Paper Thai Unryu White 40g 25x37

Paper Thai Unryu White 40g 25x37

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Brand: Black Ink

Color: White


  • Decorative paper sheet from Thailand in 25 x 36.75 inch size
  • Machine made with Kozo fibers from the Mulberry tree
  • Also called rice paper, it is translucent with long fiber strands
  • Lightweight, though stronger at 40 g/m2 than other Unryu
  • Use for paper arts, collage, and Chine Colle

Details: Often referred to as 'rice paper', Unryu paper has a beautify translucent quality that shows off the swirling kozo fibers it is made from. Lightweight and versatile, it is often used in art and paper crafts for collage, invitations, bookmaking, layering, Chine Colle', and home decor. This particular Unryu is a heavier 40g/m2 weight than most, giving it a bit more strength. Each sheet measures 25 x 37 inches. Machine made in Thailand.