The Best Sneaker Artists Making Waves In The Industry Today

The Best Sneaker Artists Making Waves In The Industry Today

Are you a fan of customized shoes? You may be wondering who are the people behind those intricate and jaw-dropping sneaker designs. In this blog post, we'll dive into the world of the best sneaker artists today.

Whether you're a sneakerhead, an art lover, or simply curious about the creative minds behind your favorite kicks, this list is for you. Join us as we explore the world of the best sneaker artists out there!

What is Sneaker Art?

Sneaker art refers to the customization and design of sneakers to create unique, personalized, and one-of-a-kind designs. The sneaker customization trend started in the 1980s, with basketball players adding their personal touch to their footwear to stand out on the court.

The trend then expanded, and artists began creating custom designs for people looking to stand out.

Collaborations and Partnerships

Sneaker art has significantly impacted fashion, sports, and pop culture. Brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Reebok have collaborated with sneaker artists to create limited-edition designs that sold out within minutes of release. These collaborations have created a new avenue for artists to showcase their work and reach a wider audience.

Athletes have also been getting in on the sneaker art trend, with many professional athletes commissioning sneaker artists to create personalized designs. This has created a new market for artists to tap into, with the potential for more collaborations in the future.

The Best Sneaker Artists to Watch This Year

1. Mache Customs

Mache Customs

With over a decade of experience, Mache is known for his designs that often feature bold colors and intricate details, such as his "Cactus Jack" Air Jordan 1s. Famous celebrities and athletes have worn his custom sneakers.

Mache is known for his attention to detail, high-quality craftsmanship, and ability to create intricate designs on sneakers that are not typically seen on factory-produced shoes.

2. The Shoe Surgeon

The Shoe Surgeon

Dominic Chambrone, aka The Shoe Surgeon, creates one-of-a-kind sneakers using only the finest materials. He is a renowned innovator and creative force in the footwear industry. As the CEO and founder of The Shoe Surgeon brand, he has gained worldwide recognition for his expertise in sneaker customization, sneaker design, and shoemaking. 

3. Sekure D

Sekure D

Mathew Fabris, also known as Sekure D, is a Melbourne-based artist who turned his sneaker addiction into a full-time job in art and creative direction. Fabris draws inspiration from his love for graffiti, sneakers, comics, and cinema, which are the driving forces behind his original and distinctive style.

His artwork has been featured in numerous group shows and galleries worldwide, and he has collaborated with major companies such as Foot Locker, Jordan Brand, and Globe. 

4. Dan Life

Dan Life

Dan Life is a true creative force in the world of sneaker design. His ability to turn simple sneakers into breathtaking art is remarkable.

His blinged-out designs have been worn by some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Drake and Cardi B, cementing his status as a go-to designer for those who want to stand out from the crowd.

5. Kickasso


A former graffiti artist, Kickasso now creates custom sneakers for athletes and celebrities. He gained fame for his unique and eye-catching custom designs on sneakers worn by numerous celebrities, including athletes, musicians, and actors.

Kickasso's designs often feature bold colors, intricate details, and personalized touches, making them one-of-a-kind creations. Kickasso is known for his passion for his craft of painting and his dedication to creating unique designs that reflect his clients' personalities and interests.

6. Katty Customs

Katty Customs

Katty Customs is a female sneaker customizer and artist specializing in giving white sneakers a splash of color. She is a renowned celebrity shoe designer and innovator in Torrance, California.

She has gained a reputation for her unique and artistic approach to customizing shoes, attracting many clients, including celebrities. She has collaborated with sneaker brands like Nike and Adidas to create custom designs incorporating pop culture elements and current events.

7. Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington

Steve Harrington is a Los Angeles-based artist who has collaborated with Nike to create a limited-edition sneaker that features his signature psychedelic designs. The collaboration between Harrington and Nike was highly successful and sold out quickly upon release.

In his latest collaboration with Nike, he customized the Air Force 1 and Air Jordan 1 sneaker, which has been a hit with Nike fans. 

8. Differantly


Differantly is an art duo based in Paris, France, consisting of artists Emma and Stephane. They create a wide range of artwork, including shoe designs. They have collaborated with several major brands, including Adidas and Converse.

Differantly has made a name for itself in art and continues to inspire and engage audiences with its unique and thought-provoking artwork.

9. Dez Customz

Dez Customz

Desmond Jones, also known as De Customz, is based in Houston, Texas, and has been creating custom sneakers for over 15 years. He is known for his attention to detail and ability to transform ordinary sneakers into works of art.

Some of his most popular designs include his custom Air Jordan 1s, which feature intricate designs and vibrant colors. He also creates custom designs for popular sneaker models, such as the Nike Dunk and the Adidas Yeezy.

Sneaker Artists FAQ

What makes a great sneaker artist?

A great sneaker artist has a unique and distinct creative vision, is skilled in sneaker design and customization, and can push the boundaries of what's possible in the industry.

What is a custom sneaker?

A custom sneaker is a sneaker that has been modified or redesigned in some way by an artist or designer to create a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art.

Who can customize a sneaker?

Anyone with the skills and tools necessary to modify or redesign a pair of sneakers can customize them. This can include professional sneaker artists and designers, hobbyists, and DIY enthusiasts. 


In conclusion, sneaker customization has become a cultural phenomenon, with sneakers serving as a canvas for creativity and self-expression. The best sneaker artists in the industry today have elevated the art of sneaker customization and set new standards.

Whether you are a sneakerhead, an art lover, or simply curious about the creative minds behind your favorite kicks, these artists are worth watching.

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