hard, making it easier for artists to switch it up. 

The grip is excellent and makes blending and other precise techniques easier to achieve. When it comes to coverage, these pencils' high-grade imported logs help achieve rich strokes and fuller outlines. 

Who Should Buy It

This white charcoal pencil set is ideal for artists trying to master the intricacies of creating finer outlines. Trying not to mess up the surface of your painting while blending with white charcoal pencils is tricky at first, but with a few rounds of practice, a spotless finish is bound to surprise you and your work's audience.

10. Derwent's Artists Black & White Charcoal Pencils - Most Complete SetDerwent's Artists Black & White Charcoal Pencilscheck price button

 Pros Cons
  • Assorted set of black and white charcoal pencils
  • Intense saturation for building up layers
  • Strong point material with a cedar wood encasing
  • Easy to sharpen
  • Comes in a tin case and sharpener
  • White pencils are hard leaded

What Customers Have To Say 

"A nice addition. True warm and cool black and white," says one satisfied customer. The Derwent Artists Set of Black and White Pencils have garnered some positive feedback from various artists. Another customer commended its outstanding quality, which makes it easy and smooth to draw or color.

 Derwent's Artists Black & White Charcoal Pencils

Why We Think It's Great

We found the Derwent Artists Black and White Set another fantastic addition to our list. It's a strong contender for the best white charcoal pencil; even if only three pencils are white, the black charcoal pencils are complimentary for every artist's work. Since these charcoal pencils complement each other, they help beginners experiment with the medium better and focus on accentuating details on a canvas. 

A set of six is value for money at its finest, giving artists, amateur or professional, tools that help build intense layers of saturation on a charcoal drawing. This can be a challenging technique to master since charcoal is a messy medium; however, with a set of these Derwent pencils, achieving so is higher. Besides, they're easy to sharpen and can be used on a standard pencil sharpener that’s free in the case itself.

Who Should Buy It

Perfect for charcoal artists looking for a set of essentials. Since these are an assortment of white and black charcoal pencils, they get a little bit of everything they need in pencils, with two additional back-ups if they break one of each color.

Buying Guide for White Charcoal Pencils

White charcoal pencils are a great asset to have when building your art supplies. Black charcoal pencils may create form and structure in your work, but white charcoal pencils do a great job boosting outlines and tones. 

Here are a few factors to consider when using white charcoal pencils on your next masterpiece.

  • Highlights 

This is an essential part of creating a glossy impression on your work. Highlights are very precise and make stunning graduations in value by mixing white and black charcoals on the surface. 

Erasing and shading certain parts of your could work but do the trick, but white charcoal creates distinct lines that play a significant role in making your charcoal drawing pop.

  • Color

Just like black charcoal pencils, there’s a particular shade to every white colored pencil. White charcoal is often confused with pastel pencils since it creates the same precision when correcting or blending charcoal drawings. 

Consider checking if the white charcoal pencil comes in hues of ivory, cream white, or pure white, and ultimately will depend on your style.

  • Package

White charcoal pencils tend to come in a set with other charcoal pencils, making it easier for artists to experiment with different colors and gradients. When buying a bunch of white charcoal pencils, consider the package it comes with. 

Some sets come in all white charcoal pencils, while others are in an assorted pack. Consider which one best suits your preference to get your money’s worth.

White Charcoal Pencils FAQ

1. Can you erase white charcoal?

Yes, white charcoal is erasable using a kneaded eraser. However, white charcoal requires high precision to avoid smudging other parts of the charcoal on a canvas. Other artists use soft tissue paper or gauze to erase or correct certain portions of a drawing that require less darkness. 

2. How do you blend white charcoal pencils?

Initially, you start by drawing a shape using darker charcoals like black compressed charcoal sticks. Then, proceed with shading over the areas with the lightest highlights, followed by blending the white charcoal pencil in with the black to produce mid-tones on the canvas for a glossy finish.

3. How many types of charcoal are there?

There are three popular charcoal types used in art; willow and vine, compressed, and powdered charcoal. Willow and vine charcoal is the most delicate type of charcoal known for its long straggly strips that are great for quick sketches. 

Compressed charcoal is like chalk pastels but a more rigid type of charcoal. It's excellent for more refined lines and textures on a drawing. Powdered charcoal can come in crushed powder or stick form. It's a bit dusty and messy but is best used with a paintbrush on canvases. 

4. What is the best white charcoal pencil?

Our best bet is on Derwent Artists Black & White Pencils, affordable, high-quality, and comes in an assortment of three black charcoal pencils and three white charcoal pencils for blending, highlighting, creating exact outlines with a glossy finish.

5. How do you sharpen charcoal pencils?

You can sharpen charcoal pencils with a sharpener but require precision and proper technique to preserve the charcoal without breaking. 

Some artists use a sharpening pad, a knife, a blade, or sandpaper to maximize the charcoal. Other charcoal pencils come in a peel, which only requires a string to peel off the casing to get more charcoal out of the pencil. 


Developing your art skills is no easy feat, but the process is much doable with the right tools in hand. The best white charcoal pencils are one of such that could take you a long way in the medium of charcoal.

We highly recommend the Derwent Artists Black & White Charcoal Pencils. This set of three black charcoal pencils and three white charcoal pencils will challenge artists to create masterpieces that play with rich tones, intricate blending, and stellar technique. Derwent's pencils boast intense saturation that plays a role in building up layers on a canvas. 

If you're after a durable quality at a much lower price, try your hand with the Pasler's Sketch White Charcoal Pencils. It's made with excellent basswood and is ideal for comprehensive styles like sketch carbon drawing.

What brand of white charcoal pencil are you currently using? And which ones on the list would you like to try? Let us know in the comments section below.


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