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  "I own a jewelry business and I have to say that Glytterati collections are one of the highest quality in the industry. The designs are unique and authentic. The worksmanship has high precision. In all Glytterati jewelry is a must buy."

- Rebecca Oster, New Jersey about Engagement Rings


"This is a perfect gift for all the Lord Of The Rings fans out there. Although this was not forged in the fires of mount doom, this ring being made of Tungsten is equally indestructible :) I do a lot of gardening using my bare hands wearing this ring and so far "

- Chris Hives, Orlando FL about Black Lord Ring


"I just love love love my earrings from Glytterati"

- Amanda Breen, Newark CA about Dancing Partners Earrings


"The Tungsten Ring collection is really unique here. I bought my husband a Heartbeat ring and told him that he better wear it always and he just loves the ring"

- Katya, Salt Lake City UT about the Heartbeat Ring


"Very easy and great gift idea for someone special"

- Sami, Nashville TN about the Glytterati gift cards


"There is no better way to say it than say that when you wear this ring, you can literally feel its power. I know you might think I am being silly but I can tell you that this is exactly what Tolkein would have imaged the real ring to look like"

- LOTR Geek about the Gold Lord LOTR ring