25 Best Dot Art Ideas To Promote Creativity & Relaxation

Various dot painting projects

There are many different ways to create art with dots, and the possibilities are endless. We've rounded up 25 of the best dot art ideas in this post to inspire you to create and promote relaxation. We've also included tools & supplies you need for dot art and tips to make your work satisfying.

Random Dot Art Ideas

1. Lettering with Dot Markers

Lettering with dot markers

Lettering with dot markers - Image by Light the Sky Arts

One of the great things about dot art is that it's so versatile - you can use it for lettering, illustrations, and patterns. You can also find dot markers in various colors to get creative with your designs.

Here is an outstanding example of what you can do with dot markers. You may even change the size of your dots by altering the pressure you put on your dot markers.

2. Watercolor Drops

Watercolor drops

Watercolor drops - Image by Sea Lemon

If you're looking for a more relaxing dot art project, try these watercolor drops. This technique is perfect for beginners, and it's a great way to experiment with different colors. 

To create this look, simply add dots of watercolor paint to a sheet of paper. Then, using a fine detailing brush, add a drop of a different shade of watercolor on top of the still-wet dot on the paper. This project is also a perfect practice example of a wet-on-wet technique on your watercolors.

3. Dot Day Art Project

Mixed media dot drawing

Mixed media dot drawing - Image by KidLit TV

One of the great things about dot art is that you can create art with various art supplies. This mixed media project uses Sharpie markers, crayons, and paint to create a colorful and fun design that is easy for kids to do. 

4. Positive and Negative Dot Art Drawing

Positive and negative dot art drawing

Positive and negative dot art drawing - Image by Sarah Harper

This dot art is an excellent project for exploring positive and negative spaces in art. It may be a bit too simple, but it's a perfect way to learn the basics and get started with negative painting.

5. Polka Dot Bugs

Polka dot bugs

Polka dot bugs - Image by Ryan & Marsha

Make a 3D visual from your dot art with this ladybug craft. It's so easy and fun your kids will want to make a whole family of these polka dot bugs.

6. Rainbow Dot Art

Rainbow Dot Art

Rainbow Dot Art - Image by Always Alyssa

Work on this simple rainbow dot art with some colorful drawing pens. It's a great way to relax and get creative. No pressure here. Even kids can do them without any help. Make your art as random as possible, and don't worry about the outcome as long as you had fun doing it.

Dot Painting Using DIY Tools

7. Dot Painting with Q-tips

Dot Painting with Q-tips

Dot painting hydrangeas using Q-tips - Image by Jay Lee Painting

The artist used a black canvas to make the colors pop for this particular dot art painting. He then applied pure colors for the hydrangeas, added lighter tints, and finally white to blend with the main colors. The resulting art captured the beauty of the hydrangeas.

8. Mug Dot Painting

Mug dot painting

Mug dot painting - Image by Lydia May

For this mug mandala painting, the artist used a combination of DIY tools, including the bottom of the paint bottle, Q-tips, a toothpick, and a pencil. Even without the more advanced tools, the artist still gave justice to the mandala art she made on this black mug.

9. Bottle Dot Painting

Bottle dot painting

Bottle dot painting - Image by Jyoshita Ghate

Give your empty bottles a new life by painting them with acrylic paint and decorating it with dot patterns. Use matte colors for the background paint and contrasting ones for the patterns. Protect your work by applying acrylic varnish over your dot painting pattern.

10. Dot Painting with Stencils

Dot painting on rocks with stencils

Dot painting on rocks with stencils - Image by The Dotting Center

Rock painting is a rewarding craft for many artists. However, to get a symmetrical plan, careful planning is required. Using a stencil guide for your mandala patterns cuts your planning time in half and makes more room for fun.

11. Dot Painting with Needle Applicators

Lattice dot design on a Christmas ball

Lattice dot design on a Christmas ball - Image by The Dotting Center

You can add low-cost pearl ornaments to your Christmas ornaments. For this craft, you need a matter Christmas ball, preferably one that makes a good contrast with the multi-surface acrylic paint you'll use.

Divide your Christmas ball into sections, then create dots with a needle applicator bottle. Connect the smaller dots with the larger ones to finish the lattice effect.

Mixed Media Ideas

12. Dot Art Sticker Coloring

Dot art stickers and coloring books

Dot art stickers and coloring books - Image by Forget Him Knot

Make learning fun and interactive with this dot art coloring activity. The craft teachers used a dot coloring book and dot stickers for this art idea. Adding the stickers to the dots is an excellent exercise for toddlers to develop their fine motor skills, color identification, and eye-to-hand coordination. Alternatively, you can also use dot paint markers to add color to your work.

13. Button Dot Art

Button dot art of Cinderella

Button dot art of Cinderella - Image by Slick Slime Sam

Don't throw away your button collection. Turn it into an amazing dot art of your favorite cartoon characters. After painting the base on a large-format paper, the artist cleverly placed different designs and colors buttons to make this mixed media dot art. The result is something you'll love displaying around the house.

14. Abstract Dot Art

Abstract mixed media dot art

Abstract mixed media dot art - Image by Ms. Artastic

For this project, the artist used different types of paper - colorful pages from old magazines and construction paper. Arrange and glue different colors of cut or torn construction paper or magazine on cardstock.

Add patterns using crayons, then paint a large circle around the collage using acrylic paint to finish your abstract mixed media dot art.

15. Newspaper Dot Painting

Mixed media newspaper dot painting

Mixed media newspaper dot painting - Image by Draw with Shivani

This project is perfect for upcycling old newspapers. Make a collage of text-only pages from a newspaper, and wait until the base layer is dry.

The artist cut out circles from a newspaper for this craft and glued them on the base. She painted around the circles, then added her designs - flowers, a butterfly, and a stamp of dots using a portion of bubble wrap.

16. Dot Painting on Journals

Mixed media dot painting on journals

Mixed media dot painting on journals - Image by Susanne Rose Art

Using your journal as a blank canvas for making dot art is an excellent idea. The artist used acrylic paint, stamps for the birds and borders, and magazines' text cutouts.

First, the artist saturated the pages with acrylic paint, then let them dry. She then added white dots and other random dots and sprinkled paint over the page to create texture.

Next, she stamped the border and birds around the page on cardstock. When the patterns were dry, she glued the cut-out birds and texts from a magazine to finish the journal page.

Advanced Dot Painting Ideas

17. Pointillism

Pointillism drawing of Dory from Finding Nemo

Pointillism drawing of Dory from Finding Nemo - Image by Art Cadets

Pointillism is a modern form of art where the artist uses a series of colorful dots to make an image, usually with a colored marker or dotting tools. It's a great way to explore color mixing and blending. The artist painted Dory from Finding Nemo for this project, but you can always choose your patterns.

The most important thing to remember when doing pointillism is the addition of different tints and shades of a color to change the values and tones of your painting and make it look interesting.

18. Stippling

Drawing of an apple using pencil dots

Drawing of an apple using pencil dots - Image by Dottin N Drawin

Drawing with dots is a challenging but rewarding activity for every artist. The artist needs pens or pencils of varying widths to shade their dot drawing for this dotting art. While both pointillism and stippling use dots to draw, the former use colors while stippling doesn't.

The secret to successful dot drawing using pens or pencils is understanding tones and values. The artist should know when to use the thin lead or fine point pens for the values and the thicker lead pencils and medium-point pens for the shades.

19. Abstract Advance Dot Painting

Abstract dot landscape painting

Abstract dot landscape painting - Image by My Space My Creation

The artist added an abstract flair to this abstract art painting by using dots instead of leaves and flowers. While she used a sketchbook, you can always use a canvas to make your work last longer. If you're new to working with canvasses, feel free to check out this beginner's tutorial on painting on canvas.

20. Landscape Dot Painting

Landscape painting done with dots

Landscape painting done with dots - Image by Crafty Patti

Landscape painting with dots is doable with some careful planning. You can help your kids plan out the color gradients and guide the placement of the dots. Since this is a more advanced dot painting, we recommend this dot art idea for older kids and adults.

21. Aboriginal Dot Paintings

Aboriginal dot paintings

Aboriginal dot paintings - Image by Brooke Hurlbut

One way to teach culture to younger kids is to incorporate their art. If you're a teacher teaching about the aborigines of Australia, doing an aboriginal animal dot painting is an excellent way to teach culture to your students.

Dot Painting for Everyday Wear

You can do dot painting for things you wear or use to accessorize your look. Fabric is a good base for dot art paintings. You may use fabric markers, puffy paint, or acrylic paint to make the dot art on your chosen base. Another good base for your dot painting is your nails!

22. Dot Painting on Tote Bags

Dot painting on tote bags

Dot painting on tote bags - Image by Artistro

This cute tote bag is an excellent DIY gift for your mom and grandma for Mother's Day. They can use this as a reusable grocery bag or a beach bag. The bottom line is to add a sweet note to tell your mom that she's appreciated it. In this project, the artist used fabric markers to add the design to the bag.

23. Mandala Painting on an Old Shirt

Mandala painting on an old shirt

Mandala painting on an old shirt - Image by Sweet Willow Designs

Give your shirt a new look by adding mandala art around the neckline. It's a great way to upcycle an old shirt that you don't wear anymore. Because the shirt has polka dots, the artist painted over the dots with white acrylic paint before adding the mandala design with an embossing stylus set.

24. Dot Painting on Shoes

Dot painting on shoes using puff paint

Dot painting on shoes using puff paint - Image by Insider

Aside from bags and clothes, you can also add dot paintings on shoes. The artist used puff paint to add texture and color to this project to these white high-cut sneakers. However, if you have acrylic paint in your art studio, you can easily make your DIY puffy paint cone applicator.

Make a cone out of slightly thick plastic or foil wrap from chips, fill it with paint, then cut a small hole at the end. You can adjust the thickness and size of your dots by the pressure you put on the cone applicator. However, if you want more convenience and control, you can buy the needle applicator bottles.

25. Nail Dot Art

Nail dot art

Nail dot art - Image by Nailed it NZ

Women spend hundreds of dollars to beautify their nails. For this easy-to-make flower dot art on your nails, make use of your dotting tools. Using a base coat and top coat set, white nail polish, and gold glitter nail polish, you'll have nails that your friends will surely love and envy.

Tools Used for Dot Art

Here are important tools artists usually keep in their creative arsenal to make dot artworks.

Dotting Tools

Dotting tools are essential for dot art using paints. You can use dotting tools to create different designs in various sizes.


If you don't have dotting tools, Q-tips are a good alternative. However, experts don't think that newbies to the dotting method should use Q-tips. They're too unstable to get much work done. For pros in dotting, though, Q-tips work well.


Pencils are best for adding intermediate dots to your art projects. Use the end with the eraser. You can either round the eraser or use a pencil with a new eraser to get consistent dots on your projects.


Dowels are also great to use for your dotting projects. Like pencils, you need to round the ends before working with them. Try different dowel sizes to add your dots to the surfaces you want.

Paintbrush Tips

You can also make dots with paintbrush tips if you don't have dotting tools. They have smooth ends and a long stem that you can hold well.

Supplies Needed for Dot Art


Crafters love working with bottles because they are a cheap canvas for working their art. Paint clear bottles with matte acrylic paint, while you have the option to paint or leave colored bottles be.

Wine Glasses

Wine glass painting is a great craft, especially when doing dot paintings. Just be sure to prepare your wine glasses well by cleaning them with rubbing alcohol and a paper towel to get the design on the wine glass.


Mugs are already opaque, unlike bottles and wine glasses, so that you can paint directly on them. Choose a contrasting color for your designs to pop out, like pink paint on a black mug or blue paint on white mugs.


Painted rocks are a great way to personalize your garden or deck. Choose smooth rocks and wash them before painting. What's best with painting on rocks is that even kids can do them.

Plates and Coasters

You can make dot paintings on just about anything, so why not try plates or coasters? You can add patterns on white plates or a focal design on a patterned plate. You may use glass, ceramic, or porcelain plates for these projects.

Mixed Media Paper 

Both newbie and professional painters love using paper for their dot art. However, be sure to use mixed media paper because they're thick and stable to hold your design, even for just practice work.


If you want your work to last longer, painting on canvas is an excellent option. Canvases are cheap, and they take on acrylics and other kinds of paint for good results.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are another great option for those who want their work to last long. You can use these painted tiles for backsplashes, flowerpots, and other home decors.

Clay Pots

Clay pots are a good option for those who want to make dot art on practical things. Dot art is an excellent way to beautify an otherwise boring terracotta pot.

Acrylic Paint

Choose multi-surface acrylic paint, especially if you work on various surfaces - stone, paper, styrofoam, wood, and many others. It's slightly thick, so you'll need a pouring medium to thin it out.

Pouring Medium

A pouring medium is an essential art supply you need to get an even consistency on your acrylic paint. It reduces the consistency of the paint so you can apply it better.

Nail Polish

It is easy to do nail art if you have high-quality nail polish. Also, use opaque nail polish to make the design pop out for the base of your nail art.

Tips in Dot Painting

Use a Thick Paper or Stabilize Surfaces

Don't try dotting on thin paper since the paint load will ruin the paper and your progress. Even for practice pieces, go for mixed media paper since it is thicker.

Mix the Paint for Even Consistency

Mix the paint well to get an even consistency - not too runny or thick. Don't use water to thin the acrylic paint. Instead, use a pouring medium to get a good consistency to your paint.

Store the excess paint in small paint pots to prevent throwing your excess paint without contaminating your other paints.

Reserve the Q-tips to Experts

While it is tempting to use Q-tips, we don't recommend it for newbies since they absorb so much paint, and you can't keep the size of the dots consistent. If you don't have dotting tools, you can use the tip of a paintbrush, a pencil, a toothpick, or smoothened end of a wooden dowel.

Don't Apply Pressure on Your Tools

To achieve smooth dots on your dot paintings, avoid applying pressure on your tools. Instead, apply the tool softly to get soft peaks on your dots.


Dot art is a great way to relax and de-stress. It's also a fun way to entertain people of all ages. If you're looking for some inspiration or just want to see some amazing examples of dot art, we hope this roundup of 25 beautiful ideas was able to satisfy your curiosity and inspire you!

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