11 Best Charcoal Pencil Sharpeners In 2023

 5/12 of the Best Charcoal Pencil Sharpeners in 2021

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Every artist knows how fragile some art supplies can be. A medium like charcoal is quite tricky to maneuver, especially for first-timers. Finding out how to sharpen charcoal, regardless of the method you prefer, requires the right kind of charcoal pencil sharpener. 

Getting a charcoal pencil sharpener is a long-term investment that you need to consider if you're an artist. Here are the best charcoal sharpeners to help guide your shopping. 

Our Top Picks

 AFMAT Artist Charcoal Pencil Sharpener
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Best Overall - AFMAT Artist Charcoal Pencil Sharpener

• Five pencil nibs
• Auto-stop
• Large case for shavings and debris

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Runner Up - Riyo-Riyo's Electric Charcoal Pencil Sharpener

Heavy-duty steel blade
Three sharpness options
Built-in pencil holder

Most Advanced - AFMAT Rechargeable Charcoal Pencil Sharpener 

• Sharpens 6-12 mm pencils 
• Auto-stop
• 1-year warranty

1. AFMAT Artist Charcoal Pencil Sharpener - Best Overall
 AFMAT Electronic Artist Charcoal Pencil Sharpener in Blue.
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 Pros Cons
  • Specially made for charcoal pencils
  • Sharpens up to 9.6 mm long and pointed pencils 
  • Five pencil nibs
  • Auto-stop 
  • Large case for shavings and debris
  • Doesn’t work while charging

What Customers Have To Say 

A buyer recommended the AFMAT's electronic artists' sharpener as a "must buy if you do pencil art" because it created extraordinarily long and sharp points. Another happy customer enjoyed this charcoal pencil sharpener for its convenience and user-friendliness.

The automatic stop feature is a plus for other shoppers. Overall, AFMAT is one of the best charcoal pencil sharpeners you can buy online.

AFMAT Artist Charcoal Pencil Sharpener

Why We Think It's Great

AFMAT is a strong contender for the best charcoal pencil sharpener simply because of its functionality and efficiency. It is specially made to sharpen charcoal pencils, giving a fine tip up to 9.6 mm long, but it also works well with regular pencils. 

Its sleek black and blue design is not a sight for sore eyes in your art studio or your desk. The only downside is that you can’t use this charcoal pencil sharpener while charging, so best to get your tools sharpened before setting them aside.

There's a massive compartment for pencil shavings, taking up more than half of the device’s form. This electric sharpener is also superior to any manual sharpener since it's guaranteed mess-free and efficiently works for artists on-the-go. The highlight of this charcoal pencil sharpener is that it has an automatic stop feature.

Who Should Buy It

AFMAT's charcoal pencil sharpener is great for artists who are always in the studio working on something new every day. It also makes for a valuable gift for your artsy friends who hate wasting their time sharpening their tools.

2. Riyo-Riyo's Electric Charcoal Pencil Sharpener - Runner Up

 Pros Cons
  • Compact
  • Automatic sharpening
  • Heavy-duty steel blade
  • Three sharpness options
  • Built-in pencil holder
  • Loud noise

What Customers Have To Say 

Many customers enjoyed Riyo-Riyo’s electric pencil sharpener for its excellent performance. One buyer liked its automatic and manual operation, which equally works well on batteries or plugged into the wall socket.

Another reviewer said that it was "Quick and efficient!". Artists who bought this charcoal pencil sharpener enjoyed its simplicity and the built-in storage box that holds their pencils. The only downside is that it can emit a loud noise when sharpening.

Riyo-Riyo's Electric Charcoal Pencil Sharpener

Why We Think It's Great

Riyo-Riyo’s electric and automatic pencil sharpener is value for money at its finest. For less than $16, you will get features like automatic pencil sharpening, from graphite to charcoal. It also comes in three sharpness levels: sharp, medium, and blunt.

It’s an inexpensive option that proves function and practicality–thanks to its built-in storage box, which you can use to stack pencils together or other office supplies like paper clips and pens. It's made with extra-sharp steel blades that are heavy-duty and could sharpen more than 3,000 pencils in one charge.

Who Should Buy It

This is perfect for those who enjoy automatic and hassle-free sharpening. This charcoal pencil sharpener is a budget-friendly option that professional artists and students will enjoy using without having to break a sweat.

3. Faber-Castell Grip Trio Charcoal Pencil Sharpener - Most Versatile
 Red Faber-Castell Grip Trio Sharpener.
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 Pros Cons
  • 3 sharpeners in 1
  • Separate compartments for shavings
  • Ergonomic design
  • Great for kids and adults
  • Works well with a variety of pencils
  • Doesn't sharpen as smoothly

What Customers Have To Say 

"Great pencil sharpener," one buyer said. She liked that her pencils fit the triangular slots and are correctly sharpened. Another user loved that the Faber-Castell Sharpener has three different holes for various sizes.

Faber-Castell Grip Trio Charcoal Pencil Sharpener  review

Why We Think It's Great

Faber-Castell has been a long-standing brand in the art world. Their range of products never disappoints, including the Grip Trio charcoal pencil sharpener. It works well with jumbo, standard size, and colored pencils. 

Opening the lid will give you a sharpener on the cover and two more sharpening holes for small and big pencils. The ergonomic design makes it easy to avoid a mess when sharpening your charcoal pencils since there are three small, separate compartments under each hole.

Who Should Buy It

This is one of the best charcoal pencil sharpeners as it is excellent for kids and adults who do many artworks at school. It comes in red and blue and is an affordable option to consider despite being a manual sharpener.

4. Zmol Drawing Pencil Sharpener - Best Budget
Zmol’s Drawing Pencil Sharpener 
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 Pros Cons
  • Five adjustable pencil nibs
  • Replaceable helical blade
  • Made from ABS material
  • Non-skid pad at the base
  • Affordable
  • Handle gets flimsy
  • Small bin for shavings

What Customers Have To Say 

Some users liked how easy it was to use the Zmol drawing pencil sharpener. Other buyers appreciated how long and firm the pencil tips are after a few turns. However, one customer pointed out that the sharpener required the handle to be turned slowly; otherwise, it would be flimsy.

Zmol Drawing Pencil Sharpener  review

Why We Think It's Great

This manual hand crank sharpener by Zmol features five flexible nibs suitable for sketching and drawing pencils from 6-8 mm. It has a replaceable steel helical blade that brings users reliability and sturdiness. The exterior is made from ABS plastic, a thermoplastic polymer that's safe and harmless for those who plan to get this device for children. 

The base has a non-skid pad attached, making it easier to stabilize and avoid making a mess while sharpening. The bin for pencil shavings may be small, but for less than $10, this variant is affordable and easy to use whenever and wherever.

Who Should Buy It

Zmol's drawing pencil sharpener is an excellent buy for office and school settings. It's also wonderful and safe to use for kids since it's not electrical and has a manual hand crank that's easily controllable.

5. Staedtler Double Hole Artist's Pencil Sharpener - Most Portable
Staedtler's Double-Hold Artists's Pencil Sharpener
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 Pros Cons
  • Intricate design
  • Compact bin can be pressed down 
  • Double holes 
  • Comes with labels
  • Pencil core can jam on the corners of the blade

What Customers Have To Say 

Customers have a lot of good things to say about the Staedtler Double-Hole Sharpener. One user said they "could not recommend this highly enough" for its superb quality. 

Others liked its design for a portable and manual sharpener. Its two sizes make it convenient for the artist who uses different sizes of pencils. One reviewer said it was simply "excellent" and exhibited brilliant performance.

Staedtler Double Hole Artist's Pencil Sharpener review

Why We Think It's Great

Another great contender on our list of the best charcoal pencil sharpeners is from Staedtler's. It has an intricate yet functional design that comes with two different holes for sharpening. The smaller hole is typically for lead and graphite pencils, while the giant hole is for bigger graphite or softcore pencils.

You won't have to second-guess which hole is best for your type of pencil since it comes with labels. The bin may be small, but the sharpener has a built-in compressor that pushes down all the shavings, giving you a few days to empty it in the trash bin. Regardless, this manual sharpener produces sharp pencils with an impressive angular finish.

Who Should Buy It

Ideal for students and anyone who uses pencils every day should get this Staedtler compact pencil sharpener.

6. AFMAT Rechargeable Charcoal Pencil Sharpener - Most Advanced
AFMAT Rechargeable Pencil Sharpener in Black
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 Pros Cons
  • Heavy-duty
  • Sharpens 6-12 mm pencils 
  • Three pencil nibs
  • Auto-stop
  • 1-year warranty
  • A bit bulky
  • Pricey

What Customers Have To Say 

AFMAT's rechargeable charcoal pencil sharpener is beloved by many customers. "IN LOVE," says one user who enjoyed the convenience of using and cleaning this device. Another customer raved about the product and even better customer service from the seller. Overall, shoppers enjoyed the engineering and user-friendly quality of this product despite the steep price.

AFMAT Rechargeable Charcoal Pencil Sharpener review

Why We Think It's Great

Another crowd-favorite by AFMAT, this electric pencil sharpener is like no other. It boasts a modern design that is heavy-duty and can sharpen bulky pencils from 6 to 12 mm. 

They're great for no.2 pencils, colored pencils, and charcoal pencils. There are three pencil nibs with a sturdy helical blade that can sharpen beyond 5,000 times. It is a bit bulky, but it's an excellent investment for traveling artists.

This charcoal pencil sharpener has a sharpness setting that can be modified depending on your preference, from blunt, medium, to sharp. AFMAT sharpeners have a built-in 2,000 mAh lithium battery to get them up and running for hours. A highlight of this product is that you can recharge it with a standard USB cord. The auto stop feature is also available in this model.

Who Should Buy It

This multi-purpose AFMAT charcoal pencil sharpener is great for office use. Artists would want this in their studio to save time from the tedious sharpening. Students should also consider saving up for this product since it's well worth every penny, not to mention it comes with a year-long warranty.

7. Zmol Battery Powered Electric Sharpener - Best Extra Features
Zmol's Battery Powered Electric Pencil Sharpener
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 Pros Cons
  • Includes extra blades, batteries, and a cleaning brush
  • Easy to clean
  • Double blade design
  • Battery-powered
  • Travel-friendly
  • Not ideal for triangular pencils

What Customers Have To Say 

Another one of Zmol's charcoal pencil sharpeners was well received by buyers. Many customers commended its powerful battery and long-lasting quality. 

Others liked the pencil sharpness they achieved and the extra blades and cleaning brush that comes with it. In terms of versatility, someone who purchased this sharpener pointed out that it didn't work well with her triangular pencils.

Zmol Battery Powered Electric Sharpener review

Why We Think It's Great

Zmol's electric sharpener makes one of the best charcoal pencil sharpeners in our book because of its features and great add-ons. It comes with two extra batteries, two different blades, and a brush cleaner that you may only seldom use since this product is proven and tested to last up to two years.

This battery-powered pencil sharpener is travel-friendly and won't require a cord for charging. It has a double blade design for thorough sharpening that gets you smooth and sharp edges. The complimentary cleaning brush will make it easier for you to clean the jammed debris by the blades' corners.

Who Should Buy It

The Zmol sharpener makes for a great office or desk tool. It is ideal for people who often spend their days shading, blending, and learning new ways to work with the pencil medium. This charcoal pencil sharpener also comes in pink for those planning to give it to their daughter or nieces.

8. AFMAT Artist Long Point Charcoal Pencil Sharpener
AFMAT Artist Long Point Pencil Sharpener
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 Pros Cons
  • Replaceable helical blade
  • Best for long-point charcoal pencils
  • Unique sandpaper design
  • Adjustable pencil nibs
  • Large shavings box
  • Not compatible with all soft and brittle pencils 

What Customers Have To Say 

AFMAT’s manual pencil sharpener may be a bit pricier than their electric models, but many buyers still found themselves satisfied with the product. “Excellent Crank Sharpener!” said one customer who always preferred manual sharpeners for their charcoal pencils. Another buyer liked the sharpener’s long point results which helped in shading and adding finer details to their work.

AFMAT Artist Long Point Charcoal Pencil Sharpener review

Why We Think It's Great

AFMAT’s manual long-point pencil sharpener made it to our list for its superb features. Some of these include the blade's durability, which you can replace for long-term use. It also has a unique sandpaper design on the pencil nib, which is adjustable if you want a needle-sharp pencil point.

This manual sharpener also has a big shavings box to collect pencil shavings. One con you should note is that not all soft or brittle pencils are compatible with this sharpener. Best to purchase this if you’re keen on using charcoal pencils a lot for work.

Who Should Buy It

Ideal for professional charcoal sketch artists who prefer to sharpen their pencils manually, the AFMAT's sharpener is another affordable tool to have in your art supplies.

9. Prismacolor Premier Charcoal Pencil Sharpener - Most Kid-Friendly
Prismacolor Premier Pencil Sharpener
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 Pros Cons
  • Dual-blade 
  • High-quality steel blade
  • Translucent casing 
  • Made explicitly for Prismacolor Premier pencils
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to misplace or lose due to small size

What Customers Have To Say 

This charcoal pencil sharpener was met with reasonably good reviews, with one happy customer saying that it was "the best sharpener for Prismacolor pencils." The buyer liked how it’s specially made to make the brand’s softcore pencils come out crisp and sharp.  

Another purchaser said it works well if users followed tips on how to sharpen Prismacolor pencils. They also shared that “minimizing torque will help achieve a sharp point with minimal breakage.”

Prismacolor Premier Charcoal Pencil Sharpener  review

Why We Think It's Great

Another promising manual charcoal pencil sharpener is from Prismacolor. This is specially designed for Prismacolor charcoal and sketch pencils. It has features that make it easy to get a sharp point during studio time. It’s an inexpensive option with two different blades for those who like to have multiple charcoal pencils.

The pencil sharpener has a translucent body so you can see when it’s time to empty the small bin of pencil shavings. The downside is its size, making this art supply so easy to misplace or lose if you’re not careful.

Who Should Buy It

This sharpener is a perfect gift to your artist friend who specializes in a charcoal medium. It's also a must-have for kids learning pencil art and needs a safe yet efficient pencil sharpener. 

10. Jarlink Electric Charcoal Pencil Sharpener - Most Functional
 Jarlink Electric Pencil Sharpener
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 Pros Cons
  • Sturdy steel helical blade
  • Quick sharpening
  • Can sort and dispose of broken lead properly
  • Battery-operated 
  • Auto start and stop 
  • Too lightweight

What Customers Have To Say 

Some Amazon shoppers liked the Jarlink electric pencil sharpener’s quick performance and sturdy quality, thanks to the helical blades. “Teacher Approved,” said one customer who enjoyed using the sharpener for two months and continues to do so with its convenient use. However, one buyer pointed out that this charcoal pencil sharpener was too light and required holding it down to sharpen pencils properly.

Jarlink Electric Charcoal Pencil Sharpener review

Why We Think It's Great

Jarlink’s rendition of an electric sharpener is made with sturdy steel helical blades that sharpen every pencil in tip-top shape. It can also sort through and dispose of broken lead while sharpening at rapid speed. Like other electronic charcoal pencil sharpeners, this battery-operated product has the auto start and stop feature for convenient sharpening.

Who Should Buy It

Teachers and art students should get themselves a Jarlink charcoal pencil sharpener for their classroom or studio. It’s a great tool to have if you work a lot using pencil media in your art.


11. AFMAT Electric Charcoal Pencil Sharpener - Best for Classrooms
AFMAT Electric Pencil Sharpener in Black
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 Pros Cons
  • Heavy-duty helical blades
  • Ultra speed sharpening
  • Auto start and stop 
  • Large shavings bin
  • Sharpening noise is not loud
  • Not the best choice for soft carbon pencils 
  • Bulky

What Customers Have To Say 

The AFMAT electric pencil sharpener received a bunch of positive reviews. A happy customer said it was “outstanding for classroom” settings and highlighted its warranty and protection plan, which was very convenient to have. Another buyer mentioned that they were impressed with the sharpness along with the battery life of the sharpener.

AFMAT Electric Charcoal Pencil Sharpener review

Why We Think It's Great

AFMAT’s electric pencil sharpener is top-level and a must-have in your studio or the classroom. It features auto-start and auto-stop modes that only require you to hold the pencil still until it sharpens the tip. It takes a few seconds to give your pencils a sharp tip. The sharpening sound is also not that loud and won’t disturb your fellow artists when they’re in their element.

This charcoal pencil sharpener also has a large bin that collects all the pencil shavings. Aside from the bulky exterior, users should note that this automatic pencil sharpener by AFMAT is not conducive for soft carbon pencils.

Who Should Buy It

A charcoal pencil sharpener like this is ideal for teachers and artists alike. It’s big and fast enough to sharpen pencils over 6,000 times without damage.

Best Charcoal Pencil Sharpener Buying Guide

When it comes to making a smart investment for your craft, knowing all the specs is a rule of thumb. Finding a reliable and functional charcoal pencil sharpener is a priority if you use many pencils to execute various drawing techniques and styles.

  • Automatic or Manual

Automatic charcoal pencil sharpeners are modern tools that many artists appreciate because of their convenience. Some come with auto stop and auto reset features so that all you would have to do is wait a couple of seconds till the pencil has a fine tip. 

Manual pencil sharpeners are more traditional but still adequate for many users. It usually comes with holes in two or three different sizes so that artists can sharpen various types of pencils.

Softcore pencils like pastel or charcoal pencils also work well with the manual type since the device allows you to maneuver the motion and determine how much wood you want to scrape off.

  • Blade's Material

Another factor to consider when purchasing a charcoal pencil sharpener or any pencil sharpener is the blade. Durable and sturdy steel blades make for precise and cutting-edge quality. This enables softcore pencils to be sharpened at every angle evenly and without wasting the charcoal.

  • Settings

Automatic and electric pencil sharpeners come in advanced settings that make them more convenient for users. Some unique sharpeners come with auto-renew and auto stop, while others even push in pencil into the sharpener and create a fine tip in seconds. 

Other pencil sharpeners feature a blunt or sharp setting to provide artists precisely what they need during a drawing or sketch session.

  • Replacement and Extras

Another critical factor in maximizing every penny spent on a new charcoal pencil sharpener is the extras that come with it. Some brands come with additional blades, cleaning brushes, USB cords, and even spare batteries. So if you wish to get value for your money, this is something not to overlook.

Charcoal Pencil Sharpener FAQ

1. What pencil sharpener is the best?

AFMAT's Artist Sharpener is the best charcoal pencil sharpener in our book. It features five pencil nibs that can sharpen up to 9.6 mm in length. This electric sharpener also has a fabulous design with a large case for pencil shavings to collect neatly. The highlight would have to be its auto stop feature for convenient and hassle-free sharpening.

2. Are you supposed to sharpen charcoal pencils?

It depends on the size of your charcoal pencil. Standard-sized charcoal pencils can be sharpened using a regular pencil sharpener, but many artists also use knives, blades, and sanding paper to get long pointed tips. 

3. Why does my pencil sharpener easily break the charcoal?

The common cause of charcoal pencils breaking when using a pencil sharpener is poor technique. When using a charcoal pencil sharpener, do not just twist and continuously rotate the pencil with speed. 

Consider turning the pencil in slow motions and carefully removing it from the hole to see if the wooden encasing removed is enough. Ensure that the core is intact and not dulled on one angle to get an even sharpen.

4. Why do pencil sharpeners stop working?

Pencil sharpeners stop working due to the cutter or sharp edge dulling over time. Sometimes, a foreign object is stuck in the hole by the blade, making it difficult to remove. Eventually, it is harder to sharpen other softcore pencils and leads, making it necessary to replace the cutter blade.

5. How do you sharpen a soft pencil? 

Soft pencils like pastel, charcoal, and chalk can be tricky, but the best way to achieve this depends on how you hold the pencil and not the sharpener or blade. You can use a regular pencil sharpener, an artist pencil sharpener, a knife, sandpaper, or a blade. Either way, the way you hold the pencil will determine the overall result.


We've laid out some of the most trusted and highly reliable pencil charcoal sharpeners. It’s essential to have one if you work with pencil media in your studio or the classroom.

We highly recommend the AFMAT Artist Charcoal Pencil Sharpener, which features five unique nibs, an auto-stop setting, and a tasteful design that complements any working environment. When it comes to performing and quick sharpening, this is our best bet.

Our choice for the best manual charcoal pencil sharpener is the AFMAT Artist Long Point Pencil Sharpener which comes with three different sharpness settings. It is made with high-quality steel helical blades that you can replace over time.

Let us know which brand of the best charcoal pencil is your go-to choice. We’d love to hear from you!

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